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Prayers for insomnia in an adult

Prayers for insomnia in an adult

In the evenings, I began to read a prayer for insomnia, because my lack of quality sleep made my mental state quite unstable. I tossed and turned in bed for a long time, tried to breathe through the bill, drank soothing tea and even light anti-depressants.

But all this did not solve my problem — it cost me to cancel the pills, as insomnia returned. In the morning I got up irritated, angry, not sleeping.

In desperation, I turned to God and asked him to help me: as a result, a decision arose inside of herself — every evening to read the prayers to St. Nicholas, by candlelight, before the image of the Holy One.

The first time I prayed for a very long time — I read the familiar canonical prayer to Saint Nicholas many times. There was peace in the soul, all worries and feelings flew away and forgotten.

That evening, for the first time in many weeks, I fell asleep quickly and very well.

Prayers for insomnia in an adult

Now I do not go to bed without prayer, I always sleep beautifully, but I wake up vigorously and well rested, so I can tell you how best to read a prayer from insomnia for an adult.

Basic prayers for insomnia in an adult

If you are worried about such an unpleasant affliction as insomnia, then you can ask for help from various saints. Most often, this problem is addressed to Nicholas the Wonderworker, St. Alexander Svirsky, St. Irinarkh.

When this problem occurs, the main thing is to understand why you cannot fall asleep. Perhaps you are too worried because of some business or state of health (you may be disturbed by both your health and the health of relatives).

Maybe you are hampered by thoughts about solving some other life problems (financial, housing). In this case, it is important for you to realize that all your affairs are in the hands of God, therefore there is no point in worrying.

Rely on the Lord, but continue to do what you can.

Prayers for insomnia in an adult

Try also to analyze your lifestyle. Maybe you go to bed too late, watch TV a lot — it excites the nervous system.

Give up strong tea and coffee in the evenings.

Thus, the first step is an understanding of your problems and an awareness of the fact that your anxiety will not help to solve them. Better to start, pray to God for help in difficult life situations, and then proceed to prayer from insomnia.

Ask for help from the Creator, the Virgin, Saint Nicholas, Saint Alexander of Svir. Pray for a long time, until you feel anxiety gone.

You can use as a prayer for a sound sleep the most various prayers known to you which you know by heart. You can create them already lying in bed.

These are such prayers as, for example, the prayer of repentance to Jesus Christ, the prayer to the Most Holy Trinity, “Heavenly King”, “Our Father”, “Virgin Mother of God”.

Prayers for insomnia in an adult

Help from Reverend Irinarch

One of the proven methods is to appeal to St. Irinarkh. You can take a prayer in any canonical collection of prayers.

You can also turn to Irinarkh in your own words, ask the saint to help you calm down, pull yourself together and finally fall asleep. It is said that a prayer appeal to this saint also helps with severe headaches.

It is known that St. Irinarkh lived in the 16th century in Rostov the Great, was an ascetic and reclusive. The monk prayed for whole days, and slept quite a bit, two or three hours a day.

During his lifetime, he received the gift of miracle work, healed the sick and the restless.

In order to better focus on prayer, get the image of Rev. Irinarkh in the church, as well as church candles. In the evening, before bedtime, light a candle and pray in front of the image, this will help you concentrate on prayer, calm down, tune in to pacification and end up with the best result: a deep, restful sleep.

In conclusion, do not forget to thank the saint for his help!

Prayers for insomnia in an adult

Terms of improvement can be different for different people, but usually only two or three evenings are enough. In order to reinforce the improvement of sleep, the evening prayer must become your habit.

It does not take much time, but it has a wonderful effect on the psyche — you feel the help from the Upper World, calm down and begin to completely trust God and his Saints.

Prayer from insomnia to St. Nicholas

Nicholas the Wonderworker helps with a variety of problems and misfortunes, including in the absence of sleep. Pray to this saint, feel support and help from his side, and you will be able to sleep very well in the evenings without worrying about your affairs and concerns.

Prayers for insomnia in an adult

You can read the Akathist to Nicholas the Wonderworker or any canonical prayer addressed to the saint. It is best to read the prayer three times, pondering on every word.

It is known that Nicholas the Wonderworker, during his lifetime, was distinguished by an extraordinary love for people, perceived their misfortunes as their own.

After death, he continues to help Christians, very sensitively and carefully responds to all prayer. So do not be afraid to ask the saint for help!

After reading the canonical prayer, tell Saint Nicholas about your problem, lack of sleep, your well-being and experiences, ask him to support you in a difficult moment and help improve sleep patterns.

After the prayer, do not forget to make yourself a comfortable bed — so that you feel comfortable and cozy, ventilate the room well. Think about the fact that God always protects those who love him, and carefully helps everyone who turns to him for help.

Have a good sleep!

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