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Prayers for good luck in work and luck in business

How to pray correctly for good luck in work and good luck in business

In the Lord, as in the saints, we remember in our most miserable moments of life. After all, where, if not in God, should we seek protection and help?

Prayers are powerful if you ask the saints sincerely and with a pure heart.

Prayers for good luck in work and luck in business

How prayer can help in luck

At the very beginning, a Christian must necessarily overshadow himself with a cross and read the prayer to the “King of Heaven”, which he must do before any undertaking. Before especially important and complex incidents, you should contact the church to order a prayer service, which is usually ordered “before the beginning of any work.”

It is important to remember that any work is obliged to be consecrated by a prayer “for success in work”, which is performed for the glory of God. Always prayer should be selected individually for each occasion.

After all, the prayer that should be read before a business trip (or any other type of travel) is fundamentally different from the one that should be read before a medical ceremony or the start of construction.

Each of the fields of activity has its own patron. Every diligent Christian knows this. This tradition has many centuries.

Everyone is sure that the prayer he read will be heard, and help will certainly come immediately.

But the fact is that prayer must be accompanied by sincere faith, and a person’s readiness to be strong and faithful to the Lord in order to pass the tests assigned to them.

It is important to know that in the Christian world the concepts of luck and good luck simply do not exist, for the simple reason that they are interpreted as “actions of a blind event”, violating God’s Providence.

Prayers for good luck in work and luck in business

Saint Great Martyr George the Victorious

Everyone who needs protection calls out to St. George the Victorious. Therefore, during the crusades, the war was taken along with a banner with its image.

However, these days people are used to addressing him in the most unfavorable and unexpected circumstances.

In mortality, he was a military man, because, as a rule, he is considered the patron saint of warriors. However, they usually call on him before starting field work, as well as before working with livestock, asking for protection of the field from pests.

Surprisingly, the mountaineers honor this saint more than any other. Often, even fans of other faiths turn to him to get emergency help.

This prayer to him should be read with faith before the beginning of dangerous work, and then you will be under the reliable protection of the Holy Great Martyr George the Victorious.

Prayers for good luck in work and luck in business

Saint Sergius of Radonezh

The parable says that once, during the earthly life of Sergius of Radonezh, it was extremely difficult for him to read, he went to the forest for a long time to ask God for help. Once a certain monk handed out to little Sergius a piece of prosphora upon meeting.

The little boy took the monk for a wanderer, so he took him home to his parents, who were always happy to assist the wanderer. After the prayer, the monk asked Sergius to read a couple of lines from the Bible.

The boy opened it with trembling hands, but what was the surprise of his parents when he read these lines without difficulty!

After that, little Sergius grew up without any difficulty in learning, cut his hair as a monk, renouncing earthly things, in order to devote all of himself to the service of the Lord, as well as help in teaching people the right path.

Therefore, St. Sergius of Radonezh is the patron saint of all students who come to him for help and instruction in school, especially at the beginning of the school year and the examination period.

Prayers for good luck in work and luck in business

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker

Nicholas the miracle-worker, during his lifetime, always secretly did his good deeds, hiding from human praise. To God, he proved his humility with good deeds both in life and after his death.

Nicholas the Wonderworker is loved in all parts of the world, including pagans and Mohammedans, who repeatedly addressed him in prayers in order to sense his help. He patronizes people in a variety of endeavors, bringing good luck from marriage, financial well-being to justice and travel.

Prayers for good luck in work and luck in business

Until now, the sailors prayerfully remember how he appeared to his fellow dying on the ship in order to tame the deadly storm. And after he stopped the executioner’s hand, hearing the pleas of an innocent convict, anyone who needs a fair trial recalls him.

Prayer to him is very short, but very strong.

Prayers for good luck in work and luck in business

Rev. Ambrose of Optina

Thanks to his monastic, righteous life, Elder Ambrose received the opportunity to see the future as a gift. For any person seen for the first time, the elder could give advice and warn against danger.

Therefore, people lined up in long lines to hear from Ambrose Optinsky at least a couple of words about their future in order to get the right decision.

Prayers for good luck in work and luck in business

When experiencing difficulty in choosing, it will be helpful to read the instructions of the saint, which he lovingly gave to his children. Reading his letters from a person enlightens both the mind and the heart, helping to make the right decision.

After all, the Lord inspires the right thoughts to the person who read these instructions with sincere faith and pure thoughts, helping the person not to stray from the true path.

Saint Ambrose is addressed with prayers before any undertakings that do not contradict any of the commandments of God.

Prayers for good luck in work and luck in business

St. John Chrysostom

John Chrysostom gave great speeches as a priest of Byzantium. Jonah was a scientist while living on Earth, because his speeches were difficult for people, and he was far from them, because people practically did not understand him.

He turned to the Lord, praying that he would teach him to express himself more simply, so that everyone could understand him after the woman turned to John after the service. She said that his mouth was golden, but his words were so far from her.

After that, John became a great preacher, without fear of his words, either to the kings or to other authorities.

Prayers for good luck in work and luck in business

John Chrysostom should be addressed by all those whose work is connected with speeches (from the teacher to the politician).

It is also always worth remembering the Holy Mother of God, as the first of the saints. She should be addressed before starting all the good deeds you are planning.

It is best to turn to her in front of the “fast-hearted” icon, which got its name thanks to the quick help provided by the Virgin Mary.

Also, at the end of the working day, the exams passed, as well as on the arrival from the travels, it is worthwhile to thank God and the Saints to whom you addressed at the very beginning.

Prayers for good luck in work and luck in business

As you can see, it is not so difficult to get help from the saints; it is only important to learn to understand under what circumstances who to contact. And, of course, you need to pray while observing all the rules and doing it with all your heart.

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