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Prayers for grandchildren for grandmother — about health and success

Appeal to God for a grandmother: a prayer for grandchildren is strong for all occasions

The Lord sent me a great blessing in life — I, my daughter, and my mother, and more recently my grandmother. Sometimes children tell me that our whole family rests on my prayers, because the rest of the Almighty do not have time to study, then work, then children … I, of course, blame them a little for that, because you cannot leave the temple completely. reasons.

But I can’t stop praying for everyone. This is how the priest explained to me the importance of these prayers …

Prayers for grandchildren for grandmother - about health and success

Should I ask God for the grandchildren?

Most grandparents treat their grandchildren not only as a “pretty baby”, but also as a chance to correct many mistakes made at one time when raising their own children. This explains love and care, which from the first days turn out to be surrounded by new members of the family, as well as generosity during the purchase of another toy or kilo of candy.

And if the baby at the same time faces difficulties or gets sick, the grief of the grandmother and grandfather is beyond words. Where to put all these soul-tearing emotions — fear, anxiety, and sometimes bitterness? Where to look for protection, hope, comfort?

Of course, in faith! therefore To pray for grandchildren is not only possible, but very necessary.

And not only for the sake of the kids, but also for the sake of peace of mind.

What is prayer in general?

Prayer is not just words directed to the ceiling or the sky. This is the communion of our immortal soul with the Lord.

In order to be heard, the words of prayers (both simple requests from the soul, and slender lines composed by the holy fathers, which you will see here below), must be spoken with the belief that they will be heard, sincerely, with God’s obedience.

How to apply to the patron saint?

As a rule, the Mother of God is prayed for children and grandchildren, rarely to Jesus Christ and the Lord himself.

But it is not enough just to ask. A true believer should:

  • to go to the temple, leaving little notes about health there (you can enter both children and grandchildren, and other relatives, but do not forget — enter church names, not secular ones, which in our time can be very different from those given at baptism);
  • in the church, do not forget to light candles for the health of the household, and besides, there is also a prayer for the departed, and a special square eve for memorial candles;
  • during home appeals to the Heavenly Patron, also light a consecrated candle in front of the image;
  • at home you can also burn near the icon lamp.

A more detailed description of how different people pray and how to do it correctly will be told by the clergyman, Father Vladimir Golovin:

Some priests say that if a person is very sinful (and such is the majority of believers), he should not pray to the Lord. It is better to choose a patron who will address your prayers to God.

Such a patron can be an angel given at birth, a saint whose name you bear, as well as many popular saints.

  • Healer Panteleimon (he is asked not to have a granddaughter or grandson);
  • Saint Naum (he is asked for success in teaching the child, our ancestors even had a short address “Saint Naum, bring the son to the mind”);
  • Saints Cyril and Methodius (yes, the very ones from the school history textbook are also patrons of writing and teaching);
  • Matrona Moskovskaya (about health, protection of babies);
  • Serafim Sarovsky (about health, getting rid of bad habits, solving difficult problems, and if the grandchildren are adults about giving them healthy children);
  • Rev. Ambrose of Milan (about coming to the church, repentance, respect for elders);
  • John of Kronstadt (about returning a lost soul to the bosom of the church, about healing the sick).

But of course, most often they pray to the Virgin Mary. She has many good mother prayers that we can recognize in the church.

All of them are suitable for grandmothers.

Three types of prayers

  1. Special words + post + holiday. It is believed that the prayer, read on a special day, will be the strongest, if before you adhere to the post. Moreover, the post may not necessarily be a church — you can choose a day or even a week during the Meat-Eater and give up everything that is salty (or just sweet, fat). This can be done alone or in tandem with a spouse.
  2. Appeal to the Lord in the temple. Common prayer is considered very strong. Therefore, often leave a note about the health of grandchildren, and if health allows, visit the service. The Lord does not require you to stand for them — if you cannot stand, sit in a corner on a bench or ask for a chair, but be sure to pray with everyone.
  3. Evening Private / Family Prayer. You can pray with your grandchildren. But when they grow up, they will begin to split the character and they will surely refuse to do it. Do not force them. You can pray yourself. And even if the granddaughter or grandson shows an ardent contradiction to the faith, seeing that the grandmother constantly prays for them, they will unconsciously feel safe. And when the period of youthful maximalism passes, they will surely remember what example you showed them.

The spiritual role of grandparents in the life of grandchildren

Some people say that in the formation of the faith of the little christian, the grandmother plays an even greater role than his own mother. Judge for yourself: it is difficult to find a mother who is an example of virtue.

Today, she explains to the baby that lying is not good, and three days later, being late for work, she hastily tells her husband “I’m lying to the traffic jam,” and the child hears it. Or: one day she says that it is bad to offend the weak, and on another day she scolds (or even slaps on the ass) a child, forgetting that he is the youngest, weak.

And there are thousands of such examples.

The grandmother, who lived life and gained wisdom, is in no hurry. Even working, she understands that making money is far from being as important as the family. Therefore, she always has a kind word and a smile for the baby.

And it is no wonder that children trust their grandmothers so much, respecting them completely.

It is difficult to blame parents for the fact that sometimes they almost live at work — because they are trying to feed, clothe, shod, learn children. This is all necessary too.

Well and The task of the older generation is to instill peace in the children, a peaceful view of the world and a relationship of trust with God.

In addition, they serve an example for their grandchildren. If the grandmother’s house is always clean, for a little granddaughter it will become the norm. If the grandfather will never talk badly about people (especially for the eyes), the granddaughter will understand that this is the right thing.

And if grandmother and grandfather pray and attend church, the grandchildren will perceive the faith not as “priests of the priesthood” (and many people call it so on the Internet when communicating), but as a style of normal, habitual life.

The strongest prayers for all occasions

The strongest and most effective are such words:

Prayers for grandchildren for grandmother - about health and success

Prayers for grandchildren for grandmother - about health and success

Read these words for little children:

Prayers for grandchildren for grandmother - about health and success

And these are for adult grandchildren already living their own lives:

Prayers for grandchildren for grandmother - about health and success

On success in school or at work

Prayers for grandchildren for grandmother - about health and success

About happy life for grandchildren

Prayers for grandchildren for grandmother - about health and success

  • Grandmother or grandfather’s prayer for grandchildren is very strong. It not only protects children from diseases and problems, but also instills in them a love for Christian values, and also protects the soul of those who pray from evil thoughts (unrest, bitterness, despair).
  • Many people speak directly to the Lord. But if you consider yourself a sinful person, it is better to pray to the Virgin Mary, the Healer Panteleimon or Matronushka.
  • The most popular prayers are «For health» and «On success in school.» Also, grandmothers ask heavenly patrons for the protection of children, and that they should be granted a happy life.
  • For grandchildren, you can read any mother prayers that you once read for your children.

But what if your grandchildren do not want to pray with you and attend church at all? Should I give up? This question will be commented on by the father, whose church during the years of work of this holy father was visited by more than one hundred grandmothers and their “pets,” including grown grandchildren, who came to the Lord as early as their mature age:

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