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Prayers for successful trade to Serafim Sarovsky and Nikolay the Wonderworker

Strong prayer for help in trade

People who trade are often addressed to me. They ask if you can ask for God’s help in your work.

I believe that this must be done. Therefore, today I will tell you what prayers can be offered for a successful trade.

Money and religion

For each person it is important that he and his family live in prosperity and material well-being. Money is now an integral part of our modern world and in no case should not be perceived as something evil and evil.

After all, everyone decides for himself how to use and manage finances. With their help, you can create good and use them for your own benefit and that of those around you, or you can invest them in unholy deeds that come from the evil one.

Prayers for successful trade to Serafim Sarovsky and Nikolay the Wonderworker

Many believe that big money can be earned only dishonestly, stealing, deceiving, taking away from others honestly earned pennies. However, this is far from the case, and one can achieve wealth and abundance of pious deeds without violating God’s laws and biblical instructions. In order to achieve success, you need to work honestly, and a prayer for a successful trade will help you to enlist the support and protection of heavenly forces and guardian angels.

Turning to the higher forces, you provide yourself an invisible protection that will always give confidence in your abilities and actions.

How to properly apply to the heavenly forces and ask for help in trade

In any business you should always remember the Lord and act out of the promptings of love and kindness. Even when it comes to business and career issues. In order to quickly attract abundance to yourself, we recommend adhering to such recommendations as are given by the Orthodox Church:

  • Always carefully select the words when referring to the Lord Almighty. You can not wish evil and failure to other people, even if it is enemies and competitors. A negative, directly said or even veiled during holy talk, will turn into failures for you. Speak only about your desires that do not harm others.
  • Pay attention to the feelings and emotions that arise during the prayer. This is an important component of the spiritual speeches. If you feel emotional heaviness and depression, then this is a clear sign that you are doing something wrong and turned off the righteous road somewhere. Spirituality, bliss and lightness are those that must accompany spiritual practices.
  • Pray daily, because systematic and consistent spiritual development is a sign that you are serious about success. The more often you turn to God, the sooner you will see positive developments in business, and trade will rapidly go up just before our eyes.
  • Besides prayer, join religion in other ways. Try temples, try not to miss Sunday church services, commune, go to confessions.
  • Wear a cross-stitch or an amulet with the face of a Saint, who is your patron. Remember that this most important symbol of Christianity can save you from fraud and deception.
  • If you do not have the opportunity to frequently attend church or other charitable institutions, then arrange a secluded corner at home, where you can place icons depicting various Saints, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Archangels, and, of course, Jesus Christ.
  • Stop the thoughts and fears of ruin and lack of money. Fill your mind with pleasant images, imagine how your income and savings grow. As often as possible enter the state of abundance and wealth. Think good, make the world a better place with your actions and words.

From the most ancient times, merchants have resorted to the help of higher powers in their affairs. Enlisting the support of guardian angels, they reached unprecedented heights.

Choosing a pious path, you will get a huge advantage over those entrepreneurs who use the methods of the evil one (conspiracies, curses and other magical methods).

Even in our modern world of high technologies and the rapid development of the economy and financial spheres of our society, strong prayer remains relevant. Achieve wealth and at the same time maintain the purity of the soul and your thoughts can only by following the honest and Orthodox way.

To whom you can turn in prayers for help in financial matters

In our Orthodox religion, in our prayers, it is customary to turn to any particular Saint or celestial being. You can ask for help in improving financial well-being from any patron saint or guardian angel, since any of them will hear all the requests and will do everything to fulfill them in the best way, both for you and for all people around you. You can appeal to the Lord Almighty, the Holy Trinity, the Son of God Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

It is favorable to address such Holy Elders as Seraphim of Sarov and Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Prayers for successful trade to Serafim Sarovsky and Nikolay the Wonderworker

Remember that it is not necessary to first clearly state in your pleas who your words are addressed to. However, if you still read the sacred text to someone defined, it will be very good if at this time you will be in front of the icon of this celestial.

Seeing in front of you the holy face, you can better tune in to spiritual practice and establish a stronger bond with your spiritual mentor and patron.

How to properly thank the gods of heaven for their assistance in promoting business and trade

Gratitude is an integral part of spiritual growth and divine development. Do not forget to say thank you for all the good things that are happening to you and your family.

If you pay more attention to the positive moments of life, the energy of gratitude will transform your world with incredible speed. This is really a very strong emotion that can work wonders, so do not neglect its power.

You can express gratitude in different ways, such as:

  1. At the end of your prayer, you can spend a few minutes giving thanks. This will be a good way to improve energy and will show the heavenly forces that you do not just want to benefit for yourself, but really strive to communicate with the Lord Almighty.
  2. If you have such a desire, you can set aside a separate day for thanksgiving. This desire must come from the very depths of the soul. Your thanks should be uttered from the heart.
  3. You can express your gratitude by good deeds and charity. There will always be people whom you can help, so do not be sorry, make generous alms and provide all possible assistance. You can volunteer to work in a nursing home or hospice. However, this is not at all necessary, so do not worry if you do not have the opportunity to work in such institutions. It’s quite enough if you help your lonely old lady around the house or give shelter to a poor little animal.

Prayers for successful trade to Serafim Sarovsky and Nikolay the Wonderworker

Say thank you you should not out of selfish motives, thinking that this way you will appease the gods. These words should be sincere, even if now you do not see any significant changes in business and commerce.

You can always find positive things that at the moment bring joy and satisfaction. The reason for gratitude can be found even in the most difficult and crisis times.


  • It is not necessary to use special texts from prayer books or other church writings. You can speak to God in your own words, but carefully monitor that there are no bad words and evil wishes to other people in the speech.
  • Make it a rule to regularly perform spiritual practices and read prayers, this will strengthen the faith in the Lord’s providence and your own success. A daily appeal to the Almighty will help you develop not only the physical aspect of your being, but also the spiritual one, and this is very important for any righteous Christian.
  • Do not allow evil and greedy thoughts to appear in your mind, as they will block material development. Keep track of what you think about money, your business and competitors throughout the day, and try to replace all negative with positive images of prosperity and prosperity. Remember that envy will not bring to the good, will inhibit spiritual growth.
  • Never envy those people who have received their wealth through dishonest deceit. Always remind yourself that you can live in abundance and abundance in harmony with your conscience and religion. Doing godly deeds and carrying out fair trade, you can achieve no less heights, but at the same time, without hurting your soul with lies and greed.
  • Ask for help from any Saints. Do not forget about your guardian angel, who is always nearby, takes care of you and sincerely worries about all your failures and falls.
  • Do not forget to thank the Almighty and the rest of the gods for the help they constantly give you. You can express your gratitude in exactly the way you are comfortable and pleasant to do. Keep this emotion pure and real. Do not allow any falsity and insincerity on your part.

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