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Prayers for winning a lot of money in the lottery

How to pray to win the lottery

Recently there has been an active development of the lottery. There are even state lotteries in which a huge number of people take part, only units are lucky. I am an Orthodox person, and I was able to verify in my experience that prayer for winning the lottery has great power.

It helps not only to win money, but also to completely change the fate of a person. Now I will tell the features of the prayer, how to raise it correctly and who should be addressed.

Prayer for material good

Such prayers are recommended to use to all people from whom Fortune has turned away. After all, this does not happen because the Lord turns away from them.

It is believed that unhappy people are damaged or evil eye. This is what prevents them from getting what was prepared by the Lord.

Prayers for winning a lot of money in the lottery

To change this, it is imperative that you seek help from the patron saints and God. After all, failure can change the fate that was originally prepared for man.

It is noteworthy that many people are afraid to ask God for material wealth. And you can not say that it is wrong. Indeed, the priests insist that one cannot ask for anything material from the Creator.

It must be remembered that material values ​​are important only for a person who is far from faith. For a true believer, there is nothing more valuable than a relationship with God.

However, it is necessary to make one important clarification, which concerns the prayers for winning the lottery.

As it was written above, only a person to whom luck will smile can win the draw. And she, like any accident, depends on the will of the Most High.

Consequently, only by his will can a man receive the coveted prize.

Therefore, priests are inclined to believe that prayers in which a person asks for favor to him cannot be forbidden. In other words, a person needs to ask not about money, but about the favor of the Most High, who can give him the opportunity to change his destiny with the help of the money won, an apartment or a car.

Will the prayer be heard

That’s just necessary to remember that not all prayers will be heard. This applies not only to those who offer a person who wants to win the lottery, but all the rest.

Spiritual mentors tirelessly remind you that the request must always be sincere. Man must unconditionally believe in the power of the Most High.

In addition, he must lead a righteous life. You cannot sin all your life and hope that God will hear such a request.

It is for this reason that all people should try to live solely on the commandments of the scriptures. Help may be needed at any time.

And since no one can predict the fate of a person, it is impossible to know exactly at what point he will be in a difficult situation. To get the desired help from the Almighty, a person must prove that he deserves it.

What if prayer does not help

In addition, it is important to understand that all the will of God. If a person is not destined to win the lottery, then this will not happen.

A person is not known for certain what exactly the plan of the Most High is. Perhaps in the future he will have a more responsible mission that will bring enrichment.

Therefore, if it happens that the prayer is not heard, do not despair. First you need to thank God. After all, it is not reliably known whether the received reward could change life for the better or not.

Since there are many examples of the fact that after winning people were drinking, they became the victim of fraudsters. In other words, strange and terrible things happened to them.

And, perhaps, God will help with the fact that he will not allow evil fate to happen after receiving a large sum of money.

To pray

It is believed that offering prayers to God is not the best idea, if it is anyway, but for material benefits. In this case, it is more successful idea to offer a prayer to one of the patron saints.

Although no one forbids believers to ask for mercy from the Almighty.

Prayers for winning a lot of money in the lottery

It is better if a person asks for the help of Nicholas the Pleasant. Since the Orthodox believe that it is he who helps those who need to improve their material condition.

However, it is better to pray before the icon. This is an unspoken rule that all Orthodox try to observe. After all, prayer is a person’s appeal to higher powers.

In other words, it is a dialogue that should be conducted, looking the interlocutor in the eye. And since a person cannot see the face of a saint in life, he must look at his image.

Looking at the icon of St. Nicholas, it is necessary to say a prayer.

Please note that you can pray and ask Nicholas for help on days when his memory is honored. Moreover, it is on such days that the likelihood that prayer will be heard increases many times over.

Recommendations for prayer:

  1. Remember that it is necessary to read a prayer in complete solitude and only after that to get a lottery ticket.
  2. If after reading a prayer a strange alarm settles in the soul of a person, it is recommended to postpone participation in the lottery. Perhaps the time has not yet come and the person should refrain from participating in the rally.
  3. It is very important to listen to your feelings. Because they can tell whether it is really worth participating in the lottery. Indeed, in essence, in his prayer, a person asks that the patron saint enlighten him, purify his mind from unholy thoughts. Consequently, a bad presentiment may be a warning from above, which you definitely need to listen to in order to avoid trouble.

Prayer from Vanga

Surely, everyone is well known Vanga. After all, this woman during her lifetime could become a real legend.

People from all over the world came to her for help. Since the woman was not only a powerful seer who predicted the future, but also a healer. When the doctors made a disappointing diagnosis and did not give any hope of healing, the patient went to Vanga.

For many, she was the last hope and straw that kept the world alive.

It is known for certain that she helped all the people who addressed her. And while the healer flatly refused to accept gratitude in the form of money. She sincerely believed that helping others should be disinterested.

And therefore, even beggars turned to her for help. Moreover, Wanga herself knew perfectly well what poverty was. Indeed, all her life she lived in a modest home and never sought to become the owner of wealth.

However, the woman tried to help all those people who dreamed of wealth.

Prayers for winning a lot of money in the lottery

She recommended such people to use special prayers. For a long time the texts of these prayers remained unknown, since the woman preferred not to dwell on which texts should be used for enrichment.

However, after the death of the healer, some of her followers decided to share the invaluable experience of the healer. They are sure that in this way they help people find what they want and become closer to God.

  1. According to the recommendations of the healer, to win the lottery, it is necessary to offer a prayer to the guardian angel.
  2. This must be done before purchasing a lottery ticket, so that the Protecting Angel could point to the one that is happy.
  3. You need to read a prayer on a jar filled with spring water. This is a prerequisite that must be met. Finding a spring in a big city, of course, will not work, so it’s best to go to a small village and ask local residents how to get to the nearest spring. No need to worry that such a question would be inappropriate.
  4. Once the spring is found, you need to take water in a small container and go home.
  5. Waiting for the onset of darkness, you should read the prayer to the angel. Please note that you need to read the prayer all alone, without being distracted by thoughts. It is important that the moon is clearly visible in the sky. Moreover, be sure to read the prayer on the growing, not decreasing, moon. Otherwise, the result will be completely different from what the applicant expects.
  6. Next, you need to go out and take three sips. The water over which the prayer was read is considered holy. It can not be poured. It is better to leave her at home and drink a little. This will help attract good luck not only to the person who read the prayer, but also to all relatives who are visiting.

Nor can one brag about relatives or strangers. Because boasting God does not approve and may even punish such a rash act.

After receiving the win, you should definitely say a prayer of thanks. After all, it was the higher forces that helped carry out their plans and become a happy person. This should never be forgotten.

After all, such forgetfulness can also bring on the wrath of heaven.


  1. The church does not forbid to pray for a prize. However, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations for the prayer to be heard.
  2. One should never forget to thank heaven for the good fortune. After the prize is received, you must visit the church and thank God.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to brag about the winnings received, since this can seriously infuriate the heavens. And in the future people simply do not get help.
  4. One can pray to God only if a person asks for favors from him. Mention in the prayer to the Almighty, about the money is not necessary.
  5. The most powerful prayer for winning is a sincere plea.
  6. You can pray for enrichment to Nikolai Ugodnik and Angel, using the text proposed by Wang.

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