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Prayers of despondency, depression, despair, and depression

Prayers of despondency, depression, despair, and depression

Depression is a dangerous and insidious affliction that takes away strength and does not allow us to look into the future with joy and confidence. If you have learned from your experience what it is like to fight depression, then you will not be indifferent to the problems of those people who, unfortunately, fell into its trap.

After all, even doctors and psychologists do not always understand what happens to people who have such a diagnosis, and how to win it.

I learned from my experience what it is — clinical depression. I can say that prayer has become one of the best cures for me. Only prayer helped — communication with God, as well as live communication with caring people who were willing to listen to me and accept my problems.

The despair came very close, but the appeal to the Lord, Nicholas the Wonderworker and the Mother of God always filled me with new forces.

Depression arose after problems started at work. It seemed to me that I could do it, but it does not always work out the way we want … Now that the depression and anguish have passed, I can again feel active and vigorous. But I do not forget about prayer.

After all, it was only with her help that I was able to defeat the depression and start a new life for myself.

Why does prayer help despair

Many researchers of depressive states believe that this is not just a bad mood or a consequence of a bad temper, but a real illness. In this case, the disease is not easy, to deal with it is very difficult.

There is an interesting point of view. according to which depression occurs most often in people with an unstable worldview. Subconsciously, they feel the fragility of their position, they cannot trust the world, they are constantly on their toes.

In fact, it is a matter of unbelief, even if a person considers himself a believer.

When a person starts to pray, he starts thinking about God. The idea arises in his mind that everything in the world is not accidental, that the world was created by the Creator, and we can also turn to the Lord for help and get help.

In addition to this effect, we should not forget about the real help of the disembodied forces that hear our prayer. But in order for the prayer appeal to work and for the person to become easier, it takes serious effort on his part.

It is unlikely that the disease can recede after one prayer, even if it is very sincere and hot. Prayer should be a part of your life, a familiar thing in the morning and evening.

If you are longing, then just reading the prayer, even the strongest, will not be enough. Even three times is not enough if you have a really bad depression.

Try to enter into prayer with all your consciousness, repeat the text until you really feel some relief. In the future, if improved, the prayer time can be reduced.

Prayers of despondency, depression, despair, and depression

Sadness and despondency in terms of faith

In Christianity, longing and despondency are considered one of the deadly sins. This is not surprising, because a person in a state of depression cannot feel love for other people, trust God.

As a result, he can commit completely illogical and immoral acts. He is driven by a single desire — to get rid of longing, and for this he can use such dangerous means as alcohol, drugs.

A depressed person loses touch with God, cannot pray, suicidal thoughts attend. According to the ideas of Christian thinkers, a person must give up longing, conquer it, overcome it.

Connecting with God brings peace and joy, and we should strive for it.

At the same time in Christianity it is customary to treat the issue of point and gloom with understanding. It is known that many saints also suffered from spiritual experiences, but they overcame them with the help of prayer — that is, a living message to God.

We can also follow their example and be healed by the help of God from this dangerous affliction.

Prayers of despondency, depression, despair, and depression

Saints who help with depression

Depressions can help a variety of saints, for example, you can pray to your beloved saint or the one whose name you bear. You can appeal to the Lord God or the Virgin Mary, the Guardian Angel.

Just feel with your heart exactly what prayer suits you.

By tradition, Orthodox believers are asking for help in sadness and despondency to St. John of Kronstadt, as well as to St. Tikhon, Tryphon, the Great Martyr Barbara, the Matrona of Moscow.

It is known that the Virgin Mary renders good help: buy the image of “All the sorrowful joy” and pray looking at it. Ask for help from the Higher Forces, just list your harder thoughts, say that you would like to get rid of them and feel more cheerful, more cheerful, more confident.

Prayers of despondency, depression, despair, and depression

With strong emotional suffering, his relatives and friends may pray for the patient. It happens that people with depressive disorders actually get very little strength, so the prayer help of loved ones can be very valuable and effective.

Both the Most High and the Saints respond to a hot, sincere prayer and do everything to make the sick person healed.

Sometimes the problem is unrequited love, which causes too many experiences and sufferings. In this case, the patient should be reminded that he suffers because of a person, and it would be good to send all his spiritual fervor to the love of God.

The basic recommendations are exactly the same: a person should pray more and more often and rely on God’s mercy, which alone can save us from any ailments, including spiritual ones.

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