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Prayers before and after reading the Gospel

Prayers before and after reading the Gospel

In the life of every person there is a trait. The one that is fatal, turning, etc. Behind it is the abyss … You can call it with any word you like. Sometimes there are several such “features”.

I do not remember what this “trait” was in my life, but it was. At that moment I came to the next line — to the reading of the Gospel.

And reading this has changed my life.

I will briefly tell this story

A number of events in the life of «exhausted» completely my nervous system. The diagnosis of «nervous exhaustion» is not comforting.

Doctors appointed medical examination. But the case (not otherwise!) Prevented it.

On the eve, I was invited to visit a very intelligent lady who, after listening to my story, remarked: “Honey, but let’s not go to any doctors!” At these words, she took an old book from the table and gave it to me. It was her grandmother’s gospel.

So I first started reading the Gospel. At the beginning, not a single word (almost none!) Was clear to me.

But on this day I fell asleep for the first time. Needless to say that I really didn’t go to the doctors anymore.

Prayers before and after reading the Gospel

It’s amazing! Reading the Gospel to us is not in vain for the Holy Fathers. This reading heals, purifies, soothes, teaches, puts on the right path.

Why? We will understand everything in order, every moment has its meaning.

What is the gospel

It would seem simple enough. What is the gospel? The gospel is the New Testament.

What is a covenant? We do not think.

The gospel is not just a New Testament; it is the Life, the Word, the Wisdom of Christ Himself. Reading the gospel, we talk with God.

What could be higher than that?

Four Gospels

Few people do not know that we now read the four Gospels. And these books are called the Four Gospels.

They were compiled by the evangelists Mark, Matthew, Luke and John. Two of them (Matthew and John) were apostles.

The Holy Gospel was holy preserved in its original form, i.e., even the slightest violation in the text was unacceptable. Changed only the graphic embodiment of the text.

So, for example, the first books were written in the Alexandrian dialect (so-called “Kini”) in strictly capital letters. Punctuation marks were not used when writing it.

Gospel time

All books were written in the second half of the first century. The first was written the Gospel of Matthew, a little later — from Luke t from Mark.

The last was written Gospel of John.

The first three Gospels refer to the “synoptic”, i.e., set forth in one image. The gospel of John is very different from them in its exalted character.

Before the beginning of the reading of the Gospel it is supposed to say a prayer, since this reading is sacred, carrying tremendous help to the reader.

A prayer is read in the temple, and it is read at home. Homes most often read the main prayer for this moment.

Read it before reading and at the end of it.

Prayers before and after reading the Gospel

What are we asking for

This prayer is read especially for the salvation of others. Every word has a meaning.

We call upon this prayer the grace of God to our neighbors. Not only we call, we ask, but we also get what we ask for by faith and by the will of God.

Even if there seems to be no answer, the Lord hears every person. And the answer will be in due time.

In God’s time, not in ours. From man requires humility, devotion to the will of God.

We do not pray for Christmas presents, but for the salvation of the soul. It is not easy — something more, it is the meaning of our whole life.

Other Prayers Before Reading the Gospel

Of course, it is enough to memorize one prayer and say it before the beginning of the reading and at the end of it. But the holy fathers made up other prayers.

You can read any of them, the main thing is to read carefully, thoughtfully, in order to get the requested.

Prayers before and after reading the Gospel

But you can also pray in your own words, this is perfectly acceptable, or by short prayers.

Prayers before and after reading the Gospel

Prayers before and after reading the Gospel

Gospel Reading Prayer

We are commanded to give thanks for everything. Reading the gospel is also mercy.

The one who decides on this work (and this is work!) Will understand this. But this is not only work, but also spiritual food, so after reading the Gospel, you should also read a prayer.

Prayers before and after reading the Gospel

Find constancy

Reading the Gospel, as a rule of prayer, like the Psalter, is necessary every day. One day — one chapter.

It is better to start this reading in the morning. Previously, the Gospel was read only while standing. But such reading and sitting are blessed.

Women while reading the Gospel cover their heads with a handkerchief.

Reading the Apostle

After reading the chapter from the Gospel, you should read two chapters from the Apostle. Unfortunately, the time of the modern man is often limited. Then this reading can be divided.

But before reading the Apostle, another prayer should be read. The one that is pronounced before reading spiritual books.


It may be years before you learn to understand what you are reading. However, God’s mercy will spill on you today.

This can happen invisibly to prying eyes, but with your soul you will feel it completely.

Gospel life

We often ask ourselves and others the question: «How to live?». And we do not even think about the fact that the Gospel has already answered: live according to the commandments of God.

Only then, studying the Gospel every day, will we understand the meaning of the words «Gospel in life.»

When confronted with people, with circumstances, project each event onto the gospel. You will be surprised, but the answer can be found on any question.

Yes, you will need attention, it is unique. Not fleeting, no … Attention of all life.

But after all, “The kingdom of God is nudged and the needy admire it …”

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