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Prayers for prisoners and for not letting their son go to prison

A prayer that the son is not put in prison: an appeal to Nicholas the Wonderworker

People often ask me how to help a prisoner avoid prison. I advise you to use a prayer that helps ease the sentence or avoid false punishment.

Today I will tell you how to raise it correctly.

Prayer for prisoners

The grief of the mother, whose son was threatened with going to prison, is difficult to understand. Only the person who has experienced this will be able to realize how great the grief is.

A mother is the person who will always support her child and forgive him for any sin. That is why it is not surprising that mothers pray for prisoners and those who are awaiting the judge’s sentence in the chamber.

Because they want to beg for the forgiveness of the Lord for their children and are ready for many things, so that heaven will respond to the prayer.

There are many prayers that the church recommends using in the event that someone close to you went to prison. There are those that are usually read on days when a person is just awaiting sentencing. All of them have tremendous power and are well known, since their texts have never been hidden from people.

Quite the contrary, the church constantly reminded of the need to help those who are imprisoned. And for this reason, prayer for prisoners is not forbidden.

Prison and Sinners: Why Do Priests Pray for Condemned?

Every Christian knows that he must pay for his sin. And while no one knows, payback will come during life or after death.

However, there is no such Orthodox who would not have felt the awesome fear of God’s Court. Since it is well known that this court will be completely impartial.

Prayers for prisoners and for not letting their son go to prison

The Bible says that after death all souls will have to appear before the Most High, so that He will decide where exactly they will be sent. As is known, Orthodox Christians believe in the existence of hell and paradise.

Only the souls of those people who committed a sin while living and did not even bother to repent of it, go to hell. However, it should be taken into account that even repentance can not always save the soul from retribution.

Because it all depends on the severity of the sin and how sincere the repentance was. In addition, if a person has done absolutely nothing to beg forgiveness from heaven, then it is likely that he will continue to be considered a sinner.

The souls of people who led a righteous life go to heaven. They strictly followed all the commandments, sincerely prayed and repented every day.

Such righteous people are given the opportunity to go to a better world and spend eternity in a place that gives peace of mind. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that all Christians are striving to get to heaven. After all, they understand that to endure the hellish torment will be very difficult.

In addition, the soul can be placed in hell for ages.

An earthly court and a prison are things that should inspire fear too. Since life behind bars can never seem easy to anyone. After all, all prisoners, without exception, have to literally survive in the colony.

That is why no one will want to go there. We can say that the prison is the earthly equivalent of hell.

Of course, the clergy do not approve of the fact that people took over the powers of judges. After all, the judge is one and this is the Most High.

Only he is allowed to judge people and pass sentences. However, it is now difficult to imagine a civilized country in which there would be no prisons. After all, there are always lawbreakers.

Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that a deterrent mechanism exists that will help control the activity of criminals.

How prison affects a person

And although the church is against this, most Orthodox Christians still come out with the support of the current system. Moreover, some even believe that a person must pay for a sin committed during life, after serving a term appointed by the judge. Since this will help:

  • to realize the blame — impunity is fraught with consequences. If a sinful or unlawful act is not followed by punishment, then the person will cease to consider himself a criminal. This will cause him to sin even more;
  • to atone for guilt — the sufferings that fall upon the prisoners help them to purify the soul and devote themselves completely to the atonement of a crime. As you know, without this, forgiveness is impossible;
  • to get an opportunity to improve — no matter how trite it sounds, however, prison is a kind of school of life. Few who, having passed it, will want to return. Therefore, it can help guide a person to the right path.

It is impossible not to note the fact that this helps victims of crimes committed to feel a little better. After all, they know that the guilty person was punished. And it helps them find peace of mind.

But, since the church takes a different position, it is not difficult to guess that there are no prohibitions regarding prayers offered in order to receive mercy for the condemned.

Prayers for prisoners and for not letting their son go to prison

This is the reason for numerous disputes. However, one should not forget that Orthodoxy is a very loyal religion.

The Church teaches that a person, being a creation of the Lord, cannot take on the role of a judge and reason on who and what punishment deserves. Moreover, spiritual guides teach the flock the ability to forgive.

It is believed that no one has the right to become an executioner for another person.

It is for this reason that the priests not only do not prohibit the relatives of the convict to offer prayers for him, but they themselves often take part in the process of prayer. Those who frequently attend church know that within the walls of the house of the Lord, priests read prayers themselves, asking the Creator to bestow mercy on those who stumbled. According to the priests, no one should be left without spiritual support.

Because in this case, the person only continues to suffer mentally. When his torment reaches its peak, he will once again commit a rash act and ruin his life.

Does prayer help?

This is the question that is asked by people who want to read a prayer for prisoners. After all, they unwittingly think about the fact that the Lord does not help sinners. And so their doubt is quite understandable.

But spiritual leaders constantly remind us that prayer did not harm anyone and never. If a relative of the prisoner feels in need of a conversation with the Almighty, no one can forbid him to read the prayer. Since in this case the benefits of reading a prayer will be completely obvious:

  • the one who prays will calm his soul — by talking with the Lord, a person gets the opportunity to get rid of any sorrow and anxiety that can torment his soul;
  • a person will be able to gain wisdom — they say that God must be asked not only for mercy, but also for insight. It often happens that a Christian cannot find a solution for a problem that literally lies on the surface. In this case, it is the insight provided by the Creator that will help;
  • the prisoner will receive spiritual support — without this, it will be very difficult for him to survive in prison. No matter how the heretics deny it, a person feels when they pray about him. After all, he immediately has a reserve of spiritual forces.

It is worth noting that, while reading prayers for prisoners, Orthodox Christians unwittingly think about how soon help will come. Especially if the mother asks that the son not be put in prison.

After all, when uttering a prayer, a person hopes that the Lord will help the prisoner. However, you must immediately set yourself up for a wait.

Sometimes this wait can be seriously delayed. Therefore, no one can say exactly how much a person will have to suffer while sitting behind bars.

No one can know the plans of the Lord and try to do it a sin! Unfortunately, this is often forgotten.

Some people are even willing to visit the fortune to know their own destiny. Just do not need to hope that some charlatan can read in the palm of a person what the Almighty wants to keep silent about.

Separately, it is necessary to mention the prayers offered by the relatives of innocent prisoners. Unfortunately, the judicial system is not perfect. Sometimes it happens that a person who has not committed any crime at all is behind bars.

Of course, in this case, the immediate family tries to help him in every way and begin to pray a lot.

Prayers for prisoners and for not letting their son go to prison

This is completely understandable. After all, a sinless Christian should not be locked up in a cold cell. The decision to start begging the Lord for help is, of course, correct.

But the ways of the Lord are mysterious. Perhaps the prison should save a person from even greater misfortune.

Therefore, it is not necessary to give up if the skies that week remain deaf to the requests. It does not always mean that help really does not come.

This is what you need to remember, offering a prayer.


  1. The church does not prohibit offering prayers for those people who are serving sentences in places of detention.
  2. Quite often in the temple, priests pray with their flock for those who are imprisoned.
  3. Prayers for prisoners can be offered both at home and in church.
  4. Any prayer from those presented in the article is allowed to be used.

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