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Prayers for fear, anxiety, and bad thoughts

Prayers for fear, anxiety, and bad thoughts

Any person at least once, but was afraid of something very much. And there is nothing shameful in this, since the instinct of self-preservation helps to survive or avoid trouble. Unfortunately, it also happens that permanent phobias grow into panic and significantly worsen life, sometimes making it difficult to adequately perceive what is happening around.

In such cases, prayers for fear, anxiety and bad thoughts are simply necessary. They will not only calm you down, restore your normal state of health, but also help you find the patronage of higher powers.

Prayers for fear, anxiety, and bad thoughts

What are the useful prayers for anxiety?

It is almost impossible to live and not be disturbed, not to worry and not to be afraid of anything. There are very few lucky ones.

Anxiety is familiar to all born on this earth. It sometimes very much interferes with the full-fledged existence, a person sometimes starts to expect that something negative will happen, and bad forebodings are sometimes painful.

The Orthodox Church teaches that each of us came to this world for joy, for enjoying the gifts of the Lord, in order to exist peacefully and quietly. Alas, sometimes this excitement and all kinds of phobias, which are quietly destroying from the inside, are a barrier to this. Health can be undermined by constant fear and stress, life is greatly shortened.

To meet a happy old age, you must be able to get rid of the fear that weakens the soul.

Prayers for fear, anxiety, and bad thoughts

What will help in such unpleasant cases? Of course, faith in God, as it takes care of the human soul, gives it strength, makes it closer to the life bequeathed by the Creator. For this reason, strong prayer for fear and anxiety is a healing medicine that will remove black experiences.

The sacred texts themselves help to become more confident, give peace. After the prayer, a person is soberly able to assess a situation that previously seemed terrifying to him.

The sensible decision comes by itself, and the current is considered coolly.

The most effective texts of prayers for fear and anxiety

There are several Orthodox prayers that will help overcome unpleasant states of constant fear and negative expectations. Some of them are familiar to many, others read less often, and sometimes they simply do not know about them.

Wonderful texts are different in volume, but you can resort to any depending on what a person experiences in a particular situation.

These include:

  • Prayers to the Most High, Jesus, the Holy Cross, the Song of the Virgin Mary (short);
  • Prayers of Our Father, Optina Elders, Kontakion of Our Lady and others (volumetric).

Next will be very strong lyrics.

Song of the Virgin

Prayers for fear, anxiety, and bad thoughts

It is read by a fearful Orthodox three times, less is impossible. This song will help to cope with the elimination of all sorts of negatives and compulsive obsessive states and thoughts.

Fear, arising without reason, is also subject to this prayer.

Prayer to the honest cross

Prayers for fear, anxiety, and bad thoughts

If a believer suddenly got into a dangerous place where there was a fire, flood, earthquake, storm, or was under fire, he was attacked, then this prayer is for just such cases. Before reading it, you must cross over and pronounce the words to yourself.

Jesus prayer

Prayers for fear, anxiety, and bad thoughts

Quite a small text, which can easily be memorized. However, its strength is such that it is possible to read in any case, it will help to part with fearfulness and confusion.

Prayer to the Lord from fear and anxiety

Prayers for fear, anxiety, and bad thoughts

There are days or even some moments when the soul of a person is filled with horror, the heart is ready to jump out of the chest, and there is no strength to pull yourself together and calm down. The text of this prayer will result in a frightened feeling, you just need to try to calmly read it.

Lord’s Prayer

If you can say so about the sacred prayer, then this is the most popular. Many know and pronounce it often. There are no restrictions on its reading.

In any situation or in an unforeseen event, when suddenly you need to lean on someone’s good hand, the strongest prayer “Our Father” is useful, especially if suddenly fear rolls into the night. Read 40 times, just before going to bed.

Prayers for fear, anxiety, and bad thoughts

Praying to the Guardian Angel from troubles

Prayers for fear, anxiety, and bad thoughts

Every Christian has his protector, the patron saint of heaven. He needs to send a prayer if there is no strength to fight independently with phobias and fears.

He also saves his ward from wrong steps and incidents. They read in the alarming hours, and it is better before bedtime so that you can rest easy.

Prayers for fear, anxiety, and bad thoughts

The holy Orthodox text “Living in the Help of the Most High” is such a powerful prayer, with a very strong defensive effect. When the bad feelings are overcome, the soul has anxious anxieties, it can cure the sufferer, help bring thoughts to order, restore balance to the soul.

Several Orthodox prayers for fear and anxiety

In moments of bad thoughts, heavy doubts and fears, it is possible and necessary to know those who sincerely believe in God next holy words.

Prayers for fear, anxiety, and bad thoughts

Prayers for fear, anxiety, and bad thoughts

Prayers for fear, anxiety, and bad thoughts

The last of these is read as soon as a person wakes up. She is especially strong when addressed to her at the beginning of her work day. It helps not to worry too much, to struggle with exhausting experiences.

We must pray daily in the morning.

At what time and how do prayers read from bad thoughts and anxiety

Life is rich in surprises, sometimes not very pleasant. Not everyone can take them calmly, some just begin to worry too much or even panic. Sometimes things can get to the utter physical and mental exhaustion.

Whether we like it or not, fears are part of life. Because of their impact, even seemingly strong people show weakness and are unprotected. To prevent this, the believer must always remember the prayers.

They are faithful helpers in trouble.

To make it easier to concentrate in critical situations, it is better to memorize prayers by heart. So it’s easier to pull yourself together and part with all fears and phobias.

Not everyone will be able to learn the big text, so many memorize short prayers. Read them, as they say, with the arrangement.

Just to mumble words is not worth it, because there will be no sense from this. It is desirable, at the same time, to visualize your fear and in thoughts, fighting with it, to destroy.

For better concentration, it is worth lighting a candle.


The main thing that is required when requesting a Higher Power is sincere and pure faith. Prayer is addressed when

  • fear and horror rolls upon man;
  • because of the panic state people cannot concentrate;
  • with anxiety, which is unfounded.

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