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Prayer to Theodore Tiron: Text in Russian, about which they pray to the saint

Orthodox prayer to Theodore Tiron — sacred texts, what is asked of the saint

Everyone knows how difficult it is when material difficulties arise. The full interrelation of other problems with money is obvious, and therefore it can be difficult to solve them.

When this happens, the Theodore Tiron’s prayer helps, allowing you to see a way out of such situations.

Prayer to Theodore Tiron: Text in Russian, about which they pray to the saint

From the very first days of the emergence of Orthodoxy and to this day, there were and are Christian ascetics who ascended with the help of faith and fortitude over deprivation and their sufferings. Believers remember them, their names are immortalized in Scripture and religious literature.

The holy martyr Theodore was such a fighter who devoted his life to zealous service to Christianity.

What to do with financial problems?

Prayer to Theodore Tiron: Text in Russian, about which they pray to the saint

First of all, do not be discouraged and give a chance of poor health. The prayer read will help to calm down and be comforted in time and with the soul. Communion with the Lord is always healing.

You can not part with the idea of ​​the success of the case.

If the problem is financially colored, then the clergy recommend turning to St. Theodore of Tiron. It is believed that the righteous person contributes to the return of lost things or even stolen.

Before direct conversion, our Father is pronounced, and only after — prayer words.

What helps the prayer to Theodore Tiron

Believers often turn to the martyr, asking for help from Saint Tyrone in the following unpleasant situations:

  • depressed state and faith shaken by it;
  • financial problems;
  • the theft of a wallet and other property;

Life of Theodore of Tyrone

Information about the major milestones in the life of Tyrone, set out in detail in his life, has been preserved to this day. The 4th century was still full of bloody clashes, including brutal persecution directed at Christians. It was during these years that the saint fell to live.

He served in the army, was of noble birth, his parents were considered respected people in the city of Amasia.

Prayer to Theodore Tiron: Text in Russian, about which they pray to the saint

At that time, according to the imperial command of the Christians, they began to forcefully lead to paganism. They were forced to worship stone idols and to be worn on the altars of sacrifice.

Dissenters were thrown into prison, bullied and deprived of life.

This situation was heard in the legion where the young man Theodore was. As a Christian, he openly condemned such actions, for which he was placed under the condition to retreat from his faith.

They took the young man only a few days to reflect on the situation. The soldier prayed all the time, and once, going out into the street, he watched a procession of Christians wandering under the Roman escort. When he reached the town square, he noticed a strong revival there.

In the temple erected by the pagans, the sly-eyed priest called for a bow and a sacrifice to the idols.

Theodore did not restrain himself and, under the cover of night, he burned down the pagan structure. The temple was burning strongly and by dawn almost nothing was left of it.

Thus, doubts crept into the souls of many, why did such powerful ancestral deities not save their home?

Prayer to Theodore Tiron: Text in Russian, about which they pray to the saint

Heavy tests over. Theodora

It so happened that the authorities found out who set fire to their shrine. He passed the ordinary pagans fanatics. The young man was thrown into prison cells.

The head of the city ordered not to feed him with anything and wait for a painful death. However, each time the guards came to see if the unfortunate died of exhaustion, they were constantly amazed at his blooming and healthy appearance.

This Jesus appeared to the hungry at night and strengthened his faith.

Dissatisfied with the authorities subjected Theodora to multiple tortures, but he did not give in and his spirit could not be broken. Seeing this, the mayor of Amasya ordered to kindle a huge bonfire and burn the persistent Christian alive.

Such a terrible fate coming Theodora did not scare him, he prayed to God, sending thanks to Christ, died in a raging flame.

There is a tradition that the body remains untouched by fire. Such a miracle of many pagans then turned to faith in Christ.

The whole remains of the murdered were buried by a well-behaved Eusebius near his native town. Later, some of them were transferred to Constantinople, and the other, namely the head, to Italy, where this shrine remains to this day.

On the Christian exploits of St. Theodore of Tyrone folded apocrypha.

In it is represented the young man struggling with a terrible serpent. This text can be called a passage in which it is told about the suffering of the torments.

Life itself is only slightly outlined in the initial part of the apocrypha. The name of the saint, as is well known, is Theodore, but the word Tyrone has the meaning of a rookie, since the boy did not serve for long.

The whole plot became a source of inspiration for icon painter N. Savina. He created the image of “The Miracle of Theodore Tyrone of the Serpent” (translated from the floor).

17th c). The icon for the composition is sometimes called mosaic, since several scenes are viewed at once.

Icon and Memorial Day

The central part of the holy image is represented by a female figure that a winged serpent is trying to carry. In the right side, surrounded by reptiles in a well pit — the mother of the martyr.

On the left side, the royal couple watches Theodore’s battle with an adder about several heads. The lower part colorfully tells about the liberation of the mother and that the angel from heaven brought the crown to the winner.

By tradition, the hero is depicted as a warrior with a spear and in the appropriate form.

It is believed that the prayer to Theodore Tiron makes a person firm in his convictions, protects family well-being, blocks the way to temptations and bad thoughts.

Prayer to Theodore Tiron: Text in Russian, about which they pray to the saint

Day Angel old style in February 17 or 18, and the new — 01.03. (hung) and 02.03. (nevis) Celebration of sv. martyr is held on the 1st Saturday of Lent. And this whole week is called Fedorova sevens.

For all Orthodox Fedorov — this is Angel’s Day, when you can order a prayer canon. In addition to him, there are tropari that help people in their address to the martyr.


You can send your own prayer to Theodore Tiron to the holy martyr in case of any misfortune that happened to an unhappy person. However, most often refer to specific situations and deterioration of the situation:

  • if someone is suddenly robbed and there is a great desire to punish a thief;
  • unexpectedly collapsed poverty, ruin;
  • quarrels over trifles often break out in the family;
  • the believer feels that due to despair and difficult situation, he loses his former faith in the Lord.

In all cases, it is necessary to read prayer texts with diligence and sincere desire for God.

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