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Prayers from bad and obsessive thoughts

Strong prayer to God from obsessive thoughts

Very often parishioners turn to me and complain about bad thoughts in my head. I know strong prayers that will help in this case.

Now I will tell you in detail how to turn to the Lord in order to heal the thoughts and destructive programs written into the subconscious.

Prayer from bad thoughts

In our modern society, it has become an absolute norm that from all sources a lot of negative and bad news constantly pours on us. The mass media constantly discusses murders, robberies, frauds, natural disasters, which in one moment take the lives of thousands of people. How can one abstract away from this and not become depressed and depressed?

Any Orthodox person should remember that he can always find solace and inspiration for new accomplishments when dealing with the Lord.

Prayers from bad and obsessive thoughts

Prayer from bad thoughts is the indispensable tool for spiritual development that a Christian must constantly use in his daily life. Especially we must not forget about this in a period of severe life crises, bringing a whole series of failures and problems into a person’s life.

Communion with God during this period can heal a wounded soul and help the believer to restore spiritual harmony.

Why do you need to clear your thoughts of negativity and evil

Thoughts are the basis of our actions and words that we utter daily. That is, in essence, our thinking is the basis of the existence of each individual person.

Our emotions, mental and physical health depend on the fact that we speak constantly about ourselves.

Thoughts about others we create certain patterns of behavior in relation to them. That is why our mental activity should be given no less attention than physical well-being.

Every minute in our heads we form a set of elusive and unconscious logical chains, principles and beliefs.

Watching your behavior and getting rid of bad thoughts is just as necessary as daily hygiene, with the only difference that in doing so we are trying to restore or maintain the purity of thoughts.

The main mission of a person in this world is to do good and help our neighbors, such actions make you feel completely happy and increase the level of our spirituality. However, on the way to the fulfillment of their mission, many can stand in front of everyone with many obstacles and enemies.

And the worst thing is that the main unit is in our head, because it is evil and painful thoughts that create the most problems for a person.

Prayers from bad and obsessive thoughts

Anyone can cope with internal demons, but this requires great stamina, discipline and unshakable faith in the Almighty. Far from all of us possess these qualities, so you can resort to the help of holy texts, because a strong prayer, uttered with sincerity, can heal any soul and open for the individual a new world full of happiness, love and filled with the light of divine providence.

How an Orthodox person should pray in order for the Lord to heal his evil thoughts

The thought process is something that a person cannot run away from, refuse, or even suspend for even a small period. Therefore, unlike fighting addiction, we cannot escape or abandon obsessive ideas. But we must always remember that our thoughts can be our loyal friends as well as our worst enemies.

And in what role our mind will act — we decide only. Do not let the evil thoughts of the evil one fill your mind and dictate how you should actually live.

Prayer from evil thoughts can be a real salvation for people who truly believe in the power of the Lord Almighty and are willing to change in order to please the heavenly father with their spiritual development.

The basic rules that should be considered when referring to God:

  • Give greater importance not to the words you speak, but to your emotions and feelings at this moment. It is not necessary to even take texts from special prayer books, rather sincerely speaking everything that you are asking for a higher power.
  • To create a welcoming atmosphere, find a quiet and convenient place for prayer, where you will not be disturbed for some time. Speak the holy words before the icons.
  • To stop the harsh influx of negative thoughts, memorize a few short prayers. As soon as you notice that you are mired in the impassable abyss of bitter conjectures, immediately fill your entire consciousness with lines from sacred texts. This simple technique will very quickly bring visible results into your life, and you will increasingly notice that your well-being and mood have improved significantly.
  • Overcome your laziness and fatigue in order to devote time to your own spiritual healing. Regularity and systematicity — the key to a good result.
  • Show your desire to change for the better, not only saying prayers, but also doing good deeds. Think not only about your own comfort and well-being, but also take care of the people around you. Even a minor, in your opinion, good and righteous act will show the angels your best aspirations.
  • If you have such an opportunity, you can make an appeal to the angels and prayer to God aloud. Concentrate on each word and try to put as deep as possible into the spoken words.
  • In difficult periods of your life, visit churches and churches more often. If you have time, then go to the monastery at least for a week. Constant communication with the Lord and honest work in the glory of God will allow you to clear your mind of dirt and quickly get out of a crisis situation.
  • Do not forget to wear a cross. Always remind you that this holy symbol will help you cope with any evil.
  • Try to live consciously and do not let thoughts drift. Carefully watch what words are now spinning in your head.

Following the above rules, remember that in spiritual practices, the main thing is internal sensations. If something causes you spiritual discomfort or rejection, then do not force yourself and replace this action with another, more suitable for you.

You can always find a compromise that will be the perfect way out.

What should not be forgotten, asking for guardianship and help from the heavenly forces

One should never miss such a moment as gratitude. This sincere feeling in itself can heal thoughts from the bad, due to the fact that the focus of attention changes from negative aspects of life to positive ones.

Indeed, in any, even the most hopeless situation, there are at least small moments that can bring satisfaction and happiness.

Prayers from bad and obsessive thoughts

When asking for help from the Lord and other Saints, be sure to thank them for their help and assistance in business, because everything in this life is given to us for your own growth and spiritual transformation.

Here are some ways to express gratitude in prayer:

  • At the end of each prayer, say sincere thanks to all the inhabitants of heaven. This will set the mood and strengthen faith in divine conduct. Even if you do not see any significant changes in the surrounding situation, this is not a reason to despair and abandon your plans. We are not given to fully realize the complexity of the plan of God, so trust everything that happens to you.
  • Highlight a separate day, when you do not ask for anything while communicating with the Lord, but simply express gratitude to our heavenly defenders. It is best to do this at least once a month. However, all this is purely individual, so listen to the inner feelings and dictates of the soul. Gratitude, of course, must come from the heart. No need to say “thank you” in the hope of getting any reward from the angels for it.


  • Always remember that the thoughts that are in your head during the day shape your world and predetermine what personal relationships will be with people around you.
  • Well, learn the short prayer that you will say each time, feeling that negative emotions are beginning to take over your common sense.
  • Reinforce your words with actions, this will show the celestials your determination and the firmness of intentions to change for the better. Favorably engage in charity and volunteering. Donate to the have-nots, give alms. If you are not able to provide material assistance, then you can always help others around you. You can care for the elderly in nursing homes, to help terminally ill people who are in hospices or other similar institutions.
  • During the day, keep track of what kind of character you dominate. Try to think about pleasant and good things more often.
  • Take time to religion and God. Attend church services, go to holy places.
  • Try to deal with your thoughts regularly, because isolated changes will not give global and stable progress.

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