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Prayers for prosperity and well-being

Prayers for prosperity and well-being

If you want to improve your financial situation and reach the highest point of happiness, you will appeal to the higher forces. With the help of prayers you can attract wealth and achieve well-being without harm to yourself and others.

Wealth is a necessary part of our life. Of course, financial stability can be achieved if you apply a little more work and effort. If this does not help you earn the desired amount, you can resort to using effective prayers that will help you achieve financial success, as well as attract happiness to your home.

A few simple rules for attracting wealth and well-being

It’s no secret that sometimes we ourselves push happiness and wealth away from ourselves, breaking the simplest rules. To avoid this, you should know the reasons why we can not achieve the desired and make our lives easier.

Be more tolerant of loved ones. Differences and conflicts even happen between native people. However, such unpleasant moments create negative energy around you, which negatively affects all households.

The energy background of your apartment is an important element of well-being.

Avoid contact with people who are unpleasant to you. It is desirable that in your life there were as few enemies as possible. However, sometimes for some reason, some people cause us negative emotions.

To live in harmony and tranquility, it is necessary to face your enemies as rarely as possible.

Review your expenses. Many people do not notice that they too often make rash and expensive purchases. Money should be spent, but deliberately, and purchases should benefit and improve mood, and not cause regret about the money spent.

If you want to attract wealth, learn to be more careful with money, and then your financial situation will always be stable.

Do charity work. This does not mean that you have to transfer large sums to charitable funds every month. Even a little help to the homeless, orphanages or nurseries will be needed by those in need.

Do not forget, the more you give, the more you get in the future.

Love your work. For many, daily work is the surest way to make money. Many people wake up in the morning and sadly go to work, because their work brings them no pleasure.

Typically, these people do not reach the top of a career and good earnings, and all their lives are satisfied with a small salary. If you want to achieve well-being, it is necessary that your activity brings you pleasure, then your earnings will grow much faster.

Never complain to others about your problems or share your joy. Sometimes what happens in life can break our spirit or, conversely, lift us to the top of happiness. You should not once again talk about their problems and joyful moments occurring in your life. Some may envy you or be glad for your failures.

To avoid trouble in your life and not scare away luck, it is advisable not to tell others about important events, whatever they may be.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel for Prosperity and Well-Being

If you want to improve your financial situation, but efforts at work do not bring the desired result, effective prayers for wealth will help you. With their help, you will attract wealth and gain monetary success.

Who, if not your Guardian Angel, will come to your aid in a difficult moment, will listen to moments of despair and anxiety and listen to requests? Before you go to bed, light a candle near your sleeping place and, looking at it, say:

“My Guardian Angel, my patron, sent from heaven. Help me live my life in prosperity, and let the luck never turn away from me. The Lord God himself sent you to protect me, so protect me from unhappiness and poverty.

Do not let me stay in poverty. Hear my prayer requests and listen to them. I believe in the mercy of God and that my words will be conveyed to the King of Heaven.


Say a prayer every night to get what you want as soon as possible. Thanks to your efforts and prayer requests, soon you will notice how your life has changed for the better.

A prayer for prosperity and money to Spiridon of Trimifunts

Saint Spyridon is still considered the patron saint of the needy. During his lifetime, he helped the poor and never refused financial assistance to those who asked him about it. He did all this saint absolutely free.

Pray for prosperity before the image of Spiridon Trimyfuntsky, to attract good luck and improve their financial situation:

“Oh, Saint Spyridon! Pray for us, God-loving and believers. May the Lord not judge us harshly.

Ask him to send us our happiness and prosperity. May the Almighty forgive us for our insolence and our sins. I worship Him, with respect and reverence, I ask You: deliver us from poverty and unhappiness.

Hear our prayer requests. Amen!».

Try to contact the Great Wonderworker Spyridon as often as possible to speed up the result of your prayer requests.

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