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Prayers for peace of mind and tranquility

Prayer for peace of mind

Believers who often have anxiety in their souls often turn to me. I encourage them to use a prayer for peace of mind.

Today I will tell you how to raise it correctly.

Feeling heavy in the soul

We all have black and white stripes in life, and if in good periods it is easy for us to be positive, sensible and calm, then in difficult times apathy and depression make us give up and plunge into the depths of sorrow and hopelessness. Of course, you can not succumb to despondency and a sense of hopelessness, at such moments you need to take all the will into a fist and try to bring yourself into a normal emotional state.

Prayers for peace of mind and tranquility

For an Orthodox person, the best way to restore their mental balance and bring harmony back to life is to turn to religion. Reading prayers will serve as the best tool in this matter, since communication with the Lord can heal not only the soul, but also the mind from heavy, obsessive and bad thoughts.

Prayer for peace of mind is a truly miraculous method that, in the shortest possible time, will be able to change not only current affairs, but also fate as a whole. Turning to the Almighty and his assistants — the Saints, you can ask about anything, as long as it does not violate the commandments of God.

Pray for the calming of the spiritual passions and the pacification of the pernicious emotions that destroy you.

What power does such a prayer for peace have?

The power of the sacred texts recorded in the prayer books cannot be exaggerated, because prayer can work such miracles that you cannot imagine even in your wildest imagination. If you are looking for peace of mind, harmony, emotional stability, then prayers for you are just an irreplaceable thing, as they will help you to achieve all this easily, pleasantly, and very quickly. During prayer, the soul is healed, even if you ask God for something else.

The very fact that you have chosen the righteous path already raises the level of spirituality and consciousness.

You can read many wonderful books, short stories and just stories about how prayer saved people in the most difficult situations and helped them to get out of the deepest depression, when even modern medicine was completely impotent.

Reading the holy lines, people in front of their eyes changed their inner world, got rid of negative attitudes and habits, acquired the meaning of life and discovered inner knowledge about how they should build their lives and which way to choose. In hard times, I strongly advise you to read as many such inspiring stories as possible and get positive.

Thus, you kind of join the success of these people and strengthen your faith in miracles.

Prayers for peace of mind and tranquility

Never underestimate the power of religion and prayer. Use these wonderful tools that the Lord left as a gift to his earthly children.

Believe in a miracle, and it will happen.

Who of the celestials most favorably seek help in calming the spiritual passions

The main thing you need to learn is the fact that there is absolutely no fundamental value to whom you turn your words. If they come from the heart and are supported by pure sincere motives, then they will reach anyone in any case, and the inhabitants of heaven will take all possible steps to improve your condition and current life situation.

In your prayers you can mention the Lord Almighty, his son Jesus Christ, the Most Holy Virgin Mary, the Holy Spirit. Also, do not forget about our closest patrons — guardian angels who are constantly nearby and protect us from all sorts of adversity.

If you want to appeal specifically to those Saints who are responsible for the healing of mental illness and despondency, then pray to the Great Martyr Barbara, Paul the Simple, John Chrysostom. It is these celestials who are famous for the protection of those people who have exhausted their strength and energy and lost their taste for life.

At leisure, you can take the time to familiarize yourself with the history of these great personalities and find out what life course they have gone.

How to pronounce the sacred texts of peace

The most important condition for your prayers to be answered is sincerity and firm faith in the spoken words. However, the clergy give a number of recommendations that can facilitate the process of turning to the Lord Almighty and increase the effect of our spiritual practices:

  • Ask for help to heaven regularly. Daily practice will allow you in a few days to return a good disposition of the soul and to pacify all the passions simmering in your head. Challenge your laziness, set aside all unimportant routine matters, and send a clear request from the depths of your being to the inhabitants of the gods.
  • Prayer for peace of mind need not necessarily be taken from the prayer book or other religious literature. If it is convenient for you, you can write the text of the application yourself. Most importantly, remember that there should not be any evil wishes to other people and bad words. This will bring all efforts to naught.
  • Create the right atmosphere for yourself. This is very important, because when you are distracted and constantly pulled, you just can not get into the depths of the spoken words. And, maybe, on the contrary, even more you will start to break out. Light candles (preferably lighted in the church), a lamp or incense. You may need to turn off the light and create a cozy gloom for complete immersion in yourself.
  • Equip at home a small iconostasis, mark there a few icons depicting the Saints. Try to make sure that the faces of Jesus, the Virgin and Nicholas the Pleasant are present there.
  • Wear a cross, if not worn before. This is a very important point, which in no case can not be overlooked. Crucifixion is considered the strongest talisman in Christianity. This symbol will balance your mental and emotional state.
  • In order to cope with despondency, longing and total apathy, try to communicate more with your relatives, visit places of charity. Go to the temples, take a trip to the monastery or visit any shrine.

Should I thank the Lord Almighty and the Holy Elders for their help in finding spiritual harmony

Gratitude is an obligatory part of spiritual practice. Without this sincere feeling you are unlikely to succeed in fulfilling what you desire.

Of course, in a state of unstable mood and repressed emotions it is very difficult to say thank you, but you must understand that this is very important. As often as you can read the prayers of thanks, do good deeds that you want to thank the Lord for his help.

Thanksgiving you can give out donations.

What more needs to be remembered when you turn to religion for help finding peace

Do not forget that any prayer will remain just words until you begin to reinforce it with certain actions. Try to change your lifestyle to a more righteous one, do more good and merciful deeds.

Spend time, show love for your family, parents, children. This is very important, since it is from this that spiritual harmony begins.

Prayers for peace of mind and tranquility

Try to restrain irritation, pull yourself up every time you want to swear, make trouble, and scream. Show compassion and empathy even to people who are very annoying and disgusting to you.

Change your outdated, stagnant views. Do not react to everything in your usual way (insults, irritation and negative), break the vicious chains of old habits and strive for the best.

Another very important point that you need to pay attention to is getting rid of offenses. After all, it is precisely the grievances that have been accumulated for a certain time that they themselves and others ultimately translate into depressive decadent moods and complete discord in life.

If possible, ask for forgiveness for all the bad things that you have done to the closest and closest people. Sincere repentance will also help relieve the burden of guilt and shame from your shoulders.


  • For any mental discomfort, first of all think about religion and God.
  • Do not miss a single day in prayer. Show diligence and your willpower, and then the inhabitants of heaven will not leave your efforts without proper attention.
  • Pray alone, ask that at least 15-20 minutes no one distracts you. Light the candles in the room and, if possible, sit in front of the icon.
  • Refer to the saint you want. Listen to your inner voice, he will tell you who you need to have a sacred conversation with now.
  • Wear a cross-stitch or an amulet with the image of the Holy Face. This will strengthen the energy, strengthen faith in the Lord’s conduct.
  • Attend temples and churches. Do not miss Sunday services and sermons.
  • Never forget about gratitude. Sincerely thank the Lord for his support and guardianship whenever you see even the slightest positive change.

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