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Prayers before the exam for a good grade

Prayers before the exam for a good grade

I always had weak nerves, and on the night before the exam I could never fall asleep. As a result, she came to the university exhausted, scared, with a beating heart. Even if the material was familiar to me, I could not collect my thoughts and respond well to the teacher’s questions.

The result was, as a rule, the three! I decided to turn to God to help me in my studies.

More precisely, he helped me gather my strength and not worry so much on the eve of the exam.

In the evening before the next exam, I warmly turned to the Almighty God, and also asked for the help of Nicholas and the Holy Matron. And the miracle happened! I calmly fell asleep, woke up rested, with a clear head.

Exam passed to the top five! Now I know for sure that the prayers before the exam really help to get a good grade.

If you sincerely ask the saints for help, then there really will be support!

Prayer before the exam

By embarrassing to divert God’s attention on such an occasion as an exam, we can say that the exam is an important event in life. In addition, it is such a responsible situation in which we learn to speak, show ourselves on the good side, collect our intellectual abilities.

Not for all, this situation is familiar and comfortable. In addition, there are assessments that go to the diploma, that is, they can have an impact on our entire future fate, since the employer will look at them.

We see that the request for help in the exam is fully justified, especially for those people who are well prepared, but are worried about the peculiarities of their nervous system.

Prayers before the exam for a good grade

Therefore, to pray on the eve of the exam is really possible and necessary! Prayer for the exam calms down nerves, helps to fall asleep and gain strength before an important event, gives us confidence that higher powers will help us.

There is another kind of prayer for the exam — when a person is not ready, but asks God for help. In this case, you can hardly count on luck, with the only exception: only if your unavailability for the exam is justified. For example, you could not leave work, so there was no time to prepare, you were sick or someone from your loved ones was ill.

In this case, God will see your situation and will do everything for you to pass the exam well, especially if this subject is not useful to you in later life.

How does the prayer before the exam

Sincere prayer soothes an excited nervous system, a person calms down, begins to believe in himself and his abilities. In addition, there is a certainty that the Higher Forces lead him through life the right way, and there can be no mistakes on this road.

Sincere trust in God creates miracles — a person begins to believe in himself, as a result, his intellectual abilities increase, it is easier for him to answer the exam, even the most difficult question. After all, he believes that God is near!

That a person is not alone in his fate, and during the exam, he, too, will not be left alone with his difficulties.

Studies have shown that people who often and sincerely prayed during the session had a low level of stress — much lower than other students who were not interested in matters of faith.

Prayers before the exam for a good grade

Who can pray before the exam

First of all, you should pray to Jesus Christ — thank you for your support in life, ask him for the gift of faith, hope, and spiritual and intellectual activity. Pray also to the Mother of God: first read the “Virgin of the Virgin” several times, and then ask for help in your own words.

According to tradition, Orthodox Christians in our country pray on the eve of a difficult exam to Matrona of Moscow, because Matrona always helps and supports those who need help. Ask her for intercession before the Lord God: may God grant you cleverness, good memory and a clear mind.

Also ask that the teacher’s mood does not affect the assessment, and then thank the saint.

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, Sergius of Radonezh, answers the prayers of students. They help students not to get lost during the exam, save their full potential and show it to the teacher.

Also among the heavenly assistants in school are such saints as Gregory the Theologian, Cyril and Methodius, John Chrysostom, that is, those people who were actively engaged in enlightenment, taught other people or were scientists during life.

The mother’s prayer for the child student also works well. Even if the child himself has not yet come to faith, the mother can pray for his success in education.

If the child is baptized, then such a prayer is possible. God will surely answer the mother and hold her baby.

Prayers before the exam for a good grade

By the way, for this situation there is also an interesting study: the scientists asked the participants of the experiment to pray for sick people, and during prayer their condition noticeably improved. Therefore, mothers should earnestly pray for the success of their child in the exam, if she wants the child to be truly successful.

Do not forget about the prayer of St. Tatiana — the patroness of students. Her help, in the opinion of many believers, literally creates miracles: shy and timid students become calm and confident during the exam, they come across familiar tickets, the teacher is especially lenient and kind.

Cyril and Methodius are known for creating Slavic writing. Prayer to these saints well helps humanitarian students, especially philologists.

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