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Prayers for the cleansing of the house

Prayers for the cleansing of the house

If the apartment is a lot of swearing, foul language or quarrel, then it accumulates negative energy. Such a place should be cleaned with prayers so that all members of the family have a good mood, good health, so that no one is angry at each other.

When my husband and I moved to a new rented apartment, at first I did not notice anything strange.

But after a couple of days I realized that our mood was always bad, we began to quarrel more often. I clarified with a neighbor, and it turned out that before us in this apartment lived a drinking family.

In order to improve the atmosphere at home, I began to read the prayers clearing the house, and soon we felt the result: the flat word would have become cleaner and sunnier, we began to happily return home after work, the disagreements ceased.

Such is the power of prayer! I read prayers only a few times, but each time with candles and an icon of St. Nicholas.

Therefore, now I recommend everyone to clean their homes with prayers, even if it is your own home: periodic cleansing with the help of prayers will make it even brighter and more comfortable.

Prayers for the cleansing of the house

The main causes of pollution at home

Each of us is not without sin, and even in a friendly, good family, people sometimes quarrel and resent each other. If the family is unsuccessful, then in this case there are a lot of reasons for the pollution of the dwelling atmosphere: alcohol, smoking, bad attitude to each other, bad thoughts.

It happens that people curse a friend without thinking what the consequence of such an action would be. All this is reflected in the energy of the apartment: over time, if you do not clean the house with prayers, the negative will accumulate in it.

And family relationships can only get worse.

In order for our life to improve, one should read the prayers for cleansing the house. Even if you live in harmony, your guests can bring unkind thoughts into the apartment, envy your well-being.

That is why house cleansing prayer should help you as often as possible.

Take the time to pray for your home, and you will have a bright atmosphere. In the house, which is regularly cleaned by prayers, it is easy to breathe, people feel cheerfulness and good mood, joy.

I do not want to swear to anyone, there is no desire to take offense at their relatives. All issues are resolved quickly and without conflict.

How to pray for cleansing at home

It is best to pray for cleansing at home with a candle in your hand, bypassing the housing with a prayer perimeter. In order for your prayer to have great power, you yourself must first of all feel clean before God.

To do this, you need to prepare: read cleansing penitential prayers for 3-5 days, go to confession, take communion.

After that, you can proceed with prayer to clean the dwelling with a pure heart. Buy a few church candles in the temple, pray to God to bless you for a good cause, and proceed to prayer.

There are several options for cleaning the apartment. You can, bypassing your home around the perimeter with a burning candle, read «Our Father.» Most likely, you know the text by heart.

If you do not know, then this is an excellent occasion to learn the most important Christian prayer.

Another option is to ask for cleansing the house in your own words. Your requests may be addressed directly to the Creator, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary or the saints.

Nicholas the Wonderworker is most often asked to clean the house, but if you feel a strong love for another saint, you can ask for help in cleansing him.

What can you ask of God and the saints

Even if you are annoyed by the fact that people who lived before you or your guests have polluted the atmosphere at home, you should not hold a grudge against them. It is important to start a prayer, forgiving all detractors, only in this case your request to the Higher Forces will be fulfilled.

If you use your own words in prayer, then try to pronounce them with love, with feeling. Better not remember what was in the apartment before (quarrels, drunkenness).

Focus on the future: ask God or the saints to clean the house, make it the brightest and most comfortable for your family. In no case do not ask for retribution for those whom you consider to be guilty of polluting the atmosphere of the house: this is not Christian.

An example of a prayer for the purification of the house to Nicholas the Wonderworker: “Most Holy Nicholas the Wonderworker, I beg you, help me to make my home better, clean it from all unnecessary influences and pollution. I ask you to let only kind words, children’s laughter, sound in my house, let there be joy and happiness. ”

In the same way you can refer to the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ. Do not forget to thank God for helping to clean the apartment.

How to conduct a ceremony with candles

It is important that you can go around the whole apartment, look into every corner and consecrate it with your prayer. If you have like-minded people in the family, you can conduct the ceremony together, the second person can carry the icon, lighting all the rooms in the house.

Prayers for the cleansing of the house

Candles are best purchased thick, so that they burn longer, so that your prayer is not interrupted so that you can light a new candle. Your task is to go around all the rooms with a prayer, so think in advance how much candle you may need.

If the apartment is large, then you can come in handy 5-7 candles.

Take your time while walking around the apartment, read the text of a prayer or a lively address to God thoughtfully. It is important for you that your home really becomes a bright, blessed place.

To do this, it’s important not just to go through all the rooms as quickly as possible, but to really clean the space.

If you feel a strong indisposition in your house, then you can bypass it with reading the prayer to Archangel Michael. In this case, it is better to take the text of the canonical prayer and read it according to a piece of paper, if it is difficult to memorize.

We wish you a clean, clear space in your home!

Prayers for the cleansing of the house

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