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Prayers for family preservation and family well-being

Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary — how to pray for family well-being

I always recommend to my parishioners to pray for their loved ones and relatives. At a time when trouble comes to the house, the family begins to fall apart, I advise you to read strong prayers and turn to the Lord for help.

For many, a prayer for the family is even the last hope, for only God can help, bestow enlightenment and show the true path. Today I will tell you why you need to offer prayers for family well-being, even if people are absolutely happy in marriage.

The problem of betrayal: to put up with the departure of her husband from the family or to fight with God’s help?

Family is the highest value. That is what the Bible teaches people.

However, quite often it happens that a person forgets about it. As a result, troubles begin in family life, which may even cause divorce. A divorce, as you know, is a very difficult moral test.

Especially if the husband and wife have a common child. For a kid like that can really be a shock.

Prayers for family preservation and family well-being

Perhaps it is not a secret to anyone that the reason for divorce is most often the betrayal. According to statistics, it is men who change more often than women. And when the unfortunate spouse finds out about treason, she faces a difficult question:

  • keep the family;
  • abandon the unfaithful lover.

In such a situation, even many true believers find themselves in difficulty and it is not easy for them to make a decision.

Ability to forgive

The Bible teaches people to forgive. The priests insist that only the man who himself was able to forgive his worst enemy, can count on the forgiveness of the Lord.

If you think about it, this idea is also reflected in the lines of the prayer «Our Father.»

However, when it comes to solving personal problems, not all people manage to follow the commandments of the Lord. That is why the priests recommend that at a difficult time as often as possible to attend church and talk with their spiritual mentor.

Conversations with him will be able to help a person in darkness to find the path to God. After all, being in a difficult situation, many simply lose faith.

And some even try to revenge the wrong spouse. Of course, this behavior is completely discouraged by the church.

There is only one instance that can punish a person for his sins. And this is God’s judgment.

Only the Creator can decide who is worthy of punishment, and who better to grant forgiveness. And so the priests strongly recommend deceived women to pray earnestly to the Lord and ask him for help.

What you need to ask God

It is noteworthy that the help here can mean not only the return of the prodigal husband to the family. Sometimes the best solution really is a divorce.

And if this is so, then the Lord will certainly send to his servant a correct thought that will allow her to free herself from an unbearable burden.

Prayers for family preservation and family well-being

No wonder that there is a saying that says that the ways of the Lord are inscrutable. It may seem to a person that he will be happy only under certain circumstances.

For example, if next to him will be the second half.

In the end, a person can doom himself to even greater suffering, even without realizing it. That is why it is so important to ask the Almighty to grant enlightenment.

For this reason, the priests are constantly reminded that a person should not dispute the will of the Most High. Sometimes it happens that a person comes to pray at the church and asks the unfaithful spouse to return to the house.

But in the end this does not happen, and the Christian begins to think that the Lord has left him.

It is necessary to remember that these thoughts are from the devil. He tempts a person and constantly tries to make him believe that God simply turned away from him and no longer hears the prayers addressed to him.

After all, by uttering the phrase “take cover”, they hope to get fulfillment of desires. In fact, this is not the case. Even the priests consider this to be sinful.

After all, a true believer should never doubt the Creator.

Why not seek help from the witch?

Immediately it is worth noting that even in Russia there were such witches who had the power to bring a person back to the family. From generation to generation, they passed on their knowledge. Therefore, even now, in many small villages located far from civilization, such witches still live.

It is to them for help that deceived wives or husbands most often turn. Because they promise not only to return the betrayed person, but also to punish the one who encroached on family happiness.

Why it is not recommended to go to the witches:

  1. It is not difficult to guess that the church of the negative belongs to such shamans who play with fate. And this is not only because they did not believe in God. Satan himself gave them power. And therefore, spiritual mentors categorically forbade Orthodox Christians not only to seek help from witches, but also to simply talk with them. Because it was believed that they could cause a person to doubt his faith.
  2. Even priests believe in the existence of karma. It’s not for nothing that the Bible has lines that say that each person will be rewarded according to his deeds. Consequently, if he hurt someone else, then in the near future, his payback will overtake him. Since the Almighty does not forgive those who try with their own hands, by resorting to dark magic, to punish the guilty.
  3. We must not forget that damage has a destructive power that can ruin the life of not only the one who brought it, but also his closest relatives. When asking for help from a shaman, it is necessary to remember that the next of kin will pay for this sin. And ultimately, none of them will fall into the kingdom of the Lord and will be rejected.

Therefore, when faced with a difficult life situation, a person, first of all, should think about asking for help from the Almighty, to pray for family well-being. After all, there are even special prayers that can help save a family or settle minor troubles.

Prayers for family preservation and family well-being

We will talk about these prayers now. But before getting acquainted with the texts of prayers, it is necessary to mention that it is possible to pray not only to the Lord.

The priests recommend praying not only to the Most High, but also to the holy patrons and guardian angels.

Prayer for family well-being and preservation of the family: whom to pray?

This is the question that all believers ask who are faced with problems that are gradually destroying marital happiness. Of course, no one can forbid offering prayers to the Lord. However, you can turn to other saints:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to remember that every person who has been baptized has an intercessor Angel and a patron saint. They are the first instance of assistance. Therefore, it is recommended to pray to them first and only after that turn to the Lord with prayer.
  2. Welcome and the ascension of the prayer to the Virgin Mary. It is believed that the Mother of God is the intercessor of all the weak and afflicted. However, many at the same time forget that it is also the embodiment of the keeper of the hearth. Women who are faced with betrayal or want to ask for family well-being, it is best to pray to the Virgin Mary.
  3. People offer prayers to John the Theologian if a family is brewing or a conflict has already occurred. It is believed that this particular saint is able to soften the hearts of believers. In addition, after the ascension of prayer, the prayer begins to feel lightness in his soul. It is for this reason that many Christians compare this prayer with a healing balm that helps to heal from any heartache.
  4. Of course, it would not be superfluous to offer a prayer addressed to Peter and Fevronia. As you know, they are the intercessors of family happiness. Therefore, it is not surprising that they need to pray for the family. They are especially revered by Christians, since these saints are proof of how strong love can be. Moreover, some even believe that this prayer is the strongest of all possible.

Priests believe that any prayer is powerful. Since its strength depends on how sincere the request is.

An important role is also played by whether one is praying before the Lord. After all, it is impossible to count on the favor of heaven in the event that the person praying is a sinner who has not even repented of his transgressions.

How to offer a prayer: simple rules

For the Lord to heed prayer, it is recommended to follow simple rules:

  • You need to pray, bending your knees. Thus, a person shows his respect and adoration for the almighty Lord. The Lady’s Prayer can be read and standing;
  • it is not desirable to read the text from a leaflet or a prayer book. It is better to learn it in advance. But if a bad memory does not allow a person to memorize prayers, then certain indulgences are permissible;
  • prayer must be offered before the holy image. If there is no icon of that saint in the house to whom prayer is offered, you just need to stand next to other icons;
  • need to pray all alone. After all, prayer is a sacrament in which no outsiders need to be initiated;
  • reading the text, you should think about the question that concerns a person. Do not be distracted by other thoughts;
  • praying is allowed not only at home, but also in the church. And if there are no icons in the house, then visiting the temple would be the best solution. You can find out which particular icon you need to approach from a priest or one of the parishioners.

Of course, no one requires believers to follow these rules clearly. As the priests are inclined to believe that any sincere prayer will be powerful, it will surely be heard.

However, it will still be better if the person prepares in advance.


  1. Prayers can also be read to saints, because they can also help a person.
  2. You can also ask that the Most High protect from divorce.
  3. One should always ask the Almighty that the happiness of marriage should last as long as possible.

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