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Prayer to the seven boys of Ephesus: from his insomnia and for the sleep of a child

7 Ephesus youths for insomnia to sleep a child

I have long believed in God and know that he can help in any difficult situation. If you have problems with a child’s sleep, I recommend parents to offer a prayer to the Lord and to the boys of Ephesus.

Today I will tell you how to offer prayers to help a child.

The appearance of insomnia in children

All parents, without exception, worry about their children. And therefore, when the child begins to sleep restlessly, the father and mother also begin to worry.

As everyone is well aware of the fact that children, like adults, should definitely get enough sleep. Otherwise, their body will quickly weaken and will not be able to provide effective resistance to various diseases.

Prayer to the seven boys of Ephesus: from his insomnia and for the sleep of a child

Of course, at first parents are trying with all their might to cope with the sudden illness that hit the baby. And, first of all, they visit the clinic in the hope that the doctor will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and cure the child.

But sometimes it happens that no treatment has a positive effect. And then there is a need to use the last saving wand — to pray.

Believers know that God is merciful. In particular, in relation to small children who came to this world to make it better.

You can ask for help not only the Lord. Seven Ephesian youths can also help.

Causes of Insomnia in Children: A Mystical Explanation

The human body is a complex system in which work sometimes fails. That is, a person can suddenly pick up some kind of viral disease or undergo an ailment that has been self-cultivating for years.

For example, a stomach ulcer. This happens so often that many, without hesitation, immediately turn to the clinic for medical help.

This is not to say that this approach is fundamentally wrong. However, it is not always effective. And this is quite logical explanation.

The fact is that not all illnesses that affect the body can be cured with the help of medicine. Because they are caused by the negative impact of envious people or powerful sorcerers.

If you reflect on this topic, then everyone will no doubt be able to recall the moments when he or his friends were affected by strange diseases. And it was not medicine that helped her recover from them, but simple prayer, a sincere appeal to the Lord.

Most often, it is small children who suffer from such «mystical» diseases. The most common symptom is restless sleep or even insomnia.

It can be said that insomnia is the most ruthless torture. And when a small child is subjected to this torture, it is necessary to take appropriate measures as soon as possible. Because he can suffer greatly.

But to get rid of this unpleasant symptom, you need to understand what caused it.

Of course, to consider insomnia as one of the symptoms of diseases known to man, it is necessary first of all. However, if the treatment does not give any results, then parents need to think that the cause may not be a disease at all. The most common causes of insomnia in children are:

This is explained by the fact that young children have very weak spiritual protection. Especially if the child is unbaptized. In this case, he is completely deprived of heavenly protection.

And therefore, it cannot resist evil people who, with their negative energy, destroy its aura. However, this does not mean that baptized babies are under absolute protection.

Protect your child

There is no absolute protection. If a person who hates a family wants to harm her, he can do it. Especially if the members of this family are not righteous Christians who offer prayers to the Lord every day.

Unfortunately, there are very few such believers. The majority remembers the Lord at the moment when trouble comes to life. That’s when people start to seek help from the Almighty.

And the case of insomnia in children is no exception.

Prayer to the seven boys of Ephesus: from his insomnia and for the sleep of a child

Indeed, the Orthodox believe that a person with evil eyes and thoughts can harm a child. It is for this reason that grandparents in the old days forbade their relatives to show a newborn to strangers. However, now, in the Internet age, such a ban does not stop anyone.

Young moms are happy to share photos of their children. And at the same time they do not think at all that in this way endanger the well-being and health of the ladies.

After all, they cannot say with absolute certainty that only those people who wish the family happiness look at the pictures.

Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to take special care and fight the desire to show the whole world a newborn. This is especially important during the period when parents are preparing for the baptism of the child, because at this time he is completely defenseless.

He has no guardian angel, so no one can protect him from the evil eye.

But if the bad thing still happened, and the baby suddenly began to suffer from insomnia, and the doctors only shrug their shoulders, it’s time to turn to faith. After all, only the help of heaven is able to save an unhappy child from suffering.

In this case, it is exactly 7 Ephesian youths who will be able to assist the child.

A prayer for the seven youths of Ephesus: the history and meaning of prayer

When concerned parents seek counsel from a clergyman, they always hear one recommendation. And this recommendation states that it is necessary to request intercession from seven youths of Ephesus, who can:

  • protect the child from the evil eye;
  • prevent evil forces from harming the baby;
  • protect his sleep and health;
  • regain sound sleep, relieve anxiety.

Only they can help cope with this difficult situation. That’s just about these saints almost nothing is known to those who rarely attend church and are not interested in religion in principle.

In fact, these seven youths are very famous. It is noteworthy that they are not only worshiped by Christians. Even followers of Islam offer prayers to them.

According to legend, 7 unfortunate people were walled up alive. For several centuries, they were forced to be in the cage that non-believers had created for them.

Actually, that is why they were counted among the martyrs.

It is not known for certain who these people were. However, it is believed that all of them came from decent families.

Moreover, according to some sources, the martyr Maximilian was even the son of a mayor who had great power. The young men were well acquainted with each other, because they did military service together.

They were all true Christians who honored the commandments of the Lord.

Once, the emperor Decius himself paid a visit to the city in which the young men lived. He was a cruel man who did not forgive those who opposed him and his faith. Since Decius himself was a pagan, he demanded the same from his subjects.

Arriving on a visit to Ephesus, the emperor demanded that each of his inhabitants offer a sacrifice to the gods. To refuse to fulfill the will of the monarch was tantamount to death.

Everyone who opposed the order was waiting for the torture room. But even those who could bear the terrible torture, the emperor never spared.

Having learned about the order of the despotic monarch, seven young men appeared before him and boldly expressed their unwillingness to obey. As punishment, the emperor deprived them of military ranks and even drove them out of the city. He hoped that with time the youngsters would come to their senses.

However, this did not happen. All seven left the city and settled in a cave on a mountain.

Every day they offered prayers to the Lord and continued to follow the sacred commandments.

Prayer to the seven boys of Ephesus: from his insomnia and for the sleep of a child

One day, Iamvlich, dressed in rags, returned to the city to buy bread. After listening to the conversation of local residents, the young man learned that the emperor was looking for them all.

Returning to the mountain, he told what he had heard and then all seven youths returned to Ephesus and appeared before the ruler. He gave the order to wall them alive in the cave in which they had previously lived.

But according to the legend, the youths did not die at all. They, by the will of the Lord, plunged into a deep sleep that lasted about 200 years.

A local builder woke up the youths who had decided to build a house on this mountain. By his order, the entrance to the cave was dismantled.

And then people saw a miracle. After all, those seven young men woke up from sleep and did not look tired or weakened at all.

They did not even realize that so much time had passed since their execution.

It is noteworthy that this legend is well known not only in Orthodox theology. Even followers of Islam know it.

Like Christians, they offer prayers to seven youths.


  1. If the child begins to suffer from insomnia, you must seek medical help.
  2. If the medicine is powerless, parents should try to help the child on their own. And for this they should offer a prayer to the seven youths of Ephesus.
  3. These martyrs are revered not only in Orthodoxy. Even followers of Islam know and honor them.
  4. The holy martyrs can protect the child from the evil eye, the dark forces and return his peaceful sleep.

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