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Prayers for the health of the child Matron Moscow

Prayer for children and their health Matrona of Moscow

With any illness in a child, I recommend offering prayers to the Matrona of Moscow. Matron is one of the most famous and revered saints in Orthodoxy.

She is known far beyond the borders of Russia and people come to her miraculous icons to offer prayer. Today I will tell you how to pray to her correctly, and in what cases she will help.

The history of Matrona of Moscow

Back in 1881, in the village of Sebino, Tula Province, not far from the well-known Kulikovo Field, the blessed Matron was born. Her parents were peasants, pious and hardworking. The family was very poor, it had four children.

The matron is the last, late child, by the time she was born, the parents were far from being young people.

Prayers for the health of the child Matron Moscow

Due to poverty, the news that there will be replenishment in the family soon did not become joyful: another child has an extra mouth. Mother decided that after the birth Matrona would be given to one of the many orphanages.

Everything would have happened that way, if, before the birth, the expectant mother had not had a strange dream. In this dream, she had an unborn daughter in the form of a white bird with a man’s face and closed eyes.

The bird, flying over the woman, sat on the hand. This vision had such a strong impression on the future woman in labor that the thought of abandoning the child disappeared by themselves.

The dream was partially fulfilled — the child was born completely blind. More precisely, not even the fact that the blind — the baby had no eyes at all. The orbits are tightly closed for non-opening eyelids.

Mother strongly fell in love with the unfortunate child. A God-fearing woman firmly believed that God marked her daughter.

No wonder it says that the Lord defines his servants before birth.

The wonders of the blind girl

The girl was named Matrona in honor of the ascetic from Greece. When the christening took place, a mysterious incident occurred. When the girl was placed in the font, a column of fragrant smoke appeared on top.

The priest was stunned and declared that the child was marked by holiness. Also, they were given strange words that the Matrona would predict his own death.

Subsequently, all this happened, the child first said that this priest was no longer alive.

The village children disliked Matron, they teased a blind child, they even beat them with nettles, knowing that not only would she not do anything to them, but she would not even see the offender. The result of this attitude was that Matrona did not communicate with peers and was more and more alone.

The unique gift of prediction and healing was discovered in a girl gradually, at the age of 7-8. The matron grew very pious child, almost all the time she was in church.

She even had her own place from where she heard everything and sang along with the chanting prayers.

The fact that the child is unusually penetrating and can heal first began to guess the members of her family. For example, how could a little girl know about the sins, crimes and thoughts of completely outsiders?

She could foresee danger and even natural disasters.

If she prayed for someone, that person was healed. People, having heard about it, reached out to Matronushka even their distant villages of the whole province. Even seriously ill patients confined to a bed were taken to Matrona — they miraculously rose to their feet.

In gratitude, good people brought products to the Matron family. Blind turned into a nurse.

Matron Predictions

In her youth, Matron traveled through the holy places with the pious daughter of the neighboring landowner. She visited the Kiev-Pechora and Trinity-Sergius Lavra, other shrines.

However, at age 17, her legs are denied. She predicted this, knew that her ability to move would disappear, and she would remain motionless for the rest of her life. She carried the cross with dignity, afterwards she had to change more than one apartment and house.

Predicted Matron and troubled times of revolution.

Being completely illiterate, Matrona knew everything. Even about those countries where she had never been, she could tell in details describing the names of streets and their appearance.

Prayers for the health of the child Matron Moscow

Matron helped all, without exception, people, even those. Who did not believe in her healing abilities.

It was not a fortunetease, not conspiracies, and certainly not magic. Therefore, Matrona was the main enemy for all sorts of witches. Here pure Christian nature was felt, she simply prayed, doing nothing more.

The prayers she read above the water are not known to anyone. People then had to drink this water.

The life and work of the Matron

Since 1925, from moving to Moscow, began wandering Matrona. For about thirty years she performed her miracles in Moscow.

She loved the capital with all her heart, calling her the heart of Russia and the holy city. However, she lived very hard — not having a residence permit, she was constantly forced to change addresses so as not to be arrested. As a rule, it was courted by novices from different temples.

She did not want to go to many houses, fearing for her hosts, who would give her shelter. She lived under the constant threat of arrest, many of her relatives had already been arrested.

In 1940, she also predicted the Great Patriotic War and its outcome. In these difficult years, people still went to her, she sometimes took up to 40 people a day. They went to her in an endless stream, some for advice, some with bodily pain.

She somehow inexplicably accurately determined the bad thoughts and sent them away.

Some facts of her life:

  1. She never took any money.
  2. She was sick for every person.
  3. She gave wise advice on how a person should act, never read moralizing, did not condemn.
  4. Her every day represented a stream of human sorrows, illnesses and sorrows.
  5. During the war, one of the main questions for her was — is a person alive?

Her last years of her life were spent with a relative, in the Moscow region, at the Skhodnya station. People went to her here, until the very last day of her.

Only on the day of death she became so weak that she couldn’t accept everyone. Funeral Matronushka in the Church of the Deposition of the Robe. On May 4, she was buried at the Danilovsky cemetery, according to her last wish.

From the moment of burial, she became known as God’s servant.

The grave of the saint at the Danilovsky cemetery for many years is considered a holy place known to all Orthodox. From all over Russia and foreign countries, people go there to pray and ask for help.

How to pray Matrona

Even before her death, she asked people to come to her grave, promising that she would hear them from there. And indeed, she hears everyone who asks for something with a pure soul and prayer.

You can address it from everywhere, because the saints are saints for that, to always hear the prayers of people. Many have noticed that help always comes and very quickly.

Of course, there is no definite list of what exactly its assistance extends to. Yes, and what can turn a person in a difficult situation? This is usually:

  1. Severe illness.
  2. Unhappy love.
  3. Quarrels with spouses.
  4. Problems with work.
  5. Often, people go when they find themselves at a crossroads and do not know which way to take next in life.
  6. Very often women who have no children pray to Matrone. Many then talked about the imminent conception, which they called a real miracle, accomplished when they no longer expected him.

Matron pray in the same way as any saint. It is also mentioned after the names of the Lord and the Most Holy Theotokos, because all prayers should be addressed to them first.

In order to pray Matrona, any temple will do, you can offer prayers at home. If you have the opportunity to visit a place where the relics of the Holy Matron rest — even better.

For this you need to go Pokrovsky Monastery, there are always many pilgrims and believers who came to venerate the relics.

Cancer with the relics is always buried in flowers, often there you can see truly luxurious bouquets. From different bouquets, servants take individual flowers and hand them to all the worshipers. These flowers are recommended to dry and store at home near the icon, because they were consecrated at the relics of the saint.

It is believed that if you brew and drink tea with such flowers, you can recover from the disease. They say that flowers can be absolutely any.

Prayers for the health of the child Matron Moscow

Pilgrims rush to visit the same place in the same temple where the icon of the Matrona is located. They are ready to stand waiting hours in the pouring rain, just to touch the shrine.

No wonder that help always comes.

Prayers for a child

Prayers for children are not uncommon in front of the Matron icons. Very often desperate parents pray blissful about the health of their sick child.

In order to ask for children, it is best to go to church, or even better — to the Pokrovsky Monastery, to bring flowers to the relics of the Matrona. Those who do not have such an opportunity, any icon of the Blessed One will come up, in front of it you need to light a candle.

You can order a service, look at her face and sincerely ask for help.

For myself, it can be noted that only sincere prayer will be surely heard. You can pray Matrona everywhere:

  1. In the temple.
  2. On her grave.
  3. At home, alone.


  1. It is necessary to ask for your child tirelessly and help will come. Often Matron is asked for the health of a newborn baby, asking him for strength and strength.
  2. People who do not even have special piety, having tried all possible ways to cure their child, come for help to God and the Saints.
  3. There is an unspoken custom — to carry blissful flowers.

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