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Prayers for female happiness

Prayers for female happiness

Each of the women wants to be happy. To gain true female happiness, it is worth offering prayers to the Higher Forces: sincere requests will surely help bring to life prosperity and good luck.

Women are often subject to negative, jealousy and the wiles of detractors, as their energy is quite vulnerable. Prayers to Heaven will help them regain their strength and find peace of mind. Sincere requests for protection and happiness will be surely heard.

The strongest prayers will help you get rid of doubts and find your happiness.

How to pray

Prayers are not necessarily taught. The main thing is that your words be sincere and come from the heart. The energy of such words has tremendous power, and they will surely be heard. You can pray at home, following simple rules:

  • stay alone and concentrate on what you want to tell the Higher Forces;
  • your requests must be sincere and not bear greed or malice;
  • you will find the right words yourself if you think about what you really need;
  • believe in what you say, and then your desires will be fulfilled;
  • cross yourself with the sign of the cross in front of the face of the saints;
  • never ask to give you love with a man who is married or meets with another woman.

It is possible to offer prayers for women’s happiness not only to the Lord and the Virgin Mary. Women can ask for help from Saint Matrona, Nicholas the Wonderworker, the Martyr Barbara, Cyprian and other saints.

Prayer to the Virgin

“To the Mother of God of the Mother of God, hear the prayer of a sinful slave (name). Save and save, Lady, from envy and malice, do not let me turn away from the true path and strengthen my faith. Send me your blessing and protect me from the evil of men, the eyes of evil and unhappiness.


Prayer for female happiness

“Blessed Virgin Mary, help to find true happiness, grant me the opportunity to bring forth the long-awaited child. Save and save, Mother of God, my pregnancy, do not let a child be born sick and weak. Help me, Mother, do not leave me in the hour of doubt and save the fruit of my womb from any evil.


Prayer of family happiness

“Lord, I pray Thee for the happiness of a family and a happy marriage. Give me love sincere and mutual understanding with your spouse (name). Teach me, Lord, wisdom and patience so that our family thrived and did not know sorrow.

Take away our tongues, sharp and evil eyes, so that no one can harm our happiness. Amen».

Prayer for love

“Merciful Nicholas the Wonderworker! Hear the prayers of the servants of God (name) and leave my words unanswered. Help me find a sincere happiness, send me a betrothed who will sincerely love me and create a happy family with me.

Pray to our Almighty Lord, so that he will help two loving hearts to conclude a marriage before His eyes. Amen».

Prayer for the happiness of St. Cyprian

“Holy man of God, Cyprian! Receive my sincere prayer so do not leave it unanswered. I pray you, bless me, satisfy sorrow and grief, do not let despondency break my spirit. Send me female happiness, sincere love, protect anyone from evil.


Prayer for female happiness to the matron

“Mati Matronushka, our protector and patroness! Receive a sincere prayer from the servant of God (name). Do not leave me in sorrow, quench my grief.

Give me a sincere love, get rid of misfortunes and illnesses. I pray you, do not give me an insincere spouse, but send mutual love, that happiness will bring both of us and consolation. Amen».

Each of the prayers will help to find spiritual harmony and open the heart towards real happiness. It is possible to attract love not only with the help of prayer words, but also thanks to meditations that will help to tune in to true feelings. I wish you happiness, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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