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Prayers from the evil of the bad neighbors

Prayers from the evil of the bad neighbors

Very often, people have to suffer from bad neighbors. This is especially true of residents of large multi-storey buildings, where the walls between the apartments are very thin.

Neighbors may simply be noisy, constantly showing curiosity and even aggression. It is possible that they like to organize noisy parties, constantly use alcohol or drugs.

In this case, life in the neighborhood with such people becomes unbearable. What to do?

This article will set out unconventional ways by which you can «rein in» irresponsible and noisy people living nearby. You can get acquainted with the white magic, which will help with the help of a prayer from evil neighbors and ancient rites to solve a sore problem.

Rite against noisy and evil neighbors — a plot to nail

In order for the rite and prayers to take effect, it is very important to be in a certain emotional state. It is important not only to take actions as seriously as possible, but also to avoid even a shadow of a doubt that your efforts will be wasted.

You need to tune in to get a positive result.

Note! You can not pray in irritation or wish from the whole heart of your neighbors evil and misfortune.

All this will definitely come back to you.

Plotting on a nail is one of the simplest and harmless ways that can make noisy neighbors calm down.

  • on the day before Full Moon a big nail is acquired;
  • At home, you must rinse the nail in a small amount of holy water;
  • read our Father three times;
  • light the three candles prepared in advance by the church, and “clean” the nail in turn in their flame;
  • during the calcination and cooling of the nail, read the words intended for the ceremony;
  • hammer the nail into the doorway of the restless neighbors.

Prayers from the evil of the bad neighbors

Naturally, this ritual should be performed when you are completely sure that there is no one in the next apartment. With proper performance of the ceremony, its effect can last up to a year.

Holy fire glows and gives it power

From now on, nothing will harm my dwelling — neither shouting, nor knocking, nor noise

From now on, the slaves of God (list by name all those living in a noisy apartment) will stop making noise, singing and annoy me

Now they live in peace and tranquility. My word is strong, Amen.

How to get rid of the annoying neighbor

Sometimes there are situations when the neighbors seem to be neither evil nor loud, but very annoying. This may be a neighbor, constantly persuading her husband to drink alcohol or a talkative neighbor, taking precious time with empty talk.

In this case, the ritual will help to discourage annoying neighbors.

  • buy a pair of chicken legs on any Tuesday;
  • bring them home and read the plot over them thrice;
  • after reading the ritual words, drop one chicken leg on the north side of the house and the other on the south side.

After a while you can get rid of annoying visitors.

Plot on salt from constantly scandalous and noisy neighbors

Our ancestors considered common salt a powerful talisman. She was credited with many positive and magical properties.

One of them is to absorb and neutralize evil thoughts and negative energy.

If you are tired of the constant scandals, screams and drunken fights of your neighbors, try using the old way — conspiracy to salt.

After the ceremony, it is necessary under any pretext to deliver the conspired salt to the neighbors’ dwelling. Think of any reason and go to visit them. If it turns out — pour a whisper of salt into the salt shaker.

Or sprinkle salt in a secluded place between the wall and the cabinet.

  • before lunch buy a pack of regular salt in the store;
  • you can not use your homemade salt — you can harm the energy of your home;
  • on the way home, it is advisable not to enter into conversations and empty conversations with anyone;
  • put salt in a disposable plate and read the words of the prayer over it.

To quietly “throw” salt to your neighbors, you can put it in your pocket or hold it (how much to fit) in your fist. After returning home, shake the rest of the salt out of your pocket over the bath and rinse with running water and wash the clothes.

Above the salt plot read

I wish you a good life

Live in harmony peacefully and in harmony

You no longer need to make noise

Where this salt is

Tears and heartache go away.

Before reading the plot, read our Father three times. Then read the ritual words three times.

A plot on a red woolen thread from noisy and evil neighbors

Conspired thread is a very effective tool that helps in the fight against unpleasant neighbors. To do this, read the prayer over the red wool thread.

The plotted thread will serve as a special energy barrier, which will cut off from your family all negative things that come from the neighbor’s apartment.

  • You must purchase a red wool thread and church candles in advance;
  • the rite must be performed in silence and solitude;
  • light three church candles;
  • ignite by turns in the fire of each candle, scissors;
  • cut a small piece of thread;
  • place it on a clean white sheet of paper;
  • read our Father three times, then special words.

Purified thread of the Holy Fire, give the lost souls God’s servants (list living in a noisy apartment) peace

Deliver them from the machinations of the unclean and give them peace of mind shower

Protect me and my family from black envy and malice

Protect my home from the dark thoughts and curses of the neighbors

Let it be so. Amen

Read these words three times, then cut the thread in half. One part must be put under the neighborhood threshold.

Put the other half of the thread under yours.

A conspiracy pin to survive arrogant, evil and envious neighbors

This rite has similarities with the rite, which is carried out with a nail. The conspiratorial pin will need to be neatly and imperceptibly inserted into the neighbor’s door jamb.

The rite is best carried out when the moon decreases.

If everything is done correctly, then in one lunar month the neighbors will begin to feel unbearable discomfort at home. And just leaving their own walls, they will feel good.

After a while they will start looking for a buyer to sell the apartment and move out.

  • buy a pin before lunch;
  • bring her home without talking to anyone on the way;
  • rinse the pin in holy water;
  • light three church candles and burn a pin in their fire;
  • put a pin to cool on a white sheet of paper;
  • read our Father three times;
  • read the plot words.

God, I ask you for protection from the evil of the neighbors

Protect me and my family from their violent temper and black thoughts

Let me and my household live in peace and tranquility

Find a new haven for our neighbors

The plot to leave the restless and evil neighbors

White magic has a pacifying effect on those who resort to its help and those to whom its action is directed. This effect is explained by the fact that in the conspiracies they turn to prayers to the Most High, the Light Forces or the powerful Saints.

That is why holy water and church candles are used for white magical rituals.

Prayers from the evil of the bad neighbors

Some white magicians advise saying prayers and plots forty times, since they claim that the result depends on the time spent on pronouncing the right formulas and words. Other magicians claim that the action of the conspiracy depends not on how many times to read the prayer, but on the fullness of the emotional feelings put into it by the speaker.

I ask you to be saved, Almighty

Save me and my family from the hatred of neighbors

I pray you Lord, repulse the evil people from my dwelling

Show them another place to live in peace and prosperity.

And we went to the other neighbors good-natured and quiet

Plot for reconciliation with neighbors

Sometimes, in order to solve the problem with the neighbors, it is enough to establish relations with them. Try to talk honey and treat them to hostile tenants from a noisy apartment.

It is necessary to try very hard and, under any pretext, deliver sweet treats to their home.

Tasting conspired honey, the neighbors will lose their aggression towards you and other people.

  • on the day of the Full Moon, get a jar of honey;
  • at night, when the full moon rises to the sky, put honey on the windowsill — it should absorb the light of the moon;
  • honey must be imbued with the wisdom and power of the heavenly body;
  • after the moon begins to decline, read the plot.

The plot must be read every night until the next full moon. Speak words without resentment and anger, investing in them good and love of neighbor.

Sweet honey soaked in wisdom and energy of kindness

Soften the hearts of God’s slaves (list the names of harmful neighbors)

Soften their temper, give them peace and reconcile us

Let no more anger, envy, or evil thoughts between us from now on

Prayer from the evil eye and damage

What if you live next door to a person with a bad eye? Or does your neighbor use black magic to target damage?

Unfortunately, this problem can not be solved quickly. Yes, and cope with such a neighbor herself is not possible.

You can ask for help from a strong white magician or psychic who will provide protection for you and your home.

Until such time as professional assistance is provided, it is necessary every day before going to bed to read three times our Father, and then the prayer from the evil eye and damage.

Prayers from the evil of the bad neighbors

After the protection is put on your house, read this prayer at the beginning of each month for three days.

Sometimes angry people choose an object for bullying and start harassing their neighbors, annoying them and turning their lives into hell. In this case, you can resort to conspiracies and protect yourself from trouble.

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