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Prayer to the Virgin for a happy ending

Prayer to the Virgin for the successful completion of the year

Many have already begun to prepare for the New Year. But proper preparation includes not only a festive table and gifts. Using the prayer to the Virgin on the successful completion of the year, you can get rid of many difficulties.

In the pre-New Year rush, we try to remember everyone and take care of a suitable souvenir, but very often we completely forget about ourselves. And it’s not just about beautiful jewelry and expensive gifts, although this is also important. Having cleansed yourself spiritually and saying goodbye to all the problems, you can start the new year from scratch.

That is why there is a special prayer to the Virgin.

Prayer of the Mother of God for the happy end of the year

Such an appeal to the Holy is very powerful and really helps to understand difficult situations. By reading this prayer, you receive purification and blessing from above. It is necessary to pronounce it for a week or two, every day, until the coming of the next year of the Fire Monkey.

Repeat it three times in the morning, after waking up, and in the evening, before falling asleep.

“Holy Mother of God, glory. You have all-embracing love and you are God’s Mother. Please look to your servant (your name).

Let me off all the sins, cleanse the soul and mind of envy, resentment and evil thoughts. Take trouble and suffering away from me, but reward with life experience and possible tasks. Fill my heart with infinite and unconditional love, so that I will rejoice at every moment given and thank you for your support and help.

Yes, your name is famous for ever and ever. Amen. Amen. Amen.»

Features prayers

Appeal to the Virgin Mary is both a request for help and gratitude for everything you have. The ability to thank and not to regret the past attracts new opportunities, love and abundance to our lives. Regularly repeating such a prayer, you get rid of negative thoughts, thereby restoring your energy and making it more clean and powerful.

According to national signs, it is in the last month of the outgoing year, it is customary to get rid of all unnecessary. This concerns not only things, but also unpleasant for you society. Also at this time it is good to finish the work started and to pay off debts.

By reading this prayer and restoring your strength, you can quickly resolve all issues and make the right decisions. Also, such an appeal to the Supreme Forces helps to enlist support for the whole of the next year, to attract good luck and financial abundance. Be open to the world, radiate love and good and of course do not forget to press the buttons and

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