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Prayers from loneliness for women and men

Prayers from loneliness for women and men

I have been living in a happy marriage for three years, I have a little daughter. Many friends, especially single ones, are jealous of how friendly and strong my family is. But it was not always so!

I remained lonely after 30 years, when all my friends from school and institute got married a long time ago, and some even managed to get a divorce. I no longer believed that I would ever be lucky.

Many have told me that my requirements are too high, that I am too critical of guys. I tried to change, but nothing worked.

A prayer helped me: I began to pray every morning to the Mother of God, Matrona of Moscow, Nicholas the Wonderworker, I asked the saints for help in finding the second half. And the Higher Forces did not leave my prayers unanswered!

Two months later I met a young man who became my husband. And the most remarkable thing is that I didn’t have to redo myself: my husband is a wonderful, loving, caring person with whom I can share my feelings.

Joint life is important for us: both material and spiritual.

What exactly did I do, how was my most cherished wish fulfilled? This is what I want to share with you, because you can pray in different ways. You can simply repeat the text of the prayer, and you can put the soul into it.

You can pray to God in the hope of your own benefit, and you can rely on His will and believe in his help.

First I want to say that the problem of loneliness in the modern world is very important, I learned it from my own experience. People are becoming more divided and selfish. Many people think only about their own benefit, very few people remember the true, divine essence of marriage and partnership.

Therefore, many single men and women are desperate to find their soul mate … On the one hand, they can be understood. But on the other hand, despair is a sin. No matter how drawn the swamp of gloom, he should not give in!

It is extremely important to believe in the help of the Higher Forces and pray for it every day.

Why does prayer from loneliness help?

Even if you have been lonely for a long time, do not despair, daily prayer from loneliness will help you. God hears all our prayers and necessarily helps everyone who asks him for mercy. It is important not to get upset and have the strongest faith, to continue to pray every day.

I also did not always have the strength and mood for prayer. Sometimes thoughts came up: should it be done? Can prayer help?

And I was convinced: prayer has tremendous power. Many saints and fathers of the church wrote about this: prayer does perform miracles sometimes, even in more complex cases (for example, in severe illness).

When a person prays, he becomes closer to God, which means that God hears him easier.

The Lord and the saints will surely help to get acquainted with a worthy person, if you really dream of spiritual unity and true mutual help. Prayers of the Mother of God, Matrona of Moscow, Nicholas the Wonderworker help in solving this problem.

Do not forget about the patron saints of the family and marriage — Saints Peter and Fevronia.

The priest told me that in prayer it is important not only to ask God or the saints for help, but also to acknowledge our sins. God didn’t just leave me alone. Why did this happen?

I thought, remembered my sins, repented. I thought about what I did wrong in my life.

I analyzed my past relationships, because it is extremely important that there should be no anger towards former partners, but only gratitude.

I also learned that during prayer it is important to thank God: I thanked him for the solitude lesson, during which I realized the value of family life, and also thanked him in advance for helping to create a family. I felt how repentance and gratitude changed my soul, it became easier for me to live, more faith, hope for the best appeared.

So prayer gradually changes a person.

Saint Matrona will support during the search for the second half

To find a husband (or wife), you can turn to Saint Matrona. For example, I prayed in my own words: I told me how I felt and what I was dreaming about.

Described the saint, how bad it is for me to live in constant solitude. You can briefly share your misfortunes with the saint — perhaps you don’t meet a decent person or you are afraid to communicate with people of the opposite sex, you are afraid of being deceived or abandoned.

Tell us about this holy Matrona!

You can tell saint matron how much you would like to get married (or marry). Of course, prayers should be created only when you have firmly decided to find your permanent life partner, for entertainment or out of boredom you should not look for help from the Matrona.

Prayers from loneliness for women and men

Also, a consumer approach is not welcome — if you want to find a man so that he can help you cope with material problems, go on a trip or provide you with a comfortable life, it is better to think first before starting a prayer.

Your prayer may sound something like this: “Dear Mother Matrona, help me (tell me your name) to get rid of loneliness. I believe, Holy Matrona, that you can come to my aid.

I am looking for marriage not fun, but true love and true mutual aid. I ask you to help me meet a good, decent person and create a strong family with him. ”
Pray Matrona every day, focus your attention on communicating with the holy old woman, and she will not leave you in trouble.

Nicholas the Wonderworker will come to the rescue

Nicholas the Wonderworker was known for his special love for simple, sincere people, he helped them always and in everything. As a holy man who has opened his heart to divine love, he is always happy to help find love.

Men and women can pray to St. Nicholas, he leaves no one behind.

Prayers from loneliness for women and men

You can pray to Nicholas the Wonderworker in your own words, or you can take any prayer from the prayer book. Just after reading the prayers, tell the saint what exactly you want, why you grieve and dream about.

To those people who are really looking for true love, who believe that happiness and inspiration are revealed in love, the meaning of our life, Saint Nicholas helps especially quickly.

Peter and Fevronia support when creating a family

Saints Peter and Fevronia always sensitively listen to the worshipers. They are the patrons of marriage, they know very well how depressing and lonely a person can live without a family, therefore they are especially trying to help those who are truly worthy of family happiness.

Prayers from loneliness for women and men

Refer to the holy simple words from the heart, share with them your sadness. Explain that you are ready to start a family, become a responsible, loyal and loving husband (for men) or a calm, understanding, supportive wife (for women).

The most important thing is sincere faith. Believe, have pure thoughts, and your prayers will be heard.

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