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Prayers for the return of a loved one

Prayers for the return of a loved one

Then a difficult period came to my life: my beloved one returned from the army as a completely different person. I felt his indifference, everything was going to parting. One of the days of August, he announced to me: «We need to leave.»

The situation was critical, so the last hope remained for the Higher forces. My lover returned to me a few months later.

This article will focus on the prayers that contributed to the return of the beloved man in my life.

General recommendations

Unfortunately, in modern times there are many temptations that can lead a person off the right path. Many couples break up, the family institution is in a deplorable state. However, fortunately, there are happy families in which harmony and love reigns, so you should not be upset, despite the sad statistics of divorces.

According to statistics for 2017, the divorce rate is 57%. Despite the fact that the situation with divorces in our country is far from ideal, it has been improving since 2014. For example, in 2016 the divorce rate was 60%.

Save the family in the modern world is not so easy. Before you pray to return your beloved man, ask yourself the question: will it bring you good? If he went to another, he changed you, then this could happen again.

The next time betrayal may hurt you more. And if he is an alcoholic, a drug addict, a bummer, think about whether to return such a person?

It is unlikely that he will change, just create more problems for you in your life.

But if your parting happened out of stupidity, if he is a good person, then it is worthwhile to try again to return the beloved. There are many situations in life when parting happens by a silly coincidence of circumstances.

Prayers to God will change your situation in life if you:

  • With all your heart, believe that your loved one will return;
  • Maintain a positive attitude, despite the difficulty;
  • Do not show self-pity;
  • Do not blame anyone for what happened;
  • Accept the situation.

I understand that it is difficult to follow some of these recommendations when your beloved left you. But without them, reading a prayer loses its meaning.

Prayer to Christ

Jesus Christ cleanses people from sins, helps to know mercy. The prayer to the Savior has inexplicable, mystical power.

The power of the spirit of Christ swept through the ages and still helps the believers. Doubts about the fact that your lover will return, should not arise.

If doubts envelop your soul, then it is better to postpone the prayer.

By Christ should be addressed through the prayer «Our Father.» These words help us realize that circumstances in life cannot depend only on the will of a person.

Fate depends on the plans of the Creator for your life. The belief that a loved one will return when you feel protected by the Almighty is strengthened.

Prayer to Matrone

Prayers for the return of a loved one

Among the believers is famous for the prayer for the return of a loved one Matrona. Many representatives of the fair sex come to the relics of Matronushka. Someone appeals with the hope of returning a lover, someone craves a happy marriage, someone wants a baby.

If circumstances allow you to come to the Pokrovsky Convent in Moscow, where its relics are located, then it is worth it. Many people want to get to the relics of Matronushka, so you should be ready to wait your turn for several hours.

Once on the territory of the monastery, a person feels calm in the soul.

One day, the Holy Matronushka said: «All come to me.» The strength of her spirit helps people find happiness so far.

Many believers say that after visiting Matronushka a miracle broke into their lives.

However, not everyone can visit the temple. Appeal to the righteous is possible through prayer. Words that will help return your loved one:

“Mother Matronushka, offer to the Lord a miracle prayer for me, the servant of God (Name) and my beloved, the servant of God (name). Clear his thoughts from evil influence, help to remember the love for me, connect our souls again.

Help him to believe in my feelings and happiness with me. Amen.»

Best prayer

What prayer can be considered the best? That prayer, which comes from the heart. All people are different.

Someone will go to a Buddhist monk in order to perform the rite. Someone will read the Muslim prayer.

Someone will turn to the Matron or to Christ. Each person has his own faith, his own unique view of the world.

But for every girl who dreams of returning a loved one, it is important to remember: the most important thing is faith. Even the most correct words will not work if the worshiper has lost faith and hope.

If a woman is partly to blame for the fact that the beloved has left, then it is worth not only to pray, but also to show more active actions. You can try to apologize, call, try to understand the whole situation.

Reading prayers does not guarantee quick results. Prayers to God give strength to live on. The man begins to realize that he is not alone.

The Creator is always by his side. The Creator is always open to him. You just need to open your heart and trust the will of God.

If some time has passed, but the prayers did not help, do not be upset. Everything goes as intended. People say: «Man proposes, but God disposes.»

Sometimes even the person himself does not know how it will be better for him in a particular situation. God’s plans for your life are bigger than you think.

Accept all situations with gratitude and love.

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