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Prayers for the conception of a healthy child: how to ask for help correctly

Strong prayers for the conception of a healthy child with infertility

A prayer for the conception of a child invokes God’s mercy for the appearance of offspring, and also helps spouses cope with anxiety. This condition is often accompanied by couples who have unsuccessfully tried to conceive for more than a year.

God sends the children to people, and the Most Holy Virgin and the saints, our heavenly intercessors, ask him for mercy to husband and wife.

You can not lose faith in the grace of prayer and grumble at God because of a long wait. The request for conception will be executed when God decides. It is necessary to show constancy and perseverance.

Only sincere words will help to beg a long-awaited child, and make him a blessing for parents.

A prayer about conceiving a child will help conceive those who for many years have been trying unsuccessfully to become pregnant, couples that doctors could not help. God’s grace knows no bounds: thanks to fervent prayers, attachment to relics and miraculous icons, bathing in healing springs, people diagnosed as “infertile” acquired a healthy child.

Prayers are read in the following cases:

  • for conceiving a healthy child;
  • with infertility;
  • for the healing of diseases that prevent pregnancy;
  • for conceiving a child of a certain sex: a girl or a boy;
  • for the forgiveness of serious sins that make it difficult to get the desired child.

Every prayer of conception is pleasing to the Lord and is heard. They pray to the Virgin Mary and the saints, who became famous for the emergency help to childless. But one should not expect that after several readings of the prayers the child will be sent.

Conception occurs when it pleases the Almighty, but man is able to influence it with his strong faith, obedience to the commandments, and diligence in his own correction. Patience, humility and submission to the Providence of God — a guarantee that the desired pregnancy will come soon.

A request for a child must be combined with mercy and its own correction. It is necessary to read prayers for the giving of children regularly, before the conception takes place.

Another secret of strong prayer is selflessness, complete submission to the will of God. If there is no repentance of sins, then prayer will not reach its goal, the Lord does not favor it.

Prayers for the conception of a healthy child: how to ask for help correctly

When a married couple decides to ask for heavenly help, she first turns to God. The Most High is a loving Father, to every one who prays, He hears and desires good.

The Scripture says: “Ask, and it will be given to you; search and find; knock, and it shall be opened to you; for everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. ”

After appealing to the Lord, they are petitioning His Blessed Mother and holy saints. They, being at the throne of God, multiply the requests of the worshipers. They offer prayers to holy pious parents, who themselves could not conceive for a long time.

They pray holy healers for medical problems that prevent conception. They read the prayers to the guardian angel and the saints, in whose honor they were baptized as personal intercessors before God.

Prayers for the conception of a healthy child: how to ask for help correctly

In order for a long-awaited pregnancy to come, one must pray to the Lord, ask for His mercy and blessings. A lot of spiritual work to be applied to the spouses, but everything that is given with effort, has a special value to the Almighty.

Prayer to the Lord God for the gift of children:

Prayers for the conception of a healthy child: how to ask for help correctly

During prayers, you must firmly believe that God hears them and will surely respond in due time.

If the Almighty hesitates to send his daughter or son, then perhaps the reason is the unwillingness of the couple to accept this gift. It happens that future parents should bring repentance to committed serious sins, for example, adultery, premarital relations, theft, slander.

As soon as a woman or a man realizes that such offenses darken the Lord and are the causes of all the troubles that occur with them, then healing will come and the prayer for pregnancy will soon be fulfilled.

You can check your conscience by 10 commandments. After a person has repented of their deeds, these sins and the promise of correction must be witnessed before God at confession.

If a person confesses for the first time, it is more convenient to write a list of sins so as not to miss anything.

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