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Prayers for the love of men — the strongest

The strongest Orthodox prayers of mutual love

In the life of many women it happens that she is a chosen man, does not reciprocate. This leads to strong feelings and even to breakdowns.

To avoid such situations, it is better to read the prayers for the love of a man than to fill the pillow with bitter tears. God will help his beloved to see his sight and see true love, and to accept the purity of a loving heart.

Prayer of love to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Prayers for the love of men - the strongest

It also happens when once burned, the girl is afraid to make a mistake again in the elect and does not show any signs to him, and he, in turn, sometimes does not know about feelings for herself. Relationships are not lined up, the woman suffers.

To get rid of these fears, prayerfully to heaven. It is noticed that the fear will disappear, it will be the young man who will become a companion in life. The most effective prayer for the love of a man is the words addressed to the Most Holy Theotokos.

To give it additional strength, they pronounce it on the Orthodox holiday Protection of the Mother of God. On this wonderful day of prayer to the Lord and the Theotokos are special.

That prayer that is read with all your heart will be the strongest. The main thing is that the loving faith in the help of the Almighty and his holy Mother should never leave the loving one.

In this case, all evil from the soul and mind must be removed, to think only about the good things right. If there is a desire to discourage his wife or revenge, taking away a man, pushing him to betray, then it is better not to pray about it.

It is necessary to avoid all sorts of thoughts about witchcraft and bewitching. To the Virgin with such desires can not be accessed. Only good feelings help to get true love.

Strong prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker to find the love of a man

Prayers for the love of men - the strongest

Saint Nicholas the Benefactor is also always ready to help the girl to become beloved and desired. But as mentioned above, if she turns in good faith, without evil intentions to destroy someone else’s family.

The goal is to take away someone else’s husband, very mean, and making such a request can only worsen the situation of the one who is asking, and she risks being left alone for a lifetime without a constant faithful companion.

It even happens that the lover does not think about a long and serious relationship. She just wants to amuse her self-esteem, having achieved the attention of an interesting man.

In this case, prayer to anyone else is excluded. It is better to think about real and long love on both sides and ask Nicholas the Wonderworker to send just such.

A strong prayer for the love of a particular man

A petition to the Mother of God is known, aimed at the desire of a woman to be loved by just one specified person. If he is free, the Advocate of weak women will help in this and love will be sent down to both. Prayer is read as follows:

  • on the knees, in front of the icon;
  • a lit candle from the temple;
  • eyes covered;
  • words are pronounced from the most spiritual depths;
  • all bad thoughts must be forgotten.

Read this text:

Prayers for the love of men - the strongest

Prayer to the Lord for love

Near the icon of Christ, loving and suffering from inseparability can read these holy words:

Prayers for the love of men - the strongest

Prayer for the love of a man Matronushka Moskovskaya

The universal Christian benefactress, the chosen one of the Lord for good works, always gives her help to those in need. To those who offer humble prayer.

From birth, she carried the world light, performed miracles of humanity and selflessness, loved people as small children and always tried to help them.

Blind by nature, she saw what happens to the souls of Christians, better than a mere mortal sighted. She especially helped the sick and lonely women, those who had no one but God to hope for in this world.

The saint dreamed not with the eyes, but with the soul. She herself had a hard fate, not only was she blind, her legs stopped walking and life was like sitting in a chair. However, the woman helped, as she could, to everyone who addressed her.

Today it is believed that with the help of a prayer for her, loners gain love.

We present the strongest prayer for the love of the desired man:

Prayers for the love of men - the strongest

Prayer to the holy spouses Fevronia and Peter

The well-known saints of Murom Fevronia and Peter. All their lives, they went hand in hand with a prayer on their lips, faithfully and truly serving Christ. Such a family did not break up even when it became clear that God did not give children, and the prince’s entourage was against the commoner.

Despite the fact that the priests were not allowed to give gifts to the Lord, they remained true to their convictions, having survived both humiliation and anger.

For all the holy princes were rewarded. In adulthood, they had a child, a daughter. When they moved away to another world, childless people who dreamed of having children began to pray to them.

Came to the relics and lonely, looking for love or reciprocity on the part of his chosen one.

A prayer to the holy Murom about the location of a loved one:

Another prayer for the return of a spouse. Read in the event that there was no fact of treason. At the same time, when the husband went to another, prayer will not help.

Orthodox church against marriage, where spouses change.

There is a strong appeal to the pious princes, which will also help strengthen the marriage or find love.

Prayer of sv. Anne and Ioacomu

Prayers for the love of men - the strongest

Those who are disappointed in love, those who are lonely or want to have children, but cannot, have their patrons: Anna and Joachim. They will help to resurrect hope, to return the old or to find a new love, to conceive a long-awaited baby.

In order to pray for a particular man, you will also need an icon depicting saints. Kneeling, in complete silence, you must clearly state your request, after reading the Orthodox prayer.


In Orthodoxy there are several strong prayer texts aimed at gaining the love of a man, concrete or that will meet in the future. You can contact:

  • to the Virgin Mary (on the return of love);
  • to sv. the princes of Murom, Peter and Fevronie (for family happiness and children);
  • Saints Anne and Joachim (to help with suffering for the beloved, deliverance from disappointment);
  • Matronushka (on the intercession of the lonely);
  • Jesus Christ.

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