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Prayers for children: the rarest and strongest

Prayers for children: the rarest and strongest

My son was in serious trouble at school — there was a conflict with the teacher, then there were problems with classmates. In adolescence, parental intervention is perceived very painfully, so it was pointless to go to school and deal with the situation: the son very nervously reacted to our offers to help.

He always answered that he would figure it out himself. My husband and I began to pray for him so that all his problems would be solved.

Immediately there was a good feeling that our prayer was heard.

A couple of weeks later, the teacher called, with whom he was in conflict, and told us that they had found a common language, the hostility had stopped, the son himself suggested that she prepare an essay on a complex topic and coped well with the task.

This once again convinced me that with the help of God it is possible to solve all problems, even very difficult ones! In this article I will tell you the best way to pray for children, so that their life path is easier and brighter.

Prayers for children: the rarest and strongest

God hears maternal prayers

When our children get sick, worry about some kind of problem, or just don’t feel very well, we experience pain and anxiety. How can I help a child?

The best way is prayer.

Mothers are often asked: how to find the rarest and strongest prayer for a child? But the answer is very simple: the power of prayer depends on you.

Of course, it is very important that the text of the prayer be consonant with you, that it gives you strong feelings in your heart with which you would appeal to the creator.

But even if you ask God for the health of the child in your own words, this prayer will also have great power if your words were sincere and you really believed at that moment that God hears you.

Prayers for children: the rarest and strongest

How to read a prayer for a child, which saint to pray

To support a child in a difficult situation, we really need the rarest and strongest prayers for children. If your children have any problems, contact Nicholas the Wonderworker. It is known that the great saint always helped mothers.

About this there is a huge amount of evidence.

St. Nicholas hears our prayers and always helps. Read first any canonical prayer to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker or Akathist to a saint, and then address it in your own words.

Tell him what your sadness is and what problem your child is bothering you.

Do not forget, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is also the patron saint of schoolchildren, helping with learning difficulties. Therefore, if you are concerned about the school progress of your children, ask Nicholas the Pleasant to support them.

Also Sergius of Radonezh is considered to be an assistant in training. It is to him that you can turn if your child’s assessments upset you.

Saint Matrona helps even in the most difficult cases. If you are worried about the causeless anxiety for your child (or if this alarm is justified), then contact the Holy Matron.

Matron can save you from negative emotions, tells your child how best to act in this or that situation, direct him to goodness and joy.

If you are the parent of an adult atheist child, then you should first of all pray for enlightening your offspring and only then for God to help him in his affairs. Your most important task is the salvation of the souls of your children and, secondly, the success of their earthly affairs.

Prayers for children: the rarest and strongest

Create a peaceful atmosphere to pray for children.

The best way to prayerfully address the Higher Forces is to create a calm environment so that you can tune in to prayer and feel your connection with God. You can pray for your children both at home and in the temple.

If you pray at home, it is better to get an image of Jesus Christ and Nicholas the Wonderworker in the church shop, as well as church candles. A lit candle helps to concentrate on the words of the prayer, takes us into the spiritual dimension.

Prayer to the Virgin

Our Lady of God is the most important advocate and helper of all mothers on the planet. The Virgin Mary herself experienced great pain — she saw the death of her son on the cross, was present at his sufferings.

God’s will of the Mother of God has been given a great power — to help parents and children, to support those people who value family and family relationships.

Prayers for children: the rarest and strongest

Also, according to Orthodox tradition, mothers and fathers can turn for help to Saint Barbara, Saint Simeon, Saint Martyr Trifon. It is these holy saints who patronize children and are ready to be especially sensitive to parental prayer.

In the event of illness, the canonical prayer and the akathist to Saint Panteleimon, as well as to the holy martyr Trifon, should be read.

It is very good if the prayer for the child has become your habit. Even if the children are fine, the mother’s prayer protects them from possible troubles, helps in school and work.

If your child is still very small, then a prayer for his health and safety will give him strength, protect him from dangers, help him in school or in any children’s team.

Prayers for children: the rarest and strongest

Appeal to the Guardian Angel

Parents can communicate directly with their child’s guardian angels. This is a great opportunity to make the life of children safer and happier!

You can pray to the Guardian Angel of sleep or your daughter in your own words. The meaning of prayer should be to call the angel, a request for protection and assistance.

In conclusion of the prayer, be sure to thank the higher forces for the help! This will give strength to your prayer message.

Pray often for your child, and then his life will develop more happily, there will be meaning and joy in it. He will be more healthy and successful, his every work will succeed.

We wish you and your children good luck!

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