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Prayers for the health of children in illness

Prayers for the health of the infant read by the mother in the disease of the newborn

I always recommend that in children’s diseases, pray to the Lord for their recovery. Today I will introduce a prayer to all parents, and tell you how to raise it correctly.

Child disease

For every person, be it a man or a woman, life takes on a new meaning when a child appears. Children are the most precious thing that parents have, it is their meaning of life and a source of unlimited happiness. Any problems and hardships of the baby are perceived a hundred times sharper and more painful than their own.

Therefore, any illness in a child is always a great sorrow, and parents will make all their efforts and opportunities for his speedy recovery. There is no greater test than the illness of his blood.

Prayers for the health of children in illness

Unfortunately, sometimes even modern medicine turns out to be powerless, but in such cases one cannot despair and become disheartened. It is necessary to recall that there are also our invisible heavenly protectors and guardians, to whom you can turn for help at any time.

Religion gives us a lot of tools that can improve not only health, but also all other areas of our life and the lives of our loved ones. Prayers for the health of children in sickness are things that no righteous Christians should in any way forget about.

Only a sincere appeal to the Lord Almighty will be able to promptly correct any situation and lead to the best result.

Are Orthodox prayers really powerful?

The power of the Orthodox prayer is simply impossible to overestimate, because there is a lot of real evidence that it is capable of performing the most unimaginable miracles. People just drastically changed their lives and destinies after a sincere appeal to the Almighty.

If you want, you can find in various books and even on the Internet open spaces amazing stories and stories that happened to real people.

Also, do not forget the fact that the maternal prayer is one of the strongest. After all, no one person can experience such feelings, which could be compared with the mother’s love for his child. Having said the right words in the right emotional state, a woman can make her baby’s illness disappear forever.

The main thing is to believe in a miracle and to have a firm power of faith, which will not be shaken by any external influences and words.

I recommend devoting some time to studying information about how religion helped people to heal themselves and heal their children. It will charge you with optimism and will ensure that you never doubt that you will receive support and help from above.

When do you need to read prayers to improve the health of the child?

For any illness you can pray for your baby. It is possible to say more: ask God for all ailments to bypass the child, even when there is no hint of any disease.

It is necessary to protect the baby from any diseases and ailments.

Prayers for the health of children in illness

So, here is a brief list of those situations in which you need to turn to the Lord for help in improving the health or healing of a child:

  • Before giving birth, a pregnant woman should turn to God and all the Saints as often as possible so that everything goes well, and her baby comes to this world absolutely healthy. Prayers during childbirth have a very beneficial effect on both the emotional state of the future mother and the fetus.
  • You need to pray for a newborn if you see that a child does not sleep well, often shows his anxiety or eats badly. With your spiritual practices you will help the newly born child to adapt to this yet alien world.
  • If you see that the child has become less sociable and active, he no longer has the same enthusiasm for doing his favorite things, then this may be the first alarming bells of the approaching ailment. Immediately take action and pray to the angels with a request that everything be okay, and the case did not reach a serious illness. Surround the child with care, treat him with even more love.
  • When a child is going to have an operation, do not forget about religion, and that it can help, so that everything will go in the best possible way.
  • If a child gets tired quickly, cannot concentrate on one case for a long time, does not study well, but the doctors cannot find any reason, then most likely this is due to emotional and energetic exhaustion. In that case, prayer will help better than any other methods.
  • Of course, if the disease has already developed, then you already need to put all your zeal in reading the sacred texts.

What rules must be followed when asking God for the health of the baby

As in any business, in praying you need to adhere to certain rules and recommendations in order for you to quickly and easily get what you want. The clergy suggest what to do when the disease struck the child:

  • Address God as often as possible. Be sure to spend at least ten to fifteen minutes in the morning and evening to ask God for the baby’s health. If the disease is serious, then you can spend in prayer at least for days on end. Show your zeal and determination to the celestials, and they will appreciate your efforts and will not leave you without help.
  • Try to introduce the child to religion. If the child is still very small, then read to him the children’s church books, if the older one — take him to the church, confess him and commune. Perhaps the child will also want to read prayers, the main thing is to explain to him that this will improve his well-being and will give him speedy healing.
  • Make an iconostasis at home and pray in front of it. Also, do not forget to put a small icon by the bed of a sick child. Put a cross on it, because this is one of the most important symbols of our Orthodox religion, able to heal by itself.
  • Try to pray alone, because it is very important that no one distracts you from the most intimate thoughts. Create a special atmosphere: light candles, a lamp, make a muffled light. This will help you get the right mood and emotionally tune in to communicate with our Heavenly Father.
  • Throw away all bad thoughts and do not wind yourself up. Fill your mind with bright and pleasant images in which your baby is healthy, active and happy. This simple technique will help you to remove excess nervousness, which is very important, because the child can copy your fears.

To which of the celestials should prayer read by the mother for the health of their baby

For help for your children, you can turn to any celestial being, and if your faith is strong, then you will receive support and care from above.

However, there are Saints who are responsible for healing the sick and helping them to gain health. For the welfare of the children, you can ask the Blessed Virgin Mary, as she will always respond to the request of the maternal soul.

Even in your prayers you can turn to St. Panteleimon the Healer and the Matrona of Moscow.

Prayers for the health of children in illness

Also do not forget about the powerful prayers addressed to guardian angels. Angels are very strong defenders, and they are always with you and your baby.

How to thank the Lord and the Saints for helping to improve the health of the child

Gratitude is a very strong emotion that can change any life situation for the better. Never forget about it, because sincere thanks are the best reward for the gods who in every way contribute to the earliest favorable resolution of the illness of the baby.

You can express your gratitude in a variety of ways (in prayer, through good deeds and charity). Donate to the construction of temples and engage in volunteer work, because actions sometimes mean much more than words.


  • Resort to the help of religion in any situation when you observe that a child is in a state of imbalance. Do not allow further progression of the disease.
  • Make your spiritual practice a regular habit. Pray immediately after awakening and immediately before bedtime. If during the day overcome the thought, then also stop them and replace the holy lines.
  • Create the right atmosphere for yourself. Pray, bowing your head in front of the icon, light a consecrated candle or a lamp.
  • Teach your child to pray, tell him about the benefits and miraculousness of prayers, interest him, but in no case do not force.
  • Try to visit the temple more often, take your child there. If there is such an opportunity, then confess and partake of it.
  • Do not let despondency and bad thoughts drive you into depression. Remember that in such a difficult period for a baby, he needs to see his mother calm and confident in a favorable outcome.
  • Never forget about gratitude. Say thanks to the Lord Almighty whenever you see a good change in the condition of your child. As a thank you for healing your child, you can distribute food and things to people in need.

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