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Prayers for good luck and success in everything: in work, study, love

Prayers for good luck and success in everything: in work, study, love

All my life I am a believer, I constantly read religious literature. I recently learned about prayer, which brings success and success in everything.

Today I will tell you how to properly ask the Lord for luck and happiness in life.

Power of prayer

Each person decides for himself exactly what a prayer is. After all, someone uses it to thank the Almighty, and someone who needs help, it serves as a way to appeal to a higher power. Of course, the believers themselves must determine for themselves what the essence of prayer is.

However, if we turn to the Bible, then there you can find very beautiful and correct words that describe the essence of any prayer. According to scripture, prayer is nothing more than a conversation with the Lord.

Prayers for good luck and success in everything: in work, study, love

And in this conversation, the person himself decides what to ask the Almighty. However, as practice shows, most often people ask for one thing — luck. When they come to church, they hope to gain the favor of heaven and thereby at least improve their lives a little.

And so the prayer for good luck and success in all enjoys such popularity.

What can you ask the Lord for?

Around this issue very often controversial. Since neither the parishioners nor the priests can reach a compromise, answering the question.

And the reason for this is not only different views, but also the habit of interpreting the Bible as you would like. Of course, this is completely unacceptable.

Scripture is absolute. And therefore people are forbidden to interpret it as they please. This is considered sinful.

Because man is the creation of the Lord. Therefore, it is not given to him to challenge his will.

And the free interpretation of the Scripture is precisely this that implies.

Turning to the Bible, reading it carefully, it becomes obvious that a person is free to ask the Lord for mercy. The word «grace» can be understood as different.

Including material wealth.

Unfortunately, the world of people is arranged in such a way that lack of money is highly undesirable. Because without money, a person cannot even become a full-fledged member of society, enjoy the benefits of civilization. However, this does not mean that the Bible permits openly asking for material wealth.

All that a prayer can do is to ask for mercy in conversation with God. And if the Almighty sees that a person really needs just money, he will get an opportunity to get rich.

Although, as we have already understood, it is still possible to ask for material benefits, it is better to refrain from this. Indeed, in human life there are many other important aspects. Therefore, spiritual guides recommend asking heaven for other things:

  • about success in work or employment — we can say that this is also a request for material wealth. But in this case, the prayer asks to give him the opportunity to independently earn money and become successful. Of course, this can not be interpreted in a negative way. After all, every person is free to work to earn a living. Moreover, it is the diligence of the Lord and appreciates;
  • about learning success — of course, it is not a question of asking for help in passing exams in subjects that a negligent student never tried to understand or learn. However, it often happens that a talented student or student is at a very disadvantageous position due to excitement. After reading the prayer for mercy, the Lord can send him peace. As a result, it will be much easier to express yourself during the exams;
  • about help in love affairs — in this case it is rather a question of the Lord giving enlightenment. After all, sometimes a person, having met his soul mate, does not know at all what to do. And in this case, it will not be superfluous to offer a prayer for good luck in love and to attract luck.

One simple but very important conclusion can be drawn from the above: the grace of the Lord can help solve any problem. That is why it is customary to ask for heaven.

It is worth noting that some people simply hesitate to ask for help from the Almighty. They explain this by being unworthy of divine help. However, such thoughts are better to drive away from you.

Because they are sent by demons.

Each person can turn to the Lord with his request. Whoever knows how exactly what his creation needs.

Therefore, if the need arose, it is better to use the opportunity and offer a prayer to the heavens.

Bringing good luck with amulets: the prohibition of the church

Good luck and success — that’s what attracts people so much. It is difficult to find a person who could easily give up all material benefits, because they have become an integral part of life. And this, of course, is sad.

Because spiritual leaders remember that the Lord taught people to give up material benefits so as not to tempt their soul. That’s just about this instruction, many have forgotten.

Of course, not many people succeed, although almost all people dream of it. Wanting to get rid of the failures that haunts him, a person can even turn to some witch to make an amulet for him. For example, in the old days, when the Orthodox religion did not yet have such a great influence, it was customary to seek help from the witches.

After all, they could completely save a person from suffering and all sorts of problems. And therefore, people who wanted to achieve success in work or school, as well as on the love front, often turned to them for help.

Prayers for good luck and success in everything: in work, study, love

For such suffering witches, they happily created special amulets and even shared the texts of conspiracies, which, they said, possessed tremendous power. However, taking the help of witches, few people thought about the consequences. Since the human mind was completely absorbed in dreams of future success and success.

That’s just sooner or later, but everyone had to pay the bills. And this price for success, which was brought to life through amulets and conspiracies, has always been high.

Such ministers of the church explain very simply. After all, all these witches and witches are followers of the Devil himself. It is from him that they get power.

Using it, they poison the soul of man, contribute to his fall. Of course, in the end he gets what his soul desired.

But since the help was received from the evil one, no one will be able to avoid heavy retribution. For this reason, the priests strictly forbid their flock:

  • Seek help from sorcerers to help get rid of problems in their work;
  • use various plots;
  • make yourself or take amulets from the sorcerer’s hands.

It is necessary to remember that the retribution will necessarily follow for these acts. And it will be so terrible that man can never find peace.

A righteous Christian must remember this and never resort to the help of otherworldly forces in order to get what he wants. Because they just experience the soul of man.

And if it turns out that the soul is weak, heaven will surely punish.

How to attract good luck and not anger the heavens?

Perhaps this is the main question that torments many parishioners. After all, they, experiencing a keen desire to succeed or to catch luck by the tail, immediately begin to look for an easy way to get what they want.

It’s just necessary to note right away that the path to getting what you want is always thorny. Of course, there is a way to achieve what the soul desires. But for this, a person will need to prove that he is worthy of the grace of the Lord.

To ask for this grace, you must use special prayers.

It is noteworthy that, until a certain time, the texts of these prayers were little known. In most cases, they were known only to those people who regularly attended church and closely communicated with spiritual leaders.

It was from them that they learned how to pray and what prayers should be offered.

It is necessary to immediately note one interesting fact. All these prayers can be addressed not only to the Lord.

Of course, the Most High is the most powerful of all heavenly inhabitants and his will is absolute. However, sometimes mediators are needed in a conversation with the Almighty.

In particular, if the request somehow relates to material goods.

Texts of prayers for good luck and success

Trying to bring success and success into life, it is necessary to remember that the best helper in this is a guardian angel who was put in charge of a person at the time of his birth. It is to the patron and should go with a prayer.

Prayers for good luck and success in everything: in work, study, love

In addition, if a person is in dire need of improving his material condition, he can offer a prayer to St. Nicholas. During his lifetime, he helped merchants and merchants.

And therefore, he is considered the protector of all those who are in material need.


  1. You can bring good luck and success to life with the help of correct prayers.
  2. It is impossible to ask directly for material benefits.
  3. In order not to incur the wrath of heaven, one should renounce the use of various kinds of amulets and conspiracies.
  4. You can offer prayers and ask for mercy to guardian angels, patron saints, and other intercessors.
  5. Especially effective is the prayer sent to St. Nicholas.

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