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Prayers for salvation

Prayers for salvation

There are situations in life when it remains to rely only on your faith and the help of God. Prayers for the salvation of the soul and body can help in the most difficult circumstances.

Every Orthodox person knows that with the help of faith in God you can completely change your life and destiny. However, even in the life of true believers Christians there are moments when it remains only to pray to God and the saints, hoping that everything will work out.

Prayer from enemies and danger

This psalm has more than one hundred years. The priests say that it was he who was read during the persecutions of the Orthodox Church, wars and catastrophes. It is also effective in the personal danger of life and health, as a means of witchcraft and evil people.

“May God rise again, and His enemies disappear, and those who hate Him will flee. As the smoke disappears, disappear. As wax melts from the face of fire, so will demons die from the face of those who love God and signified the sign of the cross, and say in joy: rejoice, O Most Honorable and Life-Giving Cross of the Lord, cast out demons by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ crucified on You, who descended and overcame the devilish power , and granted us His Sign of the Cross to cast out all evil. Pious and Life-giving Cross of the Lord!

Help me with the Holy Virgin Mary and with all the saints forever and ever. Amen».

This prayer should be known by heart and read if you or your loved ones need help.

Prayer for the salvation of the soul

This prayer and those like it read:

  • about prisoners;
  • about violating the law;
  • about missing;
  • about descending from the path of faith in God.

“Lord, hear me at this hour! I resort to You, and I pray You, hear me, your sinful and unworthy servant. Do not leave me, Lord, come to me and soothe my sorrow.

For help, I pray to You, our almighty and merciful Lord and Shepherd. Do not leave me and your servant (name) in darkness, do not allow the fall and the abyss, light up my path and your servant (name) and send salvation and His Light to the one for whom I ask You. For the sake of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Cross, forgive our sins and do not leave us without Your intercession.


Prayer to the Virgin Mary for salvation from trouble

“Most Holy Virgin, great and immaculate Mother of God! Hear me, sinful and unworthy servant of God, hear and do not leave me in grief and danger. Come and cover me with your holy veil, hide from evil and show the way to salvation.

Seek Your Son and our God not to leave me and give My Hand, to cover me from evil. Amen».

This prayer can be read in any trouble or to avoid a threat. This prayer rule is also effective when you need to get rid of longing.

Change your life and protect yourself and your family from hate and evil witchcraft will help you a strong prayer from curses. We wish you a peaceful life and peace in your soul. Take care of yourself and do not forget to press the buttons and

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