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Prayers for traveling by plane and car.

Strong prayer for traveling by air or in car

Finally collected some money and flew with the children to Egypt. But, since the whole family had to get on the plane for the first time, I was frankly afraid of this trip.

But I thought that God would not leave if I turned to him, so I went to church. They taught how to pray before any trip — both by car and before the flight. Now, gathering in a difficult road, I always retire with the icon and read these words.

And by the way, we flew to Egypt just fine. The children were so dazed all the way that I had no time to be afraid …

Who can pray for a traveler?

First of all, the man himself who sets off. Still would!

Every believer should turn to the Lord daily — waking up and falling asleep, in difficult and controversial situations, and moments of danger, as well as in front of an important and difficult matter. And the road (even a long trip on the highway, and even more so — flying through the air) is very difficult!

Prayers for traveling by plane and car.

But relatives and even friends can pray for the traveler. The more requests will be made to the sky, the stronger will be the highest patronage for the traveler.

It is especially important to ask the Lord for the children who go on the road.

How exactly can you pray?

In most cases, we communicate with our heavenly patron, sitting at home alone. If there is an icon, we set it in front of us during prayer.

At the same time, it is advisable to light a church candle nearby.

Is the road to be very dangerous? Do not be lazy to go to church and pray there.

It is even better to order a prayer service. In the note, enter not only your name (or the traveler’s name if you are a relative), but also the names of other people with whom you wish health.

You can also go to the holy father at the end of the service and ask him to bless you. And if you go for a long time, confess and take communion — who knows when it will be possible to do this next time!

Preparing for the road

So that the heavenly patrons would not forget about you, and you do not forget that you are a Christian. Do not leave home without a cross.

Is your vehicle a car? Is she consecrated?

If not, arrange in the church about this rite.

Prayers for traveling by plane and car.

You can also take the road icons. Some people place a mini-iconostasis right on the dashboard of their iron horse (for this purpose, special images of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God and St. Nicholas are sold in church benches). However, to expose their faith for all to see is not necessary.

Icons or a cross can be kept in the glove compartment. The main thing is that the saints are in your heart and thoughts.

Some drivers make just such an inscription on their car. But she is comic and refers to religion only indirectly. If you believe seriously and from the heart, you should not stick such «prayers» on your vehicle:

Prayers for traveling by plane and car.

Driving behavior

On the way (even to the plane) you can take a 100 gram bottle of holy water, it is not forbidden to sprinkle your place slightly. Also in the bag you can put the icon of the patron saint.

Do not worry — you are now under the protection of the Holy Father. Look out the window of the plane. How great and beautiful is the globe shrouded in clouds!

But the Lord made him! Imagine His power, in the sky it is the easiest to do.

And no longer fear anything earthly!

When the plane takes off, many people may panic. To calm down, it is worthwhile to start in advance to read one of the prayers that you will see below. Do not do this defiantly or theatrically.

It is worth praying silently and calmly. Firstly, you will not disturb anyone, and secondly, you will not start a panic, which will be easily transmitted to other passengers.

Why do they pray “to the path” to Nicholas the Wonderworker?

At one time he was the patron saint of sailors. Still would! One day while traveling by sea, a saint fell into a storm.

Thanks to sincere prayer to the Creator, he calmed the raging sea, thanks to which both the ship and all people on it were saved.

The strongest prayer to this saint:

Prayers for traveling by plane and car.

Who and how else to pray before a long and dangerous road?

Prayers on the road read:

  • Savior Jesus. There are believers who consider Him to be the main patron on the road.

Prayers for traveling by plane and car.

  • Mother of God. Sometimes it protects entire communities of people, shrouding them in its cover. Ask the Virgin Mary to protect your car, train, ship or plane as well.

Prayers for traveling by plane and car.

  • To his guardian angel. At baptism, each of us receives an angel bestowed by Heaven, who follows us everywhere, and, as one beautiful legend says, in especially difficult life moments even carries us in his arms. Many rarely ask an angel for protection, fearing to trouble him again. But our defense is the main vocation of our guardian. So communicate with him more often.

Prayers for traveling by plane and car.

  • Own patron saint. At baptism, we all get a church name (sometimes a different name from a passport one). This name is given in honor of a certain saint. The church day of veneration of this saint becomes our birthday party (not to be confused with birthday, although sometimes these dates coincide). We all should have an icon of such a saint at home and from time to time ask this patron for help and protection. The text of the prayer I do not give, to each holy appeal of his. If you have a small laminated icon, you will find such a prayer on the back side.
  • Saint christopher. People turn to him, because during his life he transferred a little boy across the river, which actually turned out to be Jesus Christ. True, this is a Catholic legend. But the saint is a general Christian martyr, so we are not forbidden to pray to him.

Prayers for traveling by plane and car.

  • To the Lord. He owns both heaven and earth, and our souls. Reach out to Him not only with hope, but also with love. After all, if the worst happens and you leave this world, you will not disappear, but you will meet with the Creator. Can a real Christian be frightened by the thought of this?

Prayers for traveling by plane and car.

If you forget a leaf with a prayer at home, this is also not scary! Indeed, in our faith, the main thing is that everything necessary is not on paper, but in the heart. Talk to Saint Nicholas, the Mother of God or your angel in simple words.

And during such a communication you caress, and the road will come to its happy end.

When you arrive at the place, do not forget to cross over and thank the saint to whom you addressed, for listening and helping.

Briefly about the most important

  • Most often, before any journey (both by car and by plane), patronage and protection appeal to Nicholas the Wonderworker.
  • Travelers and their relatives also pray to the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, their angel and saint.
  • Before a particularly dangerous road, you can not only write down a prayer, but also visit the temple. There the believers confess, commune, ask the priest to bless on a long journey.
  • In the plane, some people take the holy water, it can sprinkle the chair. But remember: a bottle for holy water should not be more than 10 ml.

If you are still wondering why Nicholas the Wonderworker is considered the patron saint of travelers (and most of all sailors), I suggest finding an answer to it in the life of this saint. This film is not too long, but it contains all the data about the deeds of this great man:

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