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Prayers for the preservation of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child

Pregnant woman’s prayers for carrying a healthy child

I learned about the fact that my sister became pregnant only when she went to the hospital to save — before she hid her position, intending to please the whole family with a big tummy.

But having got into a difficult situation, she was forced to open up. My sister asked me to go to church, write down some prayers for pregnant women.

I did it, after which I decided — and in fact it is not she who is alone in the hospital nowadays, nowadays, these or other pathologies are found in almost every first “waitress.” Therefore, I place all these prayers here, I hope they will help someone to calm down and survive the difficult period of injections, loneliness and fear for their baby.

Prayers for the preservation of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child

To whom pregnant women and their relatives pray most often

Women who are expecting an infant have many patrons who can be addressed in their own words, addressing all their thoughts — joys and fears, requests and thanks. There are a lot of them.

  • Saints Joachim and Anna. These are the parents of the Virgin Mary. This venerable couple often pray women who have come a long way to pregnancy. No wonder, after all, the saint presented the long-awaited pregnancy to these saints after very long prayers, when both the husband and wife had already reached a respectable age.
  • Zechariah and Elizabeth, parents of John the Baptist.
  • Virgin Mary. This is the very first assistant to all women — both “hot dogs”, and “waiters”, and their relatives.
  • Saint Paraskeva (Paraskeva Friday). Before this image, girls pray for marriage, and married women for two cherished stripes on the test. And some believe that this saint should be addressed if you want to beg a girl.
  • Alexander Svirsky. And to this saint, on the contrary, people who dream of a boy pray.
  • Rev. Roman. Another holy for «hohotushki» with experience. If Roman helped you get pregnant, pray to him further, and the holy martyr will help to keep the pregnancy and bear a healthy child.

Prayers for the preservation of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child

The most popular icons of Our Lady for women in position

In the hospital room, birth room or just for the bedside table, you can buy one of these images …

  • Our Lady «In the birth assistant». The most popular icon, it can be seen in many chapels at maternity hospitals.
  • Mother of God Fedorovskaya. Since the time of Russia, this image has been praying for the well-being of the family, the multitude and the birth of healthy offspring.
  • Heavenly Queen «Healer». Such an image will help both in the pathology of pregnancy and in the case of an ordinary illness (which in this situation becomes not at all usual, because the unborn baby can be harmed even by the cold of his mother). In addition, this scapular can also be taken to the hospital.
  • Mother of God «Semistrelnaya», also known as «Softener of evil hearts.» Women pray to her, whose pregnancy takes place in difficult living conditions — for example, someone in the family is against the birth of this child, considering him undesirable. Such an image is hanged not only on the iconostasis, but also at the entrance to the dwelling, and then it protects the family from the encroachment of external «friends.»
  • «Sporuchnitsa sinful.» If a pregnant woman is afraid that the Lord will punish her child for her mother’s past sins (abortion, adultery), it is better to repent before this image of the Virgin Mary. In addition, the icon is known for its healing power.
  • The image of Joachim and Anna with the little Virgin Mary. This venerable couple is the patron saint of childless couples, as well as people forcedly undergoing the IVF procedure.

Prayers for the preservation of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child

How to apply when praying

Even if you do not know any special words (you have forgotten or lost a piece of paper with a prayer), speak as it is. The main thing is that your thoughts should be pure, they should not be overshadowed by anger, anger and other harm to a woman in the position of thought.

Believe in the power of whom you pray.

But do not forget: no matter how much you believe in the Lord, prayer is no substitute for medicine. Do not ignore the advice of doctors, because once you were born in our time and have the opportunity to visit the hospital and buy modern medicines, it means that it was pleasing to the Lord.

If possible, confess before a prayer and go to the sacrament.

It is advisable to pray every day, morning and evening. Do this before the consecrated icon.

Remember to light a candle in front of her.

But where to pray? If you are in the hospital, everything is clear — you cannot break the bed rest, and for the sake of the child you will not leave the ward.

But when you are discharged, is it possible to go to church? Yes!

Pregnant women are not forbidden to visit the House of God, although of course, if the service is long and there are a lot of people in the temple, that is, there will be crowds, it is better to sit at home.

In more detail about the visit to church by pregnant women the priest will tell:

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