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Prayers for the health of parents

Prayers for the health of parents

There was an amazing experience in my life — when my father was in the hospital and a difficult operation was planned, I began to pray for his health. I did it every day, morning and evening.

She prayed for a long time, appealed to the Lord God and the Matron of Moscow, asked the Higher Forces to maintain and restore the health of the pope. And the miracle happened!

The operation went surprisingly well, and my dad quickly went on the mend. Even the doctors were amazed at how quickly everything healed, without complications. He went on the mend so quickly, as if he were at least 20 years less than it actually was.

Such is the power of prayer! I am sure that my dad’s quick recovery depended on the fact that I prayed for his health for two weeks.

Parents are always connected with their children by invisible spiritual threads. In a difficult time for the health of parents, you can do a good deed — pray earnestly for recovery, and God will surely hear your prayers. After all, it is a child’s prayer for the health of the mother or father.

No matter how old you are, you will always be a child for your parents!

Prayers for the health of parents

Why is it important to pray for the health of parents

Parents are people who raised us and maybe even instilled in us a love for God and an interest in faith. The Bible gives us the most important commandment related to the veneration of parents: «Honor your father and mother.»

This means that from the deepest antiquity, people knew the importance of respecting their father and mother.

Domestic help or moral support of middle-aged parents by adult children is very important. But the importance of spiritual help, which is expressed in the fact that we pray for the health of parents, is even higher.

When we ask God for health and new strength for our parents, we help mom and dad to update spiritually. This is the manifestation of the highest form of love of children to their parents. Therefore, pray for mom and dad as often as possible!

Do not forget to mention your parents in your daily morning prayer address, and your relationship with mom and dad will be all the more profound, sincere, good.

Parents will delight you with good health, cheerfulness, clarity of mind and spirit, and in this, in turn, you will also be able to find greater support for yourself. What a joy for grown-up children when their mom and dad are not dependent on them, they are always in a good mood, they are happy with each new day of their life!

What if parents are unbelievers

Unfortunately, the relationship between parents and children is far from always deep and emotional. Very often we quarrel with mom or dad, do not accept their views on life, we suffer because of their critical attitude towards us.

No matter how you treat your mom and dad, they remain the people who gave you life. It is thanks to your parents that you got the opportunity to be born, learn and build your destiny, come to faith.

God gives us parents, and our task is to agree with this (this is relevant if you have conflicts with your mom or dad).

If parents are unbelievers, then you cannot go to the service with them or talk about faith. But your task is to pray for them to come to God, to think about how important it is for us to rely on the Higher Power and trust them in everything.

Think about the fact that we are all sinners, many of us made the wrong decisions that could negatively affect the lives of others. Your parents are exactly the same as all of us!

And you can love and respect them, despite all their mistakes or difficult character.

Pray for them, and this will be the best manifestation of love. This is also important because such a prayer helps soften the hearts not only of the older generation, but also of your own souls.

Pray for your parents, cry during prayers, remember and let go of your grievances. And then after the prayer, you will feel refreshed, cleaner and brighter, ready for a better relationship with dad and mom.

Then maybe a miracle will happen — your parents will be interested in faith and will be able to come to God.

Prayers for the health of parents

To pray for the health of mom and dad

For the health of parents, according to tradition, they pray to Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, Nicholas the Wonderworker. Saint Matrona of Moscow also performs a sincere prayer for improving the state of health of parents and softening their hearts.

It is imperative that the prayer message about parents invisibly becomes your habit. Do not expect your parents to slag, it can be very painful and hard for you.

Pray for them even if their condition is stable, because older people, unfortunately, often have poor health.

Ask God and his Saints in your own words: ask to strengthen the hearts and vessels of the parents, give them a strong mind and a good memory. Try to order a prayer for health more often (if parents are baptized).

Great if you can visit the temple all together! This will not only improve your relationship, but also strengthen your faith.

Prayer is a great way to express your love if you live in different cities. But do not forget to visit your parents on holidays, during holidays and call them more often!

This is also a part of caring for them and a manifestation of spiritual love.

Remember — respect for parents is the fulfillment of God’s will, it is our sacred duty. Even if you find it difficult to communicate with your mom or dad due to the fact that they have a difficult character, pray to God, ask for support for you and your family and try to do something good with your real actions — if you find it difficult to go to your mom or dad, then at least send them a message with words of love and support.

Prayers for the health of parents

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