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Prayer to the Virgin Mary — Adequately Is: Text in Russian

The treatment and history of the appearance of the prayer «It is worthy»

I study in detail all the texts of prayers and their interpretation. Today I will talk about the features of the prayer text «It is worthy to eat.»

Who can pray

Some people who are far from religion believe that Christians offer prayers exclusively to the Lord. However, in fact it is not. After all, there are a huge number of such prayers, which are addressed to famous saints, guardian angel and the Virgin Mary.

It is worth noting that it is the Virgin in most cases, it is customary to offer prayers. It is believed that she is the protector of all the weak and oppressed.

That is why the requests for help to her turn quite often.

Prayer to the Virgin Mary - Adequately Is: Text in Russian

Prayer addressed to the Virgin

To ask for help the Virgin, use the prayer «It is worthy to eat.» To people who are still far from religion, it may seem that this prayer is little known.

However, in reality this is a common misconception. And it is obvious to any Christian who has attended church services at least once in his life.

After all, this prayer is their integral part.

It is noteworthy that this prayer is most actively used at the time when an epidemic comes. In the old days, it was with this prayer that they visited the houses and hospitals in which the patients were located.

The priests are sure that with the help of this sacred text, people have been able to recover before. When the number of victims of the epidemic became too large, many peasants and tradesmen went to church for special services in order to read the sacred text together with the priest.

Since in those years people piously believed that the prayer, uttered by a group of people, has much more power. And indeed it is.

Today, the priests also insist on the need to collectively offer prayers in order to reach heaven as quickly as possible.

In addition, prayer reading helped:

  • cure of mental illness — a disease that affects the human body, no doubt, is dangerous. However, much more dangerous is the one that gradually destroys the soul of man. To cope with it is more difficult. And therefore, people suffering from mental illness, prefer to immediately seek help from the Virgin Mary. After all, it is her grace that can help a person;
  • to find happiness in family life — Virgin Mary is considered the protector of marriages. When misfortune comes to the family and the threat of divorce hangs, women come to church and pray devoutly. After all, they believe that the Virgin Mary will surely hear them and answer prayer.

When the prayer is heard

Of course, one cannot hope that the person will necessarily receive the help of heaven. No one can give one hundred percent guarantee that the “worthily is” prayer will truly be heard.

Since no one knows what exactly is destined for one or another person.

Not the last role in this matter is played by the sincerity and faith of a person. If a person deeply believing gives a prayer, then he is more likely to be heard.

After all, if we are talking about a sinner who decided to make a request to heaven, then everything is somewhat more complicated. Before he can get help, he must repent.

And only after that he will have the opportunity to make a request to heaven. Without this, there is no need to even hope for the mercy of higher powers.

This, too, must be taken into account.

Prayer to the Virgin Mary - Adequately Is: Text in Russian

Unfortunately, many people who only recently came to faith and believed in the true Lord, truly pray sincerely. Some of them do it out of habit or believe that immediately after the ascension of the prayer, their lives will change.

Of course, this is impossible. You can not just read a prayer and hope that life will change after a wave of a magic wand. Miracles happen in our lives.

But only righteous Christians deserve them.

The history of the prayer

Each prayer has its own history. Perhaps some of this may seem strange.

After all, prayer, in fact, is a plain text. Only true Christians know perfectly well that in fact this text is not ordinary.

Prayer is used with only one purpose — to appeal to the higher forces. Turning to heaven, a person can pray for different things:

  • help in urgent matters — Christians very often offer prayers in order to receive heavenly support in various good deeds;
  • graces — by grace you can understand a lot. By offering prayer, a person can ask heaven for help in solving material problems or healing;
  • enlightenment — quite often it happens that a person simply can not independently find a way out of a difficult life situation. At such moments, he needs enlightenment to understand exactly how to try to rectify the situation.

However, the appeal to the Virgin Mary is somewhat different. Since such a prayer is usually used strictly in certain cases.

It is noteworthy that the very history of the emergence of prayer is different. In the sacred writings it is said that this story is connected with one monk.

He lived in a cell with a novice. Almost never did this old man leave his cell.

However, he once told a novice of his intention to go to another temple.

Left completely alone, the novice proceeded to divine chants. At that moment a monk entered his cell.

He joined the novice, and together they began chanting the prayer texts. For a while, all the prayers sounded very consistent.

However, when it was time to read the address to the Virgin Mary, something unexpected happened. The monk stopped the novice and pointed out a mistake to him. According to him, this prayer should be read in a completely different way.

After that, he continued chanting.

It would seem that this story is not surprising. After all, the person simply corrected the novice so that he no longer made mistakes during the chanting.

But what is surprising. Indeed, after the monk corrected the young man and indicated to him a mistake, the icon of the Mother of God began to shine.

It was a sign from above.

As soon as all the chants were over, the young novice hurried to ask the monk to write down the words of this prayer. After all, he could not even hope for his memory.

And since a small miracle happened in front of his eyes, he decided not to waste time and be sure to write down the words that turned out to be correct.

Prayer to the Virgin Mary - Adequately Is: Text in Russian

However, when it turned out that there was no pen and paper in the cell, he became disheartened. Because he understood that such an important prayer would eventually be lost.

Seeing how much the novice was upset, the mysterious monk began to lead his hand over the stone.

When the young man came closer to see what exactly the strange guest was busy with, he saw letters appear on the stone. These were the very words of prayer that the novice wanted to write down. What he saw so struck him that for some time he could not even move.

And this is understandable, because before his eyes there was a real miracle.

The stone became soft and pliable like wax, so the monk could easily write on it. When surprise was replaced by curiosity, the young man decided to find out the name of the mysterious visitor, who was almost completely out of sight.

In response, he heard: «Gabriel.»

When the elder returned to his cell, he was immediately told about what had happened. And although the young man who met the guest mysteriously did not understand exactly who he was, the elder immediately understood.

He told everyone that the archangel Gabriel himself came to this cell. And he showed the world a real miracle.

Soon the news of this spread and even reached Constantinople. As soon as the highest church officials found out about what had happened, they demanded that the monks somehow confirm their words.

To do this, they sent the same boulder to the city, on which the words of sacred prayer were inscribed.

Holy Mount Athos

Referring to the history of the emergence of prayer, it is impossible not to tell about the sacred mountain Athos. Since the monastery, which was visited by the Archangel Gabriel, was in close proximity to this mountain.

In addition, the island was personally visited by the Virgin. This happened a few years after Jesus Christ ascended.

Immediately it is necessary to note the fact that the Virgin Mary hit the mountain quite by accident. Initially, the ship on which she traveled, kept her way to Cyprus. However, during the journey the ship hit the storm.

He was washed ashore. Walking through the area, the Virgin Mary visited the mountain.

Since then, no woman has set foot on this sacred land.

It is noteworthy that today people make pilgrimages to this mountain. But only men are allowed to be here.

During the visit, they need to dress in modest clothes and behave decently. Anyone can stay on the territory of the monastery in the community that will appeal. And in the morning they certainly read the prayer “It is worthy,” and the icon of the Mother of God is always in sight.

In total, 20 monasteries were built on the territory. But building new ones is, of course, forbidden.


  1. Prayers addressed to the Mother of God must be sincere.
  2. It is extremely important to read them correctly and avoid mistakes.
  3. The history of the emergence of prayer is directly related to the visit of the Archangel Gabriel to a small monastery.

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