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Prayers in Lent

Prayers in Lent

In order to properly conduct Lent, it is necessary to do spiritual cleansing daily, for which prayers and the Bible serve. Almost every day the Fourtieth has its own special readings.

Every day, except weekends and until Wednesday of the Holy Week inclusive, the prayer of Ephraim Sirin is read:

My God and the Lord of my stomach, the spirit of idleness, despondency, lust of leadership and idle words do not give me. The spirit of chastity, meekness, patience, and love grant me Your servant. To her, Lord, King, grant me to see my transgressions and do not condemn my brother, supposedly bless you forever and ever.


We should not forget that Saturdays 2,3 and 4 weeks are parental when the souls of deceased relatives are commemorated. This is best done by submitting in advance a note with the names of deceased relatives and attending the liturgy.

First week

In the first week of Great Lent, the Canon of St. Andrew of Crete is read over four days: it is divided into four parts, one per day. from monday to thursday. Also at this time, Psalm 69 is read:

God, in helping me out, O Lord, help me drag. Let the seekers and my soul be ashamed and confounded, let them return back and be ashamed even though they are evil. Let us return abie ashamed of the verb: good, good.

May all those who seek You, O God, rejoice and rejoice in Thee, and let them speak, may the Lord be magnified, those who love Your salvation: Alm, you are poor, O God, my Assistant and my Redeemer, O Lord, do not harden you.

AT friday read troparion and kontakion St. Theodore Tiron. Saturday is dedicated to communion, they read the prayer of St. Basil the Great. On Sunday, the Triumph of Orthodoxy, therefore, they perform “Follow-up to the Week of Orthodoxy”

Second week

Parent Saturday is the second week of Lent, liturgy is held in the church. Sunday the second week of Great Lent is associated with the name of St. Gregory Palamas. Troparion and Kondak of Gregory Palamas and the life of the saint are read.

Third week

Parent Saturday of the third week of Great Lent. Sunday the third week — the Cross Week. Read Troparion and Kondak Cross.

Fourth week

AT Monday read troparion tripetstsa:

Fasting has been reprimanded, deserts the spirit for the future youthful, benevolently with God, brotherhood, and yes and Easter will joyfully see Christ having risen.


Thou hast redeemed us from the oath of the law with Thy honest blood, nailed on the cross, and made a copy of it, immortality shed by the man, Our Savior, glory to Thee!

Parent Saturday of the fourth week of Great Lent. Read verses:

Kaya worldly sweetness remains unfeigned; whether kaya glory stands upon the earth is immutable; the whole canopy is the weakest, the whole of Sonia is prettiest: in a single moment, and this whole death accepts. But in the light of Christ, Thy face and in the delight of Thy beauty, he chose to hell, repose, as the Lover of mankind.

Sunday The fourth week is named after St. John Climacus. The Troparion and Kontakus of John Climacus are read, as well as the life of the saint.

Fifth week

Monday — read “The Ladder” of John Climacus, word 9 (about pamyatlozy)
Tuesday — the word 12 (about lies) and 16 (about avarice) from the “Ladder” by John Climacus is read.

Wednesday — the canon of Andrei of Crete is fully readable, the Marino Station is performed in the church.

Saturday Dedicated to Akathestus to the Most Holy Theotokos.

Sunday the fifth week of Great Lent is dedicated to St. Mary of Egypt, her life is read.

Sixth Week

Sunday the sixth week is dedicated to the resurrection of the righteous Lazarus. The Gospel of Yonanna, chapter 11 and the festive troparion are read:

The general resurrection before Thy passion, assuring, has been raised from the dead by the mouth of Lazarus, Christ God. However, we, too, as the adolescents of the victory of a sign bearing, You cry to the conqueror of death: hosanna in the highest, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

Seventh Week

Monday: They read the parable of the barren fig tree, which is contained in the Gospel of Luke (13: 6).

Tuesday: It is dedicated to the parable of the ten virgins described in the Gospel of Matthew (chap. 25).

Wednesday: in the Gospel of Matthew (26: 6), it refers to the betrayal of Judas and the woman who anointed the Lord with peace. This chapter is chosen by the Church for the medium of Holy Week.

Thursday: they recall the Last Supper, the description of which is in the Gospel of Matthew (26:21).

Friday: 12 passionate gospels are read, about what happened after the betrayal of Judas and before the burial of the Lord.

Saturday: read the Gospel of Matthew (28: 1-20)

Sunday: Easter day, read the Easter canon.

By observing the prescriptions of the Church and the Fast, you can ease your soul and accomplish a little spiritual feat for yourself. Good luck to you, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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