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Prayer to the Life-giving Cross of the Lord in Russian

Prayer to the Life-giving Cross of the Lord in Russian

In difficult life circumstances, people are helped by the prayer to the Life-giving Cross of the Lord. The prayer to the Cross of Christ helped me in the most difficult and sad business.

The husband suffered from alcoholism: a bad habit at some point imperceptibly developed into a disease. Much then changed in our family: aggression began on his part, I was frightened by his strange behavior.

He himself, in good moments when he was sober, complained that the situation was getting out of control.

In the most difficult moments I began to read the prayer, «May God rise again,» and a miracle happened after a while: the husband calmed down, fell asleep, his aggression went away by itself. After that, he most often asked for forgiveness, repented.

The most important thing is that while I was reading a prayer, I immediately had a feeling of security and protection from Higher Forces. After some time, my husband agreed to undergo treatment, and now we are all right!

Prayer to the Life-giving Cross of the Lord in Russian

Prayer to the Life-giving Cross — salvation in a difficult situation

There are a large number of stories known when an appeal to an honest cross saved people in difficult situations — with a serious illness, with danger, with an attack from aggressive people, or other troubles.

Once upon a time, my grandmother taught me this prayer: she said that the text of the prayer, «May God rise again,» must be pronounced when it becomes scary. Once I got lost in the forest and could not find my way home. For fear, I even forgot the text of the prayer, but gradually I remembered.

I read the prayer several times and calmed down, the confidence came that now I would go on the road and everything would be settled. And indeed, the path after some time was found, led me to a nearby village.

My friends told me that prayer helped them even in a more difficult case — when their son was in danger because of inexperience, he was associated with a criminal grouping. Through the prayers of the parents, the son was released and they never persecuted again.

Prayer helps with panic attacks and anxiety.

In the modern world, such an unpleasant problem as panic attacks is common. It is difficult to say what is the cause of them, maybe, damage or the evil eye.

But the main thing is that you can get rid of this ailment with the help of a prayer to the Holy Cross.

When a panic attack begins and it becomes scary for unknown reasons, prayer reading is the best support. It helps to calm down, trust the Higher Power, believe in the best, let go of the negative.

It also helps a lot if you are haunted by an inexplicable anxiety: for example, you are afraid for your children, husband, relatives, although there is no reason for alarm. In this case, it is best not to worry without reason.

But in order to remove the alarm, read the prayer, «May God rise again,» this will help you to clear yourself of black thoughts.

Support of the Higher Forces with damage and the evil eye

Most often it is recommended to read the prayer to the Life-giving Cross from damage and curses. If strange things happen in the house, if you are followed by a series of troubles that are difficult to explain logically, then read this prayer and rely on the help of God.

Perhaps you have unfriendly neighbors, and you assume that they could very well damage you. Light a candle and read a prayer until you feel peace and tranquility.

If you have serious concerns that you have been jinxed, it is best to read the text regularly, at the slightest deterioration of the condition or the appearance of longing.

By the way, with depression, this method can also be effective. Of course, do not forget to ask for help from the saints and the Lord God himself, but in case of feeling unwell you should always have the text of this prayer at hand.

Prayer to the Life-giving Cross of the Lord in Russian

Brief Prayer History

In Orthodoxy there are many prayers addressed to the saints, the Lord God or the Theotokos. For those who are just beginning to be interested in the world of Orthodoxy, it may be surprising that such a strong prayer is dedicated to the cross.

But the cross in Christianity is a symbol of life and deliverance from spiritual death, that is why the text has such great power.

It is believed that the emperor Constantine, three centuries after the life of the Savior, decided to find the very cross on which they crucified Christ. He could not find him for a long time, until he finally found in the cave as many as three identical crosses, which once served as an instrument of execution. To determine whether there is a cross among them, which has a special power, they were in turn brought to the terminally ill woman.

And at some point, she fully recovered. The legend also says that at that moment the deceased was carried past for burial — and he also resurrected, such was the power of the cross of the Lord.

Thus, one of the main relics of Christianity was found — the cross of Christ and a prayer appeared, addressed to the cross of the Lord.

It is better for everybody to know the prayer to the Life-giving Cross in Russian. Who knows what situations we may end up in?

If the text is difficult to learn, you can carry a sheet of printed prayer text with you or buy it at the church shop.

Best of all, if there is a crucifix at home: then the text should be read, looking at the crucifixion (or holding the pectoral cross with your hand). It is also important not to forget to light yourself with the sign of the cross. In severe illness, it is better to read a prayer at night, before bedtime, to calm the mind and tune in to the best, to help from above.

You should not read the text when the TV is on, nothing should distract you from the main thing — conversations with God.

Prayer to the Life-giving Cross of the Lord in Russian

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