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Prayers for the increase of love, the eradication of hatred and all malice

Strong prayers for the elimination of hatred, the increase of love

The famous phrase that love and hate are always there is often confirmed by life. Although these two feelings are equally strong, they are opposites.

So that black hatred does not suddenly dwell in the soul, and does not force out love from it, we must send God prayers about the increase of love and try not to dwell on destructive feeling.

Prayers for the increase of love, the eradication of hatred and all malice

The rules of reading the Orthodox prayer for love

Believers believe that all people in the world are divided into two camps: happy and unhappy. As such, just good or evil — no.

For this reason, the Lord is bequeathed to send his prayers even for enemies and enemies. Anyone who wants someone evil, he is in fact a very unhappy person who does not know happiness.

He is not able to resist the sins that possess him.

Prayers for the increase of love, the eradication of hatred and all malice

Those who dream of a peaceful happy family life should regularly read prayers for the multiplication of love. There are a lot of such holy texts in religious publications. Any of them can help, most importantly, use them correctly.

What pay attention primarily?

  • The general emotional state should be calm.
  • Words and phrases should be sounded without malice, without anger, without threats and setting an ultimatum.
  • The heart must be pure, bearing love.
  • A petition should not be for your own person, but for the enemy.

Of course, it is impossible in prayer to demand from God the sending of evil and harm to another. The Most High will determine what he is worth.

What can the prayer of increasing love help?

Special, divine words aimed at receiving protection of higher powers — this is true prayer. It becomes a reliable shield if it is pronounced reverently.

She will help to find her love, heal from sadness, get rid of longing.

Prayer for the enemy works in the same way. The one for whom God or the saints have been asked for, suddenly re-examines his actions, and the urge to sin evokes feelings of fear in him.

The influence of the powers of the divine on him makes the sinner better, changes him. Such is the effect of prayer on the eradication of hatred directed towards God for the adversary.

The necessary texts for these purposes can be picked up from the Prayer Book.

How best to read the sacred words

The most correct thing would be to read a prayer in God’s temple. And this advice has a good reason. After all, thousands of people go to church with their troubles, and this has been going on for several centuries.

Those places have amazing power, they are not just one generation, they are clean from sinful actions. Reading should take place with a pure heart and bright thoughts. It is always necessary to be baptized with references to the name of God.

Well, if the applicant will beat with the bows. It is necessary to get together and tune in to the sacrament.

When a prayer is addressed to a specific icon of a saint, it is necessary to approach it with a candle in the temple. Face to face with the image pronounced the words addressed to him. If the church does not have the required icon, we must pray to the Virgin Mary or the Savior.

Petitioning at home is also not prohibited. The main thing is to have a face and candles from the temple.

Who offer prayers about the increase of love and the eradication of hatred and all malice

As mentioned, such texts are sufficient. To make it easier to navigate, you can take note of these options for yourself.

Troparion, voice 4

Prayers for the increase of love, the eradication of hatred and all malice

Kontak, voice 5

Prayers for the increase of love, the eradication of hatred and all malice

Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian

Leaving earthly life, Christ asked John to take care of the Virgin Mary. As they say, since then the elder has always been under Mary until her death.

It was isolated from all Christ disciples. The grandson of righteous elder Joseph was distinguished by high moral purity, spirituality, and rare human qualities, which are not frequent to this day.

In prayers he is often asked for help in acquiring the Holy Spirit. However, the righteous is often called the apostle of love. For this reason, they turn to him in order to improve relations with the chosen ones, to improve the climate in the family.

Particularly effective prayers from the mouth of those who study theology. All life, like the death of the saint, was unusual.

If you remember how they didn’t try to kill him, what tricks they didn’t use to no avail were his enemies. prayer to him helps to gain self-righteousness, to be stronger than any unrighteous sinner.

Prayers for the increase of love, the eradication of hatred and all malice

Prayer before the icon of the Virgin «Affection»

Prayers for the increase of love, the eradication of hatred and all malice

Majestic and at the same time gentle image. The words addressed to him are not simple, it is a recognition of those values ​​that are proclaimed by Christians.

The Face of the Mother is depicted at the hour when the Annunciation passed, but it was not yet the time of the appearance of the Infant.

Initially, only women were mainly drawn to the image, asking for patronage of children and health. Today, everyone can pray at the image and ask for themselves and for their close patronage.

Prayer icon “Affection” — honest, aimed at helping and loving your neighbor.

She is faithful, like the holy life that gifted mankind. The most important thing to understand the prayer that righteous faith must be in himself.

Her discovery is the transfer of yourself to the Lord, receiving from him an infinite blessing. By illuminating God with love, man illuminates everything and everyone around him, softening his enemies, extinguishing his hatred and destructive rage.


Let us not hide the fact that many are not yet ready for sacred feats in the name of faith. However, when reading prayers for the increase of love,

  • be condescending towards people;
  • pray not only for himself, but also for his enemy;
  • approach the ritual with pure thoughts;
  • conduct a prayer service in honor of the indicated saints.

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