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Prayers for recovery for a sick person

What prayers will help in the recovery of man

As a believer, I know that there are prayers that can help a person to become healthy again and completely get rid of illness. They are addressed in cases where the medicine is helpless.

I will talk about the most effective prayers for recovery, which helped me and my close friends.

What prayers are the most effective?

This question is asked all the people who are faced with a problem. And it doesn’t matter what it is about:

  • about health problems;
  • difficulties in family life;
  • financial turmoil.

Medicine stepped far enough. But this does not mean that all diseases are easily treated.

Until now, patients sometimes hear disturbing diagnoses, in which the doctor does not give a guarantee of recovery. And then they turn to faith.

After all, she gives strength to continue to fight.

Prayers for recovery for a sick person

Faced with any problem whose solution cannot be found, a person turns to God and searches for the most effective prayers. However, believers forget that this is completely unacceptable.

There are no prayers that exactly help or, on the contrary, are weak, unable to help get what you want. This must be considered.

In this matter, faith plays a huge role. Priests are constantly reminded of the fact that it is extremely important for faith to live in the heart of the people.

After all, only she is able to endow prayer with power. BUT strong prayers always help.

Those lucky enough to experience the power of such a prayer know that it can heal even a seriously ill person. And at the same time, it does not matter at what distance the praying person is from the one who needs help.

This is an important aspect, as often parishioners are trying to somehow increase the healing power of the prayer text. Some even try to be as close as possible to the sick person at the moment when the cherished text is pronounced.

However, all this is unnecessary vanity, which can in no way affect the power of prayer.

Please note that it is possible to offer prayer not only for relatives and close people. You can pray for yourself. Few are aware of this.

And therefore, churches quite often appear people who ask priests to do them a favor and pray for health. Of course, the priest has no right to refuse the applicant.

Only this does not mean that a believer who falls ill cannot ask God for help himself. No wonder the priests say that God forgives those who repent of their sins.

If a person can say a prayer of repentance on his own, then he is also allowed to pray for his health.

It is imperative that at the time of the ascension of prayer, thoughts were clean. It must be remembered that prayer is a powerful energy message.

With its help, it is possible to convey to the patient even a positive attitude. And this, even according to doctors, is very important. After all, if the patient mentally accepted the inevitability of death, it will be difficult enough to save him.

Because his spirit simply ceased to resist. Belief in the inevitable inexorably brings death.

Therefore, a prayer must necessarily ask God not just about healing the body, but also the spirit.

Unbaptized people: how to pray?

The sacrament of baptism is sacred to anyone who believes in the existence of the Lord. It is for this reason that parents try to baptize the child as soon as possible. It is believed that only after this baby receives a guardian angel.

A heavenly protector protects a person throughout his life. It is divine protection that helps to resist:

Moreover, believers believe that a person who is under the protection of a patron lives longer. They cite many examples of miraculous salvation. Some people call this salvation ordinary luck.

But not everyone believes that it’s just luck. And although most people still agree to baptize children, there are those who refuse.

Prayers for recovery for a sick person

If an unbaptized person falls ill, the question immediately arises as to whether it is possible to offer prayers for such a person. After all prayer for recovery is aimed at a person who is actually an unbeliever.

Until a certain time this question was controversial. After all, some believers believed that it was impossible to help a non-baptized prayer. The reason for this is the absence of the Protecting Angel.

Here are just church ministers have a different opinion. They are sure that any person can be helped, regardless of whether he believes in God or not, whether he is baptized or not.

Of course, the best option in this case is baptism. If a person is afflicted with a strong illness, which he is unable to cope with, the priests recommend immediately seeking help from the Most High.

For this you need to go through the rite of baptism. Immediately after it, an Angel will be put in charge of the suffering person, who will help to overcome the illness. This is especially important if the ailment was caused by the evil eye of an envious person or an enemy who turned to a witch and caused damage.

Divine power is able to protect a person from damage and return it to someone who wishes to harm an innocent person.

However, this does not mean that it is forbidden to pray for the unbaptized. Quite the contrary, it is for them that prayers should be offered.

Since their protection is initially very weak. Damage with such a weak defense is quite simple. But to remove it is unlikely to succeed, until the patient decides to be baptized.

All relatives should pray for him, because the power of prayer will be reduced. If the disease is serious, then only prayer from all family members will be able to help.

The help of clergy will not be superfluous. You can go to church and order a church prayer for health.

You can order it at any time. If a person feels that he needs the protection of the Almighty, you should not postpone the visit to the temple or hesitate to ask the priest for help. Moreover, prayer ascends in the process of worship.

Therefore, such a request will not be a burden. It is worth noting that prayer is often ordered for the deceased. For example, for 40 days.

Because of this, some fear to harm a person, because they draw an incorrect parallel between prayers for the departed and prayer for health.

How to pray holy?

Unknowingly, some believers pray for health, referring only to the Most High. Especially if they pray about sick parents. Of course, this is not a mistake.

However, the clergy insist on the need to pray to other saints who are able to assist. Such saints are:

  • Holy Mother of God;
  • Blessed old matron Moscow;
  • Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Prayers for recovery for a sick person

Let us try to figure out why the saints mentioned above should pray. After all, this separation arose for a reason.

The fact is that some saints were reputed to be the defenders of the weak during their lifetime. For example, the Virgin Mary.

It is her who is considered the mighty patroness of all those people who are in trouble. Because it was she who gave the world the Savior.

As for the other saints that were listed in the article above, they were all healers. It was with their help that many people who suffered from serious illnesses, managed to heal. It is worth noting that all these facts are reflected in the biblical writings.

There are many stories of miraculous healing that anyone who wishes can find after looking through the Bible.

Prayers for recovery for a sick person

Strong prayers

Although it was mentioned earlier in the article that absolutely all prayers have tremendous power, there are still several texts that are used most often. It is noteworthy that each of the texts used when referring to different saints. This must be taken into account, as some people make the mistake of offering a prayer to a completely different saint.

Of course, no punishment for such a mistake would follow, but the power of prayer would greatly weaken.

Prayers for recovery for a sick person

Prayer Rules

People who rarely attend church experience certain difficulties not only with the choice of a suitable prayer for a sick person. They are often tormented by another question that concerns the rules for worshipers.

After all, it seems to them that there are some strict rules that cannot be broken.

Prayers for recovery for a sick person

It should be noted that this statement is not entirely true. Indeed, there are some rules followed by believers.

But they are necessary in order not to offend the saints. If a person’s thoughts are pure, then his mistake will go unnoticed.

However, if a prayer has a strong emotion and wants to do everything as required by the rules, he can make a request to the priest. He will tell you exactly how to offer a prayer, which saint to pray for.

Moreover, if necessary, the priest will also tell about other important details. For example, when to light candles, how to pray at home.


  1. If a person does not know which text of the prayer should be offered, you should contact the priest for help. However, in some cases it is permissible to use the well-known prayer “Our Father”. It is safe to say that this is a universal prayer service.
  2. When offering a prayer, it is necessary to monitor the purity of thoughts. Because if the thoughts of the person praying will be unclean, God will not fulfill the request.
  3. One should believe in the miracle that God can create. Indeed, without faith, no prayer can help.
  4. You can pray not only in the church, but at home. But it is better to choose the time when there is no one in the house except the one who prays. Distraction is prohibited.
  5. If an unbaptized person is seriously ill, you need to think about christening him. If this is not possible, then all family members should pray for his health. This is necessary for the prayer to gain strength.

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