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Prayers from smoking to quit on their own

Prayers from smoking to quit on their own

Once as a practicing psychologist, one Petr Grigorievich addressed me as a practicing psychologist. He wanted to quit smoking, and he smoked for thirty years. We tried with him all the methods recognized by modern science.

As a result, he quit smoking ten times, but in a maximum of three days he broke down. That’s when I had to think about how to achieve the goal with the help of prayer.

The work was done a lot. As a result, Peter G. has not smoked for four years, and I cite my work in this article.

Prayers from smoking to quit on their own

Smoking Prayer

Prayer has several differences from other transcendental methods. During prayer, a person connects to a powerful, church egregor.

The spiritual strength of a religious denomination is immeasurably higher than the strength of an individual.

The use of conspiracies with external similarity has a slightly different mechanism. In this case, the appeal is directed to someone from the spirits or gods of the pagan pantheon.

Here is an example of a conspiracy similar to the prayer in the Orthodox tradition.

You can pray in the church and this will enhance the action, but this is not necessary, because the church is not made of stone, but of bones and meat. This means that the temple is not outside, but inside the person.

Prayers from smoking to quit on their own

How to build a prayer to quit smoking

Metropolitan Anthony of Surozh, briefly and simply explained the principle of prayer. First you need to glorify the gentlemen, then repent and then make a request.

One should start with identifying oneself as a member of a confession and recognizing concession facilities. For a Christian, these are the phrases: «Our Father,» «Lord Jesus,» «Virgin Mary.»

For a Muslim: «Allah akbar», «there is no god except Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.»

For Buddhists: Om Mane Padme Hum. Then you need to introduce yourself: «God’s servant Ivan» or «the faithful Ibrahim.»

After state your request. If a prayer is offered for another person, then after one’s presentation one should call the one for whom they pray.

The text of the prayer itself can be simple or literary and even poetic. You can think of this text yourself or ask someone to do it. Rev. Nicodemus the Holy One wrote about the four components of prayer:

  • Praise the gentlemen
  • Thank him for the rewards
  • Confess sins
  • Outline your request

Prayers from smoking to quit on their own

Prayer for yourself is simple — read to the smoker himself.

O Lord, our father, I fall down at your feet, the servant of God, Vladimir.

Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come. Forgive my grave sins. Humbly ask you, do not let the abyss of the habit of pernicious.

Give me the strength to defeat her. Now and ever and ever and ever, amen.

Prayer for himself literary

Lord Jesus all-good. Humbly asks you, God’s servant Danila.

As the people of Israel walked forty years in the desert, so will you guide me your servant on the right path. How did you revive Lazarus and told him to get up and go. So I was led, throw and go.

As the Devil in the wilderness experienced you with temptations and you did not give in, so let me tempt you not to give in. As Judas who betrayed you has forgiven you, so forgive me for my pernicious habit.

Now and ever and ever and ever, amen.

Prayers from smoking to quit on their own

Prayer for himself poetic

Lord, have mercy, Lord,

Do not let me go to the abyss.

May God bless you from your bounty

How did you once have mercy on Cain.

Help the good God,

Throw a potion me cursed.

Here I put a candle Lord,

To burn the desire to smoke.

I hope in you my God

My request fulfill the cherished.

So that I never wanted to smoke

Forget to stink cigarette.

Nowadays it is good to quit smoking

For ever and ever cigarettes forget.

Prayers from smoking to quit on their own

Appeal to the holy mediator

Christian prayer can be addressed to some of the most authoritative saints or martyrs. In Islam, there is no institution canonization of saints.

Therefore, the possibility of using the names of any of the prophets in prayer is controversial.

The formula of a prayer changes a little. There is no listing of their sins, but the expression of respect for the addressee is obligatory.

Perhaps a double appeal to the saint and directly to the highest hierarch in one prayer. For example, the well-known prayer to Ambrose of Optina from smoking:

Prayers from smoking to quit on their own

Appeal through a loved one

A person can strengthen his prayer by turning to a loved one for support. The fact is that smoking is, in fact, a demon, and the demon has a self-preservation instinct.

Bes prevents a person from addressing himself with a prayer for his own — devil destruction. This phenomenon is well represented in the culture:

  • Pray for me mom
  • Pray for me my love
  • Pray for me son

In the unconscious, as is known, time does not exist. If the request of the person is fulfilled, the prayer is created at the time of the appeal.

Prayers from smoking to quit on their own

Prayer against smoking for a loved one

If a loved one is baptized, then you can pray for him in church. If he is not baptized, then you can pray privately.

Prayer for a close baptized person

Lord blessed, all-good. Thank you for our daily bread.

Forgive me, unworthy of God’s servant Natalia. I beg you, Lord, save the servant of God Nicholas from the habit of smoking tobacco.

Help me stop smoking cigarettes. Amen.

Prayer for a loved one not baptized

O Lord, our Father, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come. Thank you for your goodness.

Forgive me the servant of God Antonina for my grave sins. I ask you for your baby Ivan Ivan. Let him fall from the potion of tobacco.


Prayers from smoking to quit on their own

Prayer for himself not baptized

A person may not be baptized at all, or he may not be baptized, but submerged. The submerged rite, over which the layman conducted, is generally considered baptized.

An unbaptized one may pray, but not in the service in the church. There is the following circumstance.

If an unbaptized one prays, but does not want to be baptized, it means that he wants to connect to the egregor of Christianity, but he does not want to give his spiritual strength for it. Christian prayer for him becomes a form of conspiracy.

This practice exists.

It is known that witches often use Christian symbols and prayers. There is no prohibition on such actions in the doctrine of Christianity, but it can be assumed that the benefits of such a prayer will be less than for a baptized person.

However, a person’s unwillingness to be baptized may well be the machinations of a demon who resists his exile.

Prayers from smoking to quit on their own

Muslim prayers

A non Muslim prayer is called ayah. It is accepted to begin a prayer with one of the formulas

  • With the grace of allah the merciful merciful
  • With the name of Allah
  • Praise be to Allah
  • I resort to Allah
  • Allah is the greatest
  • Holy allah

The question of whether a praying orthodox believer belongs to the concession of Islam is solved by itself as soon as a person begins to say a prayer. Begin with ablution and the bow of the earth.

O Allah! There is no god but you, and you are my god. You created me and I am your servant.

I approach you and move away from all the unkind things done by me. Forgive me, for no one will forgive me except you.

God save me, merciful god, from the habit of tobacco potion. You my lord help me.

Prayers from smoking to quit on their own

Prayer for a loved one can be made if he is an orthodox Muslim himself. Its structure is similar to a prayer for health.

Lord eliminating troubles. Heal for you are healing. Your slave Mustafa.

From addiction to harmful tobacco smoking. Heal your healing power to hit the target.

If a loved one is not a true Muslim, then you can not pray for him. But there is a way that theologians advise.

It is impossible to pray only if it is known for certain that a person is a pagan. And since this person is not there and to say for sure that he did not accept faith recently, it is possible to use this form of prayer:

If my close person became a Muslim, and I can pray for him.

This technique is recommended by Imam al-Nawawi. A phrase is added to the text of the prayer after appealing to Allah and presenting the prayer.

Prayers from smoking to quit on their own

Orthodox Christianity and Islam are the most widespread, religious cults in Russia and building a prayer to quit smoking in these traditions is most relevant. Prayers in other religious traditions have certain differences.

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