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Prayer to the Virgin — The Indestructible Wall: Text in Russian, how to read correctly

Prayer of the Mother of God «The Indestructible Wall»: text, features of the icon of the Virgin Mary

I have been studying various rare prayers for a long time. Today I would like to elaborate more on the prayer to the Mother of God “The Indestructible Wall”.

I will tell you what tex is used for prayer, how to raise it correctly.

Prayer description

“The Indestructible Wall” is the name of a very strong Orthodox prayer to the Virgin, but there is also an icon with such a name. The greatest shrine of the Orthodox world is the image of the Mother of God, and this prayer provides her with support, protection and help. Many people like these icons at home, but not everyone knows that they need to be placed just opposite the front door.

So she will protect the house from people with evil intentions.

Prayer to the Virgin - The Indestructible Wall: Text in Russian, how to read correctly

Amazing icon

The icon “The Unbreakable Wall” is located in the Kiev St. Sophia Cathedral, it is made in the form of a mosaic and is truly amazing. Her size is 5.5 meters.

On a golden background you can see the Virgin Mary with her arms raised to the sky. This strange name of the icon was not accidental.

She experienced a lot of events that resulted in more than once she could be destroyed, but survived. The cathedral in which it is located is a UNESCO heritage site.

Also this shrine is in the Resurrection-Mironositsky monastery of the village of Nikolskoye. For a long time nobody knew anything about her, and she appeared to the world in the second part of the 20th century.

According to the archives, it was consecrated by John of Kronstadt. In the troubled times of atheism, with the massive looting of monasteries, the icon miraculously escaped an unenviable fate — it was saved by one parishioner.

For a long time she had to hide her at home, but when all the troubles were gone, she returned the shrine to the temple.

You can see the icon in the Kuban, in the women’s Absheron monastery. Its name literally sounds like «Convent of the Icon of the Mother of God The Indestructible Wall.»

As they say, the people who have been there, in the holy monastery reigns unprecedented peace. People have the impression that everything is left behind the ancient monastic walls: noise and all worldly vanity and care.

Of course, the «Indestructible Wall», made in the fresco technique, gives a special flavor to this place. Parishioners can visit this monastery at any time of the year — the gate is always open for them.

In the chapel of the Cathedral, anyone can also pray in front of the icon “The Unbreakable Wall”. They say it was created in the 18th century and is a mosaic work in the Byzantine style.

For Kaliningrad, it is one of the iconic monuments and the most significant decoration of the cathedral.

Essentukskaya church also boasts an icon.

In the Krasnodar Territory there is a monastery of the icon of the Mother of God, there is an icon in it “The Unbreakable Wall”. This monastery is quite young, it is full of life, and it is located in a very picturesque place.

In the Astrakhan region, in the village of Nikolskoye, there is a temple, where the “Indestructible Wall” came from the neighboring village of Zlatozubovka, where they destroyed the monastery. This icon survived one of many others, it was hardly protected from vandalism, and, spoiled as it should be, was placed in the temple.

The icon is namolennaya and myrrh-streaming, as the parishioners say, truly miraculous. When this image got into the temple, the old icon was placed in the farthest corner and almost forgot about it.

But the case intervened.

Prayer to the Virgin - The Indestructible Wall: Text in Russian, how to read correctly

One resident of old age constantly prayed and always near this icon. Allegedly, in a dream the Virgin Mary appeared to her and told her to do so. The old woman obeyed — she saw very poorly and asked for improved vision.

Having talked about this with the local priest, she thereby turned his attention to her. The icon was transferred for restoration.

What helps

“The Unbreakable Wall” means the intercessor, the patroness, the protector. Its main purpose is to protect the family and the home.

In addition, the holy face of the Virgin with this icon protects the soldiers. The icon has great power and helps people, they pray to it:

  • about the protection of the Virgin, her intercession and assistance.
  • about the fact that the forces did not leave in the struggle for a just cause.
  • about healing from ailments — both physical and mental.
  • about help in some undertakings, important matters.
  • for help in battles and battles.
  • about protecting the home from evil people, thieves, fires.
  • about help on a long journey.
  • about peace and understanding in the family.

Praying in front of this icon or reading the prayer “The Unbreakable Wall” is especially necessary in the following cases:

  • when the country is likely to develop an armed conflict or war.
  • before a serious, decisive battle.
  • while in captivity of the enemy.
  • when enemies are slandered against a person, they are unfairly accused of anything.

“The Unbreakable Wall” — a prototype of the Most Holy Mother of God in Constantinople — Orants-Protectors. A copy of it was brought to Kievan Rus and icon painters were allowed to create lists.

In St. Sophia Cathedral it is in the form in which it was created many years ago. The icon is so majestic and beautiful that anyone, even a person who is not well-versed in icon painting, is fascinated by its beauty. The virgin on her in blue robes, standing in front of her face may seem that her lively look is watching the congregation.

This shrine for more than 10 centuries.

From the history

According to ancient legends, nothing threatens the city while it is under the protection of this icon. The history of the amazing icon is not easy.

It originated from the vision of the elder Gabriel.

The elder saw on a wide hill a huge beautiful city, to which people were moving along a wide road. A huge terrible giant was hunting for them, caught them in the net, but people seemed not to notice it.

The elder decided to outwit the giant, to get into the city by a narrow path. But he didn’t suspect that the giant placed the nets on it too.

But the path was too small, and no one could get caught in the net. The elder thought at one moment: «Rejoice, unshakable kingdom of the Kingdom ….» Because of this, he concluded that it is the Mother of God who keeps people in such a dangerous place.

The elder safely reached the city, which, as it turned out, was the throne of the Lord.

Place for the icon in the house

As already mentioned, her usual place is opposite the entrance to the house. So everyone who crossed the threshold of the house, will face the gaze of the Virgin. If a person has evil intentions, he will feel uncomfortable in front of her bright face, and he will hurry to get out.

Such an icon is a very good gift to good people. If someone really wants good to some family, then you can give them the icon “The Unbreakable Wall” for protection and patronage.

When it is not possible to place an icon in front of the entrance, in any case it should be some place in the corridor. It is also suitable option to hang an image above the entrance door.

Prayer to the Virgin - The Indestructible Wall: Text in Russian, how to read correctly

It is believed that if there is this icon in the house, then some people will forget the way there. And it will be very good — it means that the person had unclean thoughts in relation to this house or its owners.

How to read prayers

The “unbreakable wall” in the house is a guard against the negative of unauthorized people. He does not penetrate into the family hearth from the outside, unkind people will not carry him past the Virgin Mary.

Turning to her bright face on the icon, it is necessary that the thoughts be clear and the mind clear. You don’t even need to know the words of the prayer, you can turn to Her in your own words.

The main condition — every word must go straight from the soul.

In order to pray before the icon correctly, you need:

  1. First of all — repent of their sins.
  2. Let go of the sins of their enemies and detractors.
  3. Formulate exactly what worries at the moment and ask the Mother of God for this.

Any time of day or night is suitable for prayer in front of this icon. It is especially important to pray before leaving the house even for a short time, and even more so before a long journey.

It is advisable to offer prayers in the morning and at night, because it is at this time that She will ask God for intercession.

Prayer «The Unbreakable Wall»

Every person at every stage of his journey is under the strain of misfortunes and misfortunes. They are very difficult to overcome without having divine support and help. The Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the help that everyone needs.

She will save, will relieve from negative impact. However, prayers alone are not enough to erect a barrier between themselves and the negative world around them.

In addition, you also need:

  • have sincere humility before the Lord.
  • understand and accept the power of the Lord.
  • forgive and bless enemies.
  • to have the need for forgiveness of sinful actions and thoughts.

Miracles of prayer

There is a lot of evidence of miracles that the Mother of God showed from the icon. In the difficult years of the war, in the fields of the most terrible bloody battles, the soldiers saw the image of a woman with hands raised to the sky.

She stood directly in front of the German troops, facing her.

One of the front-line soldiers described in detail how he saw a woman on the battlefield, this was repeated more than once. At first he did not understand who it is and what it means.

And only much later, already in a peaceful life, he accidentally went to the temple and decided to light a candle for his dead friends and fellow soldiers.

Looking up, he was stunned — it was the woman from the battlefield who was looking at him from the icon! It was then that he was illumined by the guess who exactly was praying for the Russian soldiers in a fierce battle.


  1. You can pray in front of the icon at home and in the temple.
  2. You need to hang the icon opposite the entrance to the house.
  3. Prayer is always offered with a pure heart and thoughts.

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