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Prayers before the exam to pass it for a good grade.

Prayer before the exam: who and how to pray?

You can overcome your anxiety and fear during the exam with the help of special prayers addressed to the Lord God, the Most Holy Mother of God and the saints. Reading prayer texts about passing examinations will allow you to focus on educational material, gather thoughts, concentrate and win on your side.

It is advisable to read prayers independently, but parents or other close relatives can also pray for a student.

The strongest are the prayers addressed to the faces of the saints:

  • Matrona of Moscow;
  • St. Nicholas of Myra;
  • Sergius of Radonezh;
  • John of Kronstadt;
  • The Holy Martyr Tatiana of Rome;
  • Blessed Virgin.

The Lord God and the Guardian Angel given to a person at baptism can ask for help or a miracle.

Prayers are universal and will help school students and university students in the following cases:

  • to pass final examinations in the form of GIA, OGE, EGE and GVE;
  • successfully write a test paper;
  • pass all tests, exams and close the session;
  • get a good grade in the protection of course and degree projects.

But even after receiving the diploma, the exams continue to “pursue”: obtaining rights to the traffic police and traffic police, labor certification, passing standards for safety at work and many other points require concentration, calmness and concentration. In addition, each handing over wants a little luck and favor from the members of the commission.

Prayer will help only those who have studied the material and set up a good result. Appeal to God and the patron saints should come from the heart, because without faith it is impossible to hope for the support of higher powers.

Prayers before the exam to pass it for a good grade.

Each parent caring for his child may ask the Lord God for the Most High and the holy saints to help the beloved child write the control or pass the exam for “excellent”:

“O Lord, Jesus Christ, we bow to You and pray to You, send our supporters to us. Remember God Your promises: «where two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am among them,» remember packes and after Your Resurrection Your words: «I am with you to the end of the age.»

Blessed be Your holy disciples and apostles after Your Ascension, and promised the grace of the Holy Spirit to them and honored their gifts of wisdom and mind on the Fiftieth Day, having created some of them teachers of the wisdom of faith.

Grant to our youngsters (names) who are now passing the examination tests of the same Spirit of Wisdom and Reason, as they once gave to your holy disciple. Make sure that our youths, without fear and embarrassment, forget nothing of the teachings taught to them and reasonably put forth what is required on the test.

They who did the examiners were peaceful and supportive, as they had once done to St. Sergius and the righteous John and your other saint. Their prayers, coupled with the martyr Tatiana, with the saints Basil the Great, John Chrysostom and Gregory the Theologian, through Your Holy Spirit from the Father, be merciful to all of us forever and ever. Amen. «

Prayer of parents for children should be read repeatedly, preferably before the very beginning of the exam. It is not necessary to speak to the saints aloud — even mentally spoken words will be heard.

As long as a daughter or son passes a school or university exam, a mother or father can ask for help from the holy Matrona of Moscow:

“Matronushka Svyataya, protector of children and mothers, I ask you about this one at a time, yes I do not ask, but I beg. Give strength to the blood of my dear, do not leave her in the trials of difficult, help, show me the easy way. So that the tickets were simple, and the answer to keep the servant of God (the name of the child), but good luck so that was above him. ”

Mothers and fathers worrying about their children can help a child to pass the session well and reassure themselves by addressing Saint Tatiana:

“Saint Tatiana is the mother of all students; help your son to your laborer and student (name). Your mother, God-given, asks you for intercession. Let there be scientific thoughts in your head, and questions that you have learned and come along.

Thank you benefactress, helper and intercessor. Always you are near, you stand behind you do not throw. Amen. «

The same power is possessed by the prayer to Archangel Michael:

“Archangel, Father Michael, guardian angel of all children and mothers. Be you next to (name), stand behind him and tell at such a difficult time.

Never threw, still helped us and now do not throw. Pray your prayer to our great Lord about the teaching and surrender of the good. He also knows the scientist well, did not mess around and did not walk, earned a good assessment by work and easily does not ask.

I ask for him, his mother is natural, dear. I worry, cry, I pray to you to the savior. Amen. «

Prayers before the exam to pass it for a good grade.

The success of the training depends on the ability to focus on the studied science, to memorize the material studied and to correctly present it in the exam. If a student has difficulties with this, he may turn to Sergius of Radonezh for help.

This saint, in his being, could not master knowledge, but after reading a special prayer, he succeeded in learning.

Prayers before the exam to pass it for a good grade.

St. Sergius of Radonezh

Orthodox students often turn to Sergius of Radonezh before surrendering a session or defending a diploma. Prayer treatment is quite long, but very effective:

“Oh, the sacred head, Reverend and God-bearing Father of our Sergius, with your prayer, and faith and love, likewise to God, and the purity of the heart, still on earth to the dwelling of the Most Holy Trinity, and your angelic communion and the Most Holy Theotokos of the Holy Trinity, and The gift of miraculous grace is received, after your departure from the earthly, especially close to God, and celestial forces are attached, but your spirit of love from us is not receding, and your honest power is like a vessel of grace full and overcoming, leaving us!

Having great boldness to the All-Merciful Master, pray for the salvation of His servants, the grace of His faith existing in you and for you with the love that flows. Ask us every gift from the Great God of our God, to all and whoever needs good faith: obedience is faith, obedience are graces, peace is peace, deliverance from foreignness and preservation, sorrow, consolation, ailing healing, fallen ascension, misguided path of truth salvation, returning, fortifying, blessing in good deceit and blessing, infant upbringing, youthful admonition, ignorant admonition, orphans and widows intercession, departing from this time His life to the eternal good preparation and parting words, having departed blessed rest, and all of us with the help of your prayers, on the day of the Last Judgment of the horror of shuya, deliver yourself, descend the country’s communion and the blessed voice of the Lord of Christ to hear: you the kingdom of the addition of the world. » Amen. «

The public prayer will help activate mental processes, improve memory and ingenuity. A three-fold reading of the prayer appeal to the Rev. helps in the process of studying school or university disciplines, and in answering questions of tests or examination tickets, but only on condition that the student makes efforts.

No prayer will help if a person does not have the desire to receive knowledge.

Prayers before the exam to pass it for a good grade.

Nikolai Ugodnik — another patron of students and students. He always instructed his disciples if they diligently studied and tried to master science.

If you sincerely ask Saint Nicholas to accomplish a miracle during the exam, you can pull out the easiest ticket or the one that the student knows best.

Prayers before the exam to pass it for a good grade.

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker

A prayer appeal to Nicholas the Wonderworker needs to be memorized:

“O Saint Nicholas, People’s Bastard! We remember and honor our holy kindness. Do not leave the sinful servant of God even now.

Clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts, deign to calm my soul. Grant, be forgiving, I cleverness for the coming exam!

I believe you are blessed and just, I hope for your salvation is holy, Hear my prayer for our Lord. Amen. «

Prayer helps to avoid nagging on the part of the examination board and additional tricky questions that are sometimes capable of confusing even an excellent student. It is useful to read it not only on the eve of the exam, but also before each important event in a college, institute or university, especially if there were difficulties in studying or for some reason lost the thirst for knowledge.

After the exam is successfully passed, you need to offer a prayer of thanks to Nicholas the Wonderworker and all the saints:

“Thank you Nikolushka the Satisfaction and God our common saint for help and clarification. Help your help me, reassured, clear mind gave. I will continue to try in the exercises, to succeed.

Bless my teachers, parents and friends. Give them health and their families. I bow low to all saints to the earth of the mother. ”

The Lord God never leaves in trouble. Seeing zeal and perseverance in mastering knowledge, he helps strengthen the spirit, gives strength and firmness in achieving the goal. A short prayer service addressed to the Almighty can be read before any exam, control, performance with a report or passing a test for knowing the rules of the road:

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, bless me for study / exam, send your help to the saint, until you are able to achieve what you want: Lord, please Thee, and for my good. Amen.

The Most Good God, send us the grace of Your Holy Spirit, who gives our spiritual strength and strength, so that, teaching to us the teaching, we have increased to You, our Creator, to the glory, to our parents for consolation, to the Church and fatherland for our benefit. Amen. «

Passing the exam in the traffic police, whether theory or driving, takes a lot of nerves from those who give it up, because state service employees are very strict with beginners, because the knowledge of the rules and the speed of reaction on the road depends on the life and health of drivers and pedestrians. For the exam to go smoothly, you need to memorize the following prayer:

“Whoever follows the Lord will be strong in the knowledge as the disciples of the Lord. Whoever follows the Lord will always be the first.

Whoever follows the Lord will always be grateful for the knowledge. I will follow the Lord.

Please send me, Lord, good luck in passing the difficult exam. Amen, Amen, Amen. «

The text of the prayer can be read before the beginning of the test and mentally repeated during the exam, and then help from above will come.

If you need to relieve a sense of fear in front of an important day, to become more confident in your abilities and knowledge, to concentrate on the task and not to panic, it is helpful to go to the Matrona of Moscow for help.

Prayers before the exam to pass it for a good grade.

It is best to go to the temple, put a candle near the image of Matronushka and sincerely ask her for help:

“Holy Righteous Mother Matrona! To all people you are a helper, help me (what help is needed).

Do not leave me with your help and intercession, pray to the Lord for God’s servant (name). In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. «

If suddenly the text of the prayer «flies» out of your head, you can ask for help in your own words. Blissful hear and help pull out an easy ticket.

In order for luck to smile, and thoughts of excitement do not scatter, you need to pray sincerely and wholeheartedly.

John of Kronstadt often responds to the prayers of Orthodox disciples and helps them in mastering letters. Prayer appeal to the saint is able to open in schoolchildren and students a craving for the study of new subjects, to help them easily overcome the sciences that were previously given with difficulty.

Prayers before the exam to pass it for a good grade.

The sacred text can be read by the students themselves or their parents. The power of prayer will increase many times if you read it in front of a temple or venerate the relics of the righteous:

“O great honorable of Christ, the holy righteous Father John of Kronstadt, a marvelous shepherd, speedy helper, and merciful to the presenter! Raising praise to the Triune God, you prayerfully cried out: “Love Your name to you: do not reject me astray.

Name Your Strength: Strengthen me, exhausted and falling. Name Your Light: enlighten my soul, darkened by everyday passions. My name to you is the World: die my restless soul.

Name to You Grace: do not stop pardoning me. ”

Now, the All-Russian congregation prays to you, your intercession, the Christ-appointed and righteous servant of God! Illumine your love for us, sinners and weaknesses, to vouch for us, to bear the worthy fruits of repentance and unconsciously communion of the Holy Mysteries of Christ. By your power of faith in us strengthen, in prayer, support, heal the sickness and sickness, save from the evils, the enemies of the visible and invisible.

With the light of your servants and the heads of the altar of Christ on the holy exploits of the pastoral work, grant babies the education, instruct their youth, support the old age, see the shrines of the temples and holy monasteries.

Die, Wonderful and Providence the most dearly, the people of our country, with grace and the gift of the Holy Ghost deliver from civil strife; gather, deceive, and turn together your Holy and Catholic and Apostolic Church. By the grace of your matrimony in peace and unity of mind, grant to the monastics in the affairs of good prosperity and blessings grant graciousness to comfort those who suffer the wicked unclean liberties, in the needs and circumstances of those who have mercy, guide us all to the path of salvation.

In Christ alive, our Father John, bring us to the everlasting light of eternal life, let us be granted eternal bliss with you, praising and exalting God for ever and ever. Amen. «

In order for the examiners to show kindness and condescension towards the student, you should turn your eyes to the face of the Most Holy Theotokos. The strongest in this regard are two icons:

  • Icon of the Mother of God «Key of Reason»;
  • The icon of the Mother of God «The addition of the mind» (the second, often referred to as the name «The Mind Giver»).

The history of these lists is from the XVI century. During this time they have done many miracles in the field of training and passing various kinds of tests.

And in our time, the Blessed Virgin Mary helps schoolchildren and students to get good grades. It is useful to have one of the icons in the house, and even better to put on the desk or next to it.

You can take a small icon with you for the exam. This will give confidence in their abilities, morally mobilize and inspire a good result.

“O Most Holy Virgin! You are the Bride of God the Father and the Mother of the Divine His Son Jesus Christ! You are the Queen of Angels and the salvation of people, the accuser of sinners and the punisher of apostates.

Have mercy on us, who have sinfully sinned and have not fulfilled the commandments of God, who have broken the vows of baptism and the vows of monasticism, and many others who have promised to perform. When the Holy Spirit departed from King Saul, then fear and despondency attacked him and the darkness of despair and the bleak state of mind tormented him.

Now we too, for our sins, have all been deprived of the grace of the Holy Spirit.

The mind is fussed with vanity of thoughts, oblivion of God has darkened our souls, and now weary hearts of every kind of sorrow, grief, sickness, hatred, evil, enmity, vindictiveness, gloating and other sins. And without joy and consolation, we call upon You, the Mother of our God Jesus Christ, let your Son be silent forgive us for all our sins and send the Spirit of Comforter to us, as He sent Him to the apostles, let them be comforted and enlightened by him to praise You thanks song : Rejoice, Most Holy Theotokos, who has added mind to our salvation. Amen. «

Prayers before the exam to pass it for a good grade.

Icon of the Mother of God "Mind boost"

Tatyana Rimskaya has been honored as a patroness of the students for several decades. Tatiana’s Day, celebrated on January 25th, is widely celebrated by students from all universities in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

Prayers before the exam to pass it for a good grade.

It is believed that if you pray on the night before the exam or test on a complex subject, you will definitely get a good ticket or an easy task:

“Oh, holy martyr Tatiano, the Bride of Your Sweet Groom, Christ! Lamb of the Lamb Divine! To the pigeon-hole of chastity, fragrant body, suffering like a royal vestment clothed, to the face of heavenly conjoined, exultant now in eternal glory, who obeyed the servant of the Church of God from her youth days and loved all the best of the Lord!

We pray to you and we ask you to: heed our heartfelt petitions and do not reject our prayers, grant purity of body and soul, inhale love for Divine truths, enter us in a virtuous way, angelic protection ask God for us, heal our wounds and ulcers, youth protect, old age is painless and comfortable give me grace in your death hour, remember our sorrow and give me pleasure, visit us who are in the prison of sin, instruct us to repentance, sing the flame of prayer, do not leave us orphans, but glorifying your suffering, give praise to the Lord, now and ever forever and ever. Amen. «

The Guardian Angel, the spiritual mentor and patron, does not leave the Orthodox man in all earthly affairs. Training and examinations are no exception. This mental, psychological, or physical test will be easier to pass if you seek the help of the good spirit that God has given for help and guidance:

“The Holy Angel of Christ, the faithful servant of God, the warrior of His host of heaven, I cry to you in prayer, overshadowing myself with the holy cross. Heavenly grace bestowed upon me on the strength of my soul and grant me meaning and understanding, so that I would attentively listen to the God-pleasing teaching that the teacher gives us, and with my mind he grew extremely in the glory of the Lord, for the benefit of the people and the Holy Orthodox Church.

I ask you about this, an angel of Christ. Amen. «

An appeal to the disembodied celestial forces, spoken with true faith in the heart, will relieve from forgetfulness, confusion and excitement:

“O God, holy and repentant in the saints, with a trisagion voice in heaven from an angel, praised on earth from man in his saints praise: giving grace to Your Holy Spirit as well as Christ’s gift to the Holy Ghost, the prophets, the prophets, the oats preachers, ovs, shepherds and teachers, by their own word of preaching.

To you, to the Most Active, all in all, the mnosi were accomplished in all kinds of ways, the various virtues that were pleasing to You, and to You we left the image of your good deeds, in the joy of the past, to prepare, in Himself tempting ourselves, and help us Remembering the saints of all, and praising their pious life, To You, Samago, I praise you in them, and praise them, and give your talents to be a believer, diligently pray Thee, Holy of Saints, grant my sinful succession to their teachings, more than Thy, who do all things, you will receive the Holy Saints, more than all your sinful teachings, more than Your whole thing, you will have everything that accompanies you, moreover, Honor yourself with glory, praising your most holy name, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever. Amen. «

Many students and students are afraid of failing the exam or test. But the future of a person, his authority with teachers, the opportunity to go on an internship to a promising place often depends on a positive result.

Therefore, it is important to enlist the support of not only friends and parents, but also the Higher Forces. Prayers will help you to get together and concentrate in front of a responsible test, not to worry, to become more confident, to keep calm.

After getting a good mark on the test, successful passing of the session or the defense of the graduation project, it is necessary to thank the Lord God for protection and protection in front of formidable teachers or examiners:

“We thank You, the Creator, as Thou didst acknowledge us by Thy grace, for heed the teaching. Bless our bosses, parents and teachers leading us to the knowledge of the good, and give us strength and strength to continue this teaching. ”

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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