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Prayer to the Three Angels

How to pray three angels for their protection

For many years I have been the head of the church and I know how important it is to offer prayers every day. It is necessary to appeal not only to the Lord, but also to the saints.

Today I will talk about prayer to the three angels, explain how to raise it correctly.

Miracles of prayer

Many people believe that the word has a certain power. Therefore, it is necessary to take special care when speaking well or badly about a person. In addition, care should also be taken when wanting something.

After all, as you know, desires are especially dangerous because they tend to come true.

Prayer to the Three Angels

The same opinion is shared by the ministers of the church. This is explained by the fact that the word of a person with whom he refers to the Almighty gains tremendous power.

That prayer is considered to be the strongest talisman that is available to everyone. Prayer to the three angels is able to perform real miracles.

And it is recommended to use the priors of churches when a person feels that he needs help.

Why do people pursue failures and problems?

As is known, there are no sinless people. But there are those who are trying to resist temptations and atone for their sins. However, many people refuse it.

They easily succumb to temptation and even do evil, forgetting what awaits them at the Day of Judgment.

Many would agree that there is nothing more unpleasant than watching a friend or acquaintance begin to succumb to envy. Feeling for yourself all this negative is also very unpleasant. But many people forget that this negative is not just unpleasant to feel, it also carries a great danger.

Surely, most people faced the difficulties that come to life as soon as someone starts to envy them greatly. After all, then the life of a successful person actually turns into hell:

  • problems at work begin — business or work, which until then had brought good profits, become unprofitable;
  • relations with colleagues deteriorate — a team of unusual friendliness suddenly begins to look more like a pack of sharks;
  • family troubles begin — relationships with loved ones spoil because of constant quarrels and conflicts. And this ultimately even ends in divorce.

These and other problems do not come to life just like that. Everything has its cause. And this must be remembered.

In scientific literature there is even such a thing as “energy vampirism”. Scientists believe that some people, being energy vampires, are able to «steal» someone else’s vitality.

When this happens, problems always come to a person’s life. After all, he is deprived of protection and simply turns out to be unable to defend himself from the negative that is directed at him by the envious.

It is noteworthy that sometimes the influence of such vampires is especially destructive. For example, if by itself the person to whom the negative is directed is weak enough or deprived of heavenly protection.

Weak human defense

Orthodox believe that such people most often suffer from the evil eye and damage, because they do not have a patron capable of providing support and protection. For this reason, spiritual leaders insist that parents necessarily baptize their children. However, this does not mean that those believers who have a heavenly protector cannot suffer, for example, from the evil eye.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Indeed, much in this case depends on how strong negative emotions a person feels towards another. In addition, we must not forget that not all believers lead a righteous lifestyle.

As a result, the heavenly protection bestowed on him for the righteous life gradually weakens.

To protect yourself from the evil eye and the envious, you must use prayers, charms. The strongest talisman of all existing is considered a prayer to the three angels.

It is her spiritual mentors who recommend using in the hour of great need.

With its help, every believer can gain strength to cope with the consequences of induced damage or the evil eye. It is believed that after reading such a prayer, everything bad “bounces off” a person, since prayer serves as a kind of shield.

This charm is able to become a reliable protection for any person.

How to get rid of all the problems and troubles?

It should be noted right away that no one has ever succeeded in avoiding all difficulties. And this is due to the fact that it is catastrophically necessary for people to sometimes encounter certain problems.

Because sometimes it happens that only difficulties make a person realize how wrong he acted, and what further it could lead to. Moreover, quite often it is the difficulties that help rethink life and even set new goals for themselves.

Prayer to the Three Angels

That’s just like this is absolutely impossible if life began to collapse due to the negative influence of another person. In this case, only prayer-charm can help. But one thing to be remembered: a charm is not a panacea.

Unfortunately, many people forget about this, believing that after reading the prayer, they become almost invulnerable. In fact, this is not the case.

However, at the early stage of the formation of a problem, such a prayer can really help. Reading a prayer, which is a talisman, will help a person:

  • fully aware that the problem really exists;
  • find a way to solve this or that problem that has appeared in life;
  • to reflect all that negative, which was sent envious.

It is noteworthy that some believers believe that raising such prayers is extremely unacceptable. This is explained by the fact that Orthodox guardians are regarded with suspicion. And this is quite understandable, since charms are used in the majority by those who are far from faith.

For example, various witches and sorceresses. However, in this case it is very important to understand the difference.

Indeed, under the guardian understand prayer, and not some kind of conspiracy.

Please note that it is only necessary with sincerity to offer prayers to the three archangels. A person who prays for help must first believe that heaven will help him. If, while offering a prayer, the believer will not experience any positive emotions and hope for help, then the heavens will not hear it and simply will not send him a blessing.

It is for this reason that all ministers of the church insist that it is necessary to pray diligently and at the same time be sure to believe in the power of the Almighty. This is the only way to hope that the prayer will be heard.

A prayer addressed to three angels

Every person who is even slightly interested in religion knows who such angels are. These are the heavenly defenders who represent the heavenly host serving the Lord. They protect the world from creatures that are creatures of Hell, and faithfully serve the Creator.

By his will, they also protect the creations he once created. And therefore, from birth, an angel is assigned to each person.

Throughout his life, he takes care of a person and helps him on the path of life.

Prayer to the Three Angels

However, not everyone knows that believers are protected not by one angel, but by three. According to some legends, one of them is earthly, and the other two are heavenly.

Two angels direct the believer at the time of his birth and death, the earthly protector has a completely different purpose. He must follow the man throughout his life and do everything to protect the unfortunate from all troubles.

That is why it is considered that it is necessary to pray to three angels at once.

Prayer rules

It is necessary to pray according to certain canons, that is, according to the rules:

  1. Firstly, you should purchase three candles in advance and use them during the ascension of the prayer.
  2. Secondly, while praying, one should try to get rid of extraneous thoughts and fully concentrate on the process of offering prayers.
  3. Thirdly, during the prayer it is necessary to be in the room all alone, so as not to be distracted by anything.
  4. Fourthly, by asking for something from heaven, you cannot wish evil to another person. It must be remembered that the one who prays is also God’s slave and it is not for him to judge who deserves what punishment.

Reading a prayer that is addressed to three angels is allowed at the moment when the need arises. In other words, the church does not limit people in time and does not indicate in which situations the text of the prayer should be used. As soon as a person feels that he needs heavenly patronage, he can offer the prayers of three guardian angels.


  1. There is no need to confuse charms, which are created by sorcerers, and prayers-charms. Their use is approved by the church.
  2. According to ancient legends, the path of a man is guarded by three angels at once. And that’s why they should offer a prayer asking for intercession.
  3. Such a prayer is very powerful, so it is recommended to use it in those moments when troubles come to a person’s life. In particular, if the cause of sudden difficulties is the envy of other people.
  4. A prayer should be offered according to certain canons that cannot be broken.
  5. You can read a prayer at the moment when a person feels that he needs patronage.

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