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Prayers for the son: 8 strong prayers for protection, good luck and health

Prayers for the son: 8 strong prayers for protection, good luck and health

I love my child, but sometimes my love is not enough to protect him, it is not enough to always be there to protect him from all dangers. That is why I seek the help of God, using prayers — words that the Lord will hear.

The prayers I give below are among the strongest.

But before reading them, you need to understand that prayer is a sacrament, and quiet, but passionate words, pouring from the depths of the soul, are much more significant than loud and stupid phrases, the essence of which does not even reach the prayer. We must be clearly aware of what we pray for.

Prayers for the son: 8 strong prayers for protection, good luck and health

Prayer for a son

The Lord gives the woman the joy of motherhood, and he gives her the strength to cope with it. But when confronted with adversity, a mother does not always feel this strength in herself. The following prayer for the son helps to cope with the upbringing and to re-gain confidence:

Please, gracious God, forgive my mistakes and bad words — forgive me! There is nothing closer and nothing more dear than Your forgiving love! Today I do not pray for myself, I pray for my little boy.

You rewarded me with a healthy, beautiful, meek son! Send him prosperity and peace. Let him become a real man.

Keep him from envy and anger, keep him from stupidity and thin thoughts. And if he was wrong — do not be strict with him.

In this world — unclean and sinful, do not forget and keep the care and love of my little boy!

Prayers for the son: 8 strong prayers for protection, good luck and health

Prayer for the protection of the son

Every mother is afraid for her son. Sometimes these fears do not justify themselves, but you can not rely on chance.

Prayers for the protection of her son will protect her from harm and calm her mother’s relentlessly fluttering heart. With such requests it is better to appeal to the one who himself went through the difficult path of motherhood, bestowing to the world the best of sons:

Holy Mother of God! Who else after God can take care of our sons, if not you, the all-powerful defender of Christians and an ambulance assistant in all needs? Accept, heavenly Queen, under your protection of our sons and be their mother, the Mother of God!

Protect them from all evil and bodily harm, lead them along the path of grace and mercy before Almighty God, help them succeed in all good and useful deeds and never destroy the path of a true and happy life, consistent with the will of your beloved Son, our Lord Jesus. So, with thankful songs, we will always glorify You, the heavenly protector, and praise the almighty Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Prayers for the son: 8 strong prayers for protection, good luck and health

Prayer for Son for Salvation

Jesus Christ, who sacrificed himself, redeemed the sins of mankind, is the one to pray for the salvation of the Soul of the son. Mother’s tears can not go unnoticed by the savior:

Jesus Christ, Son of God, hear thy servant. Lord, praise mercy, save my child in your name. Lord, forgive him his sins, whether or not they have been committed.

Lord, instruct my son in the truth, for you have given righteousness, and you are the enlightener of the world. You are Christ — the eternal soul salvation.

Lord, bless his house, and around his house, both in labor and in rest. Lord, cover it with your Holy cloak from a bullet of swift, a sword of fire, a sharp knife, anger of fierce, fiery fire, an ulcer and vain death.

Lord, protect him from the enemy, from the misery of all, solitude and despondency. Lord, take him away from every pain, cleanse him from filth and give relief to the sufferings of his soul.

Lord, give him many years of healthy life. Lord, increase the strength of his body.

Lord, bless my son, devotion to piety. Lord, do not bring Your servant to sin, bless my child now and in the future, and in the daytime and at night.

Hallowed be thy name everlasting.

Prayers for the son: 8 strong prayers for protection, good luck and health

Mother prayer

Before you start praying the Mother of God for the son, you need to clear your thoughts, clearly understanding the essence of each spoken word. Mother prayers addressed to the Virgin Mary help both the child and the mother. The Virgin Mary hears not only the prayer itself, but also the cry of the soul, answering even non-voiced questions:

Holy Mother of God! Here I am before You — from the dead and from the sons of men, blasphemous and judged by God, I pray for my son.

Be merciful to him, and let him do the work of the Lord and observe baptism, repentance, and not celebrate dishonor many others who are performed for them. Let the Holy Spirit guide him in his deeds.

For we are dealing with the fact that we must forget about the grief of our souls, so that we are not full of grief, weeping, mourning, gossip, sadness, slander, jealousy, joy of the wicked and other sins. And I have no joy and comfort, the call of You, Mother of God, our Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray to thee for the son of man, to do all his work — a consolation for the saints, and to bless them, that you may be merciful to him: greet all our sons so that we may live in them forever.

Prayers for the son: 8 strong prayers for protection, good luck and health

Strong prayer

When the heart is torn from the overwhelming fear for the son, strong prayer will help, the words of which are addressed directly to the Creator, but pronounce them with all the passion, putting the power of love for their child into each sound:

Our Father, from whom all gifts and good things come! I ask you for my son, who gave me your kindness. You rewarded him with a Soul to live by Your will.

Sanctify him with Your truth so that Your name will be holy in them. Enlighten him, Lord, with the light of Your wisdom.

Grow in his heart the fear and aversion to all iniquities. Decorate the soul of his chastity.

Burn his lips with his righteousness, so that all slander, falsehood and wickedness will be disgusting to him. Sprinkle it with dew grace.

Accompany my son with the Guardian Angel to guard his youth from vain thoughts, from the deception of this world, and from every evil attack. If they ever make mistakes, do not turn away, but be merciful.

Do not deprive him of earthly blessings, but give him everything you need for a temporary life, as well as for gaining eternity. Keep from accidents.

My Lord, I also pray: Give me joy and joy for my children and let me stand with them before your terrible judgment and with unobtrusive courage to say: «Here I am, but my children!» So, glorifying Your pure joy, we exalt Your most holy name for ever and ever.

Prayers for the son: 8 strong prayers for protection, good luck and health

Prayer for understanding children

It’s hard to compare the complexity of the relationship between fathers and children. In the days filled with misunderstanding, mutual insults, and a sense of loss of communication with the child, more than ever the way will have a very strong prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, teach me to understand my children, to listen to what they have to say, and to answer all their questions. Protect me, so as not to interrupt them when they think, and not to accept them suddenly and insultingly. Help me not to hurt the feelings of my children.

Do not punish them for hours of excitement and rage. Direct me so that at every moment and every hour I show by example what I am talking about, because true happiness lies in honesty.

Make me ignore the small and minor mistakes of my children and help me take a look at their strong and good deeds that they do. Give me the right word for their honest praise. Help me support my children.

Make me help my children realize all their good wishes and show courage to sacrifice a tempting opportunity when I know it will harm them. Teach me to show them a real Christian example, to sincerely appreciate me.

With all the gifts of your love, give me composure, prudence, calmness and stability.

Prayers for the son: 8 strong prayers for protection, good luck and health

Parental prayer

Great power lies in the pleas of parents for their children. Only they can so selflessly fight for the happiness of their children. Their requests for grace for children turned to the Lord, who gave his only son for the salvation of the human race, have tremendous power:

We thank the Lord for demanding us to become parents and gave us into the hands of our children. Your great gift is children in our house. Please help us with firmness to pass all the tests along the way.

We ourselves can not overcome them. Please, gracious Lord, take care of children from all misfortunes, from all the filth of flesh and spirit, from all the devilish satanic power and evil influences of demons and ugly wasteful people. You, O Lord, bright angel, guardian of soul and body, peace, let me rest in my family and in the world, and pretend to Your will.

Protect our children from bad people and from any addiction. Finally, may God grant our souls countless embassies of the Mother of God and All Saints, we will receive them with repentance and vigilance in our home in order to have health and peace in order to worship You, God through our soul, glorifying Your Holy Name at all times .

Prayers for the son: 8 strong prayers for protection, good luck and health

Prayer charm

Prayer can be put «guard» on his son, protecting him from the storms of life. This “talisman” will be the patronage of God, granted in exchange for the sincere words of a loving mother:

Protect the Lord. Protect my son. Guard him from any danger lurking in every turn of his life, a danger that strives to turn into tentacles around him.

Lord, You know how vulnerable, but good, the soul of my son. Do not leave him alone, in the vast sea of ​​temptations of everyday life. Send the angel’s protector, protect him every moment and from every evil, enlighten him in memory and soul, walking the streets clean, on roads without spikes, and cooled down by crystal sources of your own grace.

Let it be from your enlightened Ascended Divine Light.

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