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Prayers for sickness and healing of the sick

Prayers for the healing of the patient from all diseases

People often come to me with different diseases and ask for help. I advise them to appeal to the Lord.

Today I will tell you what prayers will help to heal and how to raise them correctly.

How to cope with the disease

Health is the greatest value for any person, because if the state of health suffers greatly, then hardly anything in life will bring pleasure and happiness at all. Even a banal cold can greatly affect the performance, mood, and greatly interfere with plans.

What to say about more serious ailments that even modern medicine cannot cope with.

Prayers for sickness and healing of the sick

In Orthodoxy, it is believed that any ailment is sent to a person as a punishment, a test, or a certain life lesson. That is why in order to heal the body, first of all you need to pay attention to the state of mind.

Having done some work with your thoughts, beliefs and principles, you can see positive results from your physical shell.

Any righteous Christian knows that the Lord is able to heal any, even the most serious, illness, you only need to sincerely ask him about it. The most effective and efficient tool for this, of course, is the prayer from the disease. When used properly, the Saints will respond and accomplish the impossible from the point of view of the doctors.

You can make a plea to the celestials, not only asking for the strengthening of your own health, you can also ask for the healing of loved ones and relatives.

What power do prayers have? Is it true that they can cure any disease?

Orthodox prayer is not just a certain combination of letters and words, it is a truly miraculous tool that, if properly used, will be able to fulfill any of your desires, and even those that seem absolutely incredible. Remember that the power of prayer texts depends only on how you turn to God.

If you do not invest absolutely any emotions in the spoken words, then, most likely, they simply will not reach the celestials and will remain unrealizable expectations and hopes.

There is a lot of evidence that people who turned to the Lord in difficult times of illness were completely healed from very serious diseases with which even the best doctors could not do anything. The stories of people claim that sincere prayer can save from any pain and indisposition.

Before you begin your spiritual practices for healing the body, I advise you to read the amazing stories of those people who regained their health by turning to the Orthodox religion. It will charge you with a positive and self-reliance and the power of divine providence.

What rules and advice should be followed when praying to the Saints for healing and healing from diseases?

Any righteous Christian knows that for any ailment one must appeal not only to doctors, but also to religion, since the health of the soul and the body are interrelated concepts. Each emotional clip or discomfort immediately reflects on the state of our physical shell — the body.

Prayers for sickness and healing of the sick

Over the years, hurt feelings and negative emotions result in serious illness. Sometimes grievances poison the person so much that they manifest themselves as oncological diseases.

But you must remember that for a believer, even such a serious diagnosis is far from a sentence.

In order to help yourself or your loved ones in healing the body from the overcoming disease, follow the following recommendations, which are given by the clergy:

  • Do not be lazy and devote sufficient time and energy to prayers and spiritual practices. Turn to God every day. Read the sacred texts in the morning and evening.
  • Create a benevolent, quiet and peaceful atmosphere in which it will be easier for you to tune in to the upcoming reading of prayers. Make a small iconostasis at home, where there will be several different icons depicting the faces of the Saints. Light candles or lamps, kindle incense.
  • A person who is in a state of illness, as often as possible need to drink holy water and wipe her face.
  • Pay attention to your thoughts that dominate throughout the day. Try to replace all the negative with bright and clean images about health and excellent well-being. Do not let yourself and others around you become depressed and depressed. One must always hope for the best and believe in the wisdom of the Lord’s providence.
  • If possible, a sick person should try to attend all Sunday services and divine services for major Orthodox holidays. If health allows, you can keep the post, it will also help cleanse the body.
  • Complete the holy sacrament of communion and confession. During confession, imagine how you are cleansed from all sins and offenses. After that, you must leave the church with a feeling of lightness and peace of mind.
  • With constant chronic pain syndrome, prayer texts are best read in the phase of a waning moon. If it is a sharp pain, then, of course, the moon phase should not be taken into account.
  • Make sure that the sick person always carries a pectoral cross or an amulet with the image of the holy face. These symbols will in themselves carry healing and healing.

What saints and celestials need to pray in order to gain health

You can ask for the healing of any Saints. You can also directly contact the Lord Almighty, the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

If you have icons at home, you can contact the celestial being who is depicted on it.

Prayers for sickness and healing of the sick

Do not forget about guardian angels, our invisible guardians, who are always nearby and very worried about our every failure. It is necessary to ask angels to heal the patient according to the same rules as to apply to the other Saints.

By and large, it does not really matter who you are referring to. The main thing in prayer is the inner state and emotional attitude.

It is possible to cultivate the power of faith and love of God with the help of regular spiritual practices.

How to thank the higher forces for help in restoring health

Gratitude is a very important stage in communicating with higher powers and God. This emotion can harmonize a person and further strengthen his prayers and appeals to the Almighty.

Gratitude is not always a banal thank you word. You can manifest this emotion in different ways, choose the one that is most comfortable and convenient for you:

  1. Prayers. Of course, this is the best way to convey the word to the Lord and the Saints. Thank the higher forces for any improvements in your state of health. You can set aside a separate day, when in your prayers you will only speak of gratitude.
  2. Donations. Hand out food, shoes, clothes, and money to people who really need it.
  3. Labor for the good of other people. Gratuitous work is the best way to express your gratitude. Find volunteer organizations in your city and take an active part in their activities.
  4. Investing in the construction or renovation of a temple, monastery or any other holy place. Such activity was honored at all times, because it brings tremendous benefits for the development of religion and its promotion to the masses.


  • You can ask the Lord not only for healing for yourself, but also for your relatives and close people. This will have a very positive effect on your state of mind, because a person cannot be completely happy if he sees how his own person is tormented.
  • In order to calm your mind and occupy your thoughts with something positive, read the stories of people who healed their diseases with the help of prayers. This very simple technique will help you not to lose heart and strengthen your faith in God and religion.
  • Try to make your communication with the Almighty regular. Do not postpone prayers and reading the Bible for later, because your health and well-being directly depend on it.
  • Attend church and worship more often. Keep the posts, not only before the big holidays, but also on holy days — Wednesday and Friday.
  • If you pray at home, then always try to do this in front of icons and images of Saints. This will create the right attitude for you.
  • Always treat with love to the body, which is given to you from birth. Lead a healthy lifestyle, get rid of bad, unhealthy habits. Adhere to the principle of moderation in food and amusements.
  • Communion and confession of the patient. If he cannot get to the temple on his own, then invite a priest to him. Communion with a divine servant will strengthen his faith in God and his own recovery.
  • Of course, do not forget about gratitude. Express it in the way that suits you. Do not say thank you for mercenary motives, this emotion should be as sincere as possible.

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