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Prayers for the sale of reading apartments at home

Potent prayers for the sale of a house or apartment

The bride for a long time could not sell the grandmother’s house in the village. And I made beautiful photos, and gave an ad to all the newspapers and the Internet, and I dropped the price several times — nothing helped.

In the end, people explained that in that village where the house stands there is a kind of drinking family.

They have long set their sights on this dwelling and even sent damage to its owners. Like, in despair of selling a house for good money, they will have to put it up for auction for nothing. This is where a tricky family will appear.

Well, the sister-in-law found out about it in time. God advised her not to throw herself over her grandmothers, but to go to church …

Prayers for the sale of reading apartments at home

Who and why they pray when real estate is to be sold

Selling any real estate is a mass of nerves and fears. Someone is afraid of getting an insufficient amount, someone is afraid that the house will “hang” for several months, or even years. Finally, fraudsters of all stripes are constantly operating on the real estate market …

Who will protect against all these problems? Of course, our heavenly patrons!

You can regularly go to church and put candles there, asking for help, or you can pray at home. One thing must be the same: do it with a pure heart and sincere thoughts!

The Lord will not listen to the prayer of a man who dreams of selling the old wreck at exorbitant prices, while deceiving the buyer.

Prayers for the sale of reading apartments at home

In addition, a few weeks before the start of such prayers, try to start a cleaner life: do not envy, do not gluttony, do not say bad things about your neighbors.

And on the day of the beginning of prayers you can bring holy water into the apartment / house and sprinkle all the corners. Before this, it is advisable to throw out all the trash from the dwelling, wipe the dust.

Spiridon Trimifuntsky: who is this and how to pray for him

Spyridon is approached by people who feel financial problems: lack of funds, lack of money, loss of property, difficulties in selling and other financial transactions.

The life of this saint tells us that he was a great miracle-worker: he drove away the demons tempting human souls, healed very sick people, and sometimes even raised the dead. So he definitely has enough strength to help solve your question too!

It is necessary to read such a prayer every day. But before that, go to church, buy the icon of the saint — and you need to contact her.

To communicate with the saint, first stay in the room alone with his face, light a candle (also brought from the church). Bow to the icon, ask for an apology and mercy, and only after that pray for deeds.

Prayers for the sale of reading apartments at home

Special prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker

This saint can be addressed in different ways — good, a lot of prayer requests have been created.

In gratitude for how many times the saint rescued people who got into a difficult situation, they call Saint Nicholas the Benefactor. He is considered an intermediary between us and the Lord, the right hand of God.

Addressing him with the chosen prayer is also worth every day. Before that, take a day to visit the temple. There before the icon of St. Nicholas read these words:

Prayers for the sale of reading apartments at home

Next, when you come home, speak the second half of the prayer (the final one), standing in front of the homeowner icon. For each such prayer, light a candle or a lamp in front of the image.

Or you can read these words:

Prayers for the sale of reading apartments at home

When Nikolai hears you and sends the buyer, waiting for his arrival, pray again. In this case, even if the transaction is not accomplished, do not be discouraged — it means that the saint has protected you from an unfavorable price, or a fraud or a black realtor.

Prayers for the sale of reading apartments at home

What other high-speed prayers are read for the successful sale of a house or apartment

Also, those wishing to profitably sell real estate turn to Mother Matrona of Moscow for a heavenly patronage:

Prayers for the sale of reading apartments at home

Finally, you can simply turn to the Lord, Jesus:

Prayers for the sale of reading apartments at home

Or heavenly angels:

Prayers for the sale of reading apartments at home

And if the transaction, as they say, is already “pecked,” read the prayer “Before the beginning of every business”:

Prayers for the sale of reading apartments at home

Magic and conspiracy: they help too

For many people, magic has been and remains a kind of example of folk art. Especially since conspiracies sometimes strike poetry:

Prayers for the sale of reading apartments at home

But still, many people continue to believe in them. And they do not just read such words in front of the icons — they slander them on the water (squatting in front of the bucket they have gathered, all alone), after which they wash the floors in the whole apartment and pour the dirty water on the road.

Prayers for the sale of reading apartments at home

Of course, it is advisable to do it late in the evening so that no one will meet you on the way — it will destroy all the magic.

And in this video you will hear the opinion of the modern city witch. She recommends a special rite that will help clean the house of mental dirt that scares off buyers:

But whether to collect such «folk art» if you are a believer? The priest answers:

And what popular beliefs say: how not to make a mistake selling housing

  • If you for some internal reason do not want to part with the accommodation, that is, you are still attached to it (for example, your old grandparents lived here, whom you have visited every summer), you still cannot sell this property. Let go of the house, say goodbye to it internally — and only then do the preparations for the sale.
  • Do not pray to everyone. Prayer is not a conspiracy, but communion with a saint. Moreover, do not mix in one heap appeals to Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim saints. Faith is not a toy, it helps only when the heart is sincere and pure.
  • Prayer conspiracies are conspiracies too. If you consider magic to be sin, do not use them.
  • Turning to heavenly patronage, believe that she will come. Prayers are not read with a feeling of “nuuu, but suddenly it will help, although it is unlikely …”, but with a firm belief that the saint you ask will surely hear you and bring your words to the Lord. And the stronger your faith, the faster your request will come true.

Instead of an afterword: the most important thing in several sentences

  • Prayer can help you find buyers faster, sell real estate at a reasonable price, protect yourself from black realtors.
  • Most often, for help in selling real estate, they turn to Nikolai the Benefactor, Spiridon Trimifuntsky, Mother Matrona. Less often — to Jesus Christ, the angels, God.
  • There are many plots and rituals on the Internet that also promise to help in the sale of an apartment or house. But the priests do not recommend turning to magic — in the opinion of the church, this is a great sin.

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