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Prayers for the sale of apartments: high-speed and strong

High-speed prayers for the sale of an apartment

I recommend to contact the Lord when doing any important things. Therefore, today I will tell you how to pray when selling an apartment, to whom it is important to contact.

Property For Sale

For each person, his home has a special meaning, because it’s not just a room filled with the necessary furniture and things, but a cozy corner in which it is most pleasant to be and where you relax both in body and soul. However, there may be circumstances that force you to leave the “occupied nest” and move to another place.

And no matter how sad it is to say goodbye to the hearth, but you still need to sell an apartment or a private house.

Prayers for the sale of apartments: high-speed and strong

This is a rather complicated and time-consuming process, which, under unfavorable circumstances, can drag on for a very long period of time. In order for everything to go as quickly as possible, easily and profitably for you, you need to use prayers to sell the apartment.

For an Orthodox person, religion is the most reliable help in any endeavor. Invisible heavenly patrons will be able to arrange everything in such a way that you will be one hundred percent satisfied with the result.

Enlisting the help of the Lord Almighty and the Saints, you will be able to avoid deception, fraudulent frauds, understating the cost of real estate and the lack of worthy buyers.

What is the power of the Orthodox prayer about a successful real estate transaction?

Orthodox prayers are considered a truly miraculous instrument for the fulfillment of desires, which anyone can use. Addressing God at a difficult time, you show your spirituality and religiosity. The most important thing you need to remember is that the Almighty will hear only words filled with goodness and sincerity.

If you just mechanically pronounce the phrases written in the prayer book, without giving them any personal meaning and emotion, then there will be no effect. In communion with God, it is the energy promise that is important, only he determines whether your thought will come true or not.

You can find a lot of wonderful stories proving that by resorting to the Lord, you can move even a matter that could not be solved for a long time from the dead place.

What rules and instructions should be praying to the Saints about the successful sale of the house

Probably every righteous Christian knows that when praying the most important thing is not what you say, but how you wear it. Only words spoken from a pure heart, sincere motives and with a firm faith in divine providence can really influence the course of your deeds.

In order to secure a quick sale of an apartment, you need to adhere to certain rules that our Orthodox religion gives us:

  • Make your calls to the Almighty regular. Try to pray daily, without missing a day. It is from this largely depends on the success of selling real estate. By overcoming your own laziness and developing willpower in yourself, you will show the celestials the steadfastness of your intentions and commitment to religion.
  • Try to clear your mind of bad thoughts, to do this, monitor the internal dialogue throughout the day. Try to replace the images on the bright and successful, imagine how you enjoy a good bargain, which was quick and easy.
  • If the sale does not go at all, then try to devote as much time as possible to godly deeds. Do not miss the Sunday and holiday services in the church, confess (perhaps old sins and inhibit the whole process), go through the sacred sacrament of communion. In your spare time, read the Bible or the scriptures about the life of the Holy Great Martyrs.
  • When you pray at home, if possible, try to create a special atmosphere for this ordinance. Retire in a quiet room, put an icon in front of you (better, of course, if there is an iconostasis at home), light the candles. After the prayer, drink some holy water. Ask that no one at this time bother you or distract you from communicating with the Lord Almighty.
  • Wear a cross cross. This mighty symbol will always protect you from all sorts of adversity and misery. Try not to take it off at all.
  • Also, if possible, encourage your relatives who live with you in your apartment or house to read the prayers. This will strengthen your intention, and you will not have time to look back as the deal is already concluded. Just remember that no one can be forced to do it against his will.

Which Saints need to be addressed in order to gain success in selling your property

It is most favorable to seek the help of the Holy Elders Spiridon Trimifuntsky and Nikolai the Benefactor. They will not leave in trouble Orthodox people who need support in times of financial difficulties.

Ask these celestials to save you from the tricks of fraudsters and deceivers so that your hard-earned money will be safe and sound.

If you have special memories and life stages associated with the previous housing that you put up for sale, then ask invisible defenders that the new owners and, accordingly, your customers are good people who treat your home with the same love and care. For some people, this is a very important moment, capable of slowing down the speed of the transaction at the energy level (in the subconscious you are sorry to part with the home and the hearth).

Prayers for the sale of apartments: high-speed and strong

It is not necessary to refer only to these holy saints. If you are so comfortable and calmer, then you can offer your prayers immediately to the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit or the Blessed Mother Mary. Do not forget also about those who are constantly with us and protects us in everyday life from all sorts of misfortunes and hardships — guardian angels.

They can also be addressed as they sincerely worry about all your failures and rejoice in their success.

What should not be forgotten, asking the Lord for help in selling an apartment or house

Any, even the strongest prayer, may be devalued by your self-interest and ungrateful attitude. Therefore, never forget to say thanks to your heavenly guardians who have tried to do everything for you and everyone around you in the best possible way.

Gratitude is a very strong from an energetic point of view emotion, which not only contributes to a successful outcome in all undertakings, but also greatly develops spirituality. This pure feeling can be supported by good deeds or actions.

You can express your gratitude in the following ways:

  • Pray, praising the Lord and all the Saints. It is the reading of the sacred texts that can bring the words to the gods in the best way possible. Remember that the plea should not be under any mercenary motives and desires. You can say thanks even before you notice any changes in your life and deeds. This will show that you believe in the wisdom of the Almighty and do not even doubt your own success.
  • Make donations for the construction of temples or monasteries. This is a very righteous thing from the point of view of Christianity, contributing to the development of religion and spirituality of our society. Many of the righteous who were ranked after death as Saints, just so disposed of their money and material wealth.
  • Help people in need. Distribute food, clothing, or other things to those who do not. It is through sincere help to the people around us that our soul reveals all the best qualities in itself.
  • Engage in volunteering activities. Selfless work will help you cultivate diligence, docility and compassion. You can help the infirm in nursing homes or care for dying people in hospices. If you really want to work honestly for the glory of God, you will always find in your surroundings those who require your gratuitous services.

Prayers for the sale of apartments: high-speed and strong

Only you yourself can choose the way that you will be the most optimal, comfortable and acceptable. Listen to your inner feelings and act as your soul tells you.

There is no need to do anything through force, because it will not bring any substantial benefit to you or others.


  • Remember that regularity and diligence is the key to success. Read the sacred texts at least twice a day (after waking up and before bedtime), and then the high-speed prayers will incredibly surprise you with their effect.
  • Drive away all thoughts of failure, deception and loss of money. Replace them with pictures that have a successful deal. This simple technique will help strengthen faith and tune in to the desired wave of success and well-being.
  • Equip a secluded corner at home where you can fully experience the atmosphere of communication with the Lord. Put there a few icons, candles and lamps.
  • Visit church and holy places often.
  • Do not forget to thank the higher forces for the help they provide you in selling real estate.

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