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Prayers before confession and communion

Prayers before confession and communion

Confession and communion are the most important rituals obligatory for Christians. Despite the fact that there are about one hundred million Orthodox in our country, not everyone knows how to confess and receive communion correctly, and that it is necessary to read the correct prayers before these rites.

Why should confess and communion

Every self-respecting Christian is obliged to confess and receive communion. It is a commitment to God and to himself. According to the rules, it is allowed to do this at home or not to do at all only seriously ill people. Naturally, desire must come from a pure heart, and not just because it is necessary to do so.

The opinion of church ministers fluctuates — someone says that the true desire for communion and confession comes from the heart always, so in any case it is up to the person himself to confess every day or time. Some say that this sacrament should be performed at least five times a year: in the four main posts and on the day of the angel.

Worldly life is difficult, because there are many temptations in it that make it necessary to delay the campaign in the church, but when a person takes his everyday life into the background and goes to the temple with a pure soul, this is a real holiday.

Confession and Communion: how to prepare

One desire to go to church is not entirely insufficient, since these rites still have their own rules. Of course, if there is a desire, then everything will work out, but the instructions, one way or another, must be followed. Need spiritual training.

First, it is necessary to observe fasting for at least three days. This is a must for every believer who respects himself and God.

Secondly, you need to go to communion with a pure soul. No offense at anyone, in the appropriate mood.

Thirdly, it is necessary to prepare in prayer. For this you need to visit the evening service in the church and at home to read the prayers. Right before the communion, the house is also advised to read the “Follow-up to Holy Communion”.

Prayer before confession is:

God and Lord of all, every power and every soul is his only power to heal me! Hear the prayer of me, the damned, and the serpent nestling in me by the flow of the All-holy and the Life-giving Spirit, slaying the consumption. And Mene, Nischa and Naga of all virtues being, at the feet of my holy father (spiritual), with tears, to save him, and his holy soul to charity, dear to me, attracted.

And give, O Lord, in my heart humility and thoughts of goodness, befitting a sinner who consented to Thee to repent; and not in the end leave the soul alone, combined with You and confessing Thea, and choosing and preferring Thea instead of the world. Ves bo, O Lord, for a hostage is saved, even if my sly custom is an obstacle: but it is possible for You, Vladyka, that is the essence, it’s impossible to be the essence of a person. Amen.

After communion, many people forget to read a prayer of thanks, which is also in the prayer book. This is no less important, because when the sacrament is completed, it is necessary to thank God for making it possible to approach him and become part of it, because the sacrament is a rite, a sacrament in which we eat the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. This is an act of reunification with God himself, and confession before him is obligatory.

Without confession there is no communion, since those who have not prepared for communion and have not passed confession cannot be allowed to eat the Blood and Body of the Lord.

These are simple rules that everyone can follow. You must be prudent, clean in your thoughts and spiritually prepared for this great mystery, and then everything will go well. Do not forget to prepare for communion and confession, and press the buttons and

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