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Prayer to the guardian angel for every day

Prayer to the guardian angel for every day

Since childhood, any believer knows that his guardian angel is constantly watching him. It is the angel that protects the soul of man from evil, and therefore by prayer you can ask your patron for help.

In addition to the basic morning prayers, which we described earlier, there are other sacred texts that may be useful to a person who has taken the path of faith. For example, prayers to the guardian angel. They are necessary in order to make the day more prosperous.

The angel will save your luck, help you avoid trouble and guide you on the right path.

Soul and guardian angel

In accordance with the foundations of the church, the soul is endowed with any of the people who lived on earth. Therefore, many clergy believe that every person has a guardian angel, and not only those who profess Christianity and is named after one of the saints.

Christianity claims that every person is equal before God, however, not all people go to God, therefore, there are many disputes on the subject of having a guardian angel. But be that as it may, it is believed that the angel who protects and monitors our affairs should be with everyone, for otherwise the world will be mired in sin and darkness.

Religion as a system imposes certain rules. For example, each person must be named after a saint so that a guardian angel is assigned to him. In the passport there can be one name, and for the church, in baptism, the other — so do many people who are named by a special name that is not listed on the list of Orthodox saints.

So the soul gets the opportunity to get a heavenly protector.

Prayers to guardian angels

Usually, such prayers are read for a dream coming or in the morning. These are universal prayer messages that help strengthen the spirit and keep a person from harm. Reading them, you are cleared of filth and attract good in your life. Here is one of the most effective prayers to the guardian angel:

Holy Angel, come before my damned soul and my passionate life, do not leave a sinner to me, below step back from me for my lack of incontinence. Do not give place to the evil demon to possess me, the violence of this mortal body; Strengthen your distressed and thin my hand and guide me to the path of salvation. To her, holy Angel of God, to the guardian and patron of the cursed my soul and body, forgive me all, the great body of the offended in all the days of my stomach, and if they sinned in this past day, and save me from all the temptation of the opposite, yes, in no way I make God angry with me, and pray for me to the Lord, let me establish me in my passion, and deserve to show me my servant of goodness.


In its words and meaning, such a prayer is very reminiscent of Our Father. The words “put me on the right path”, “save me from temptation”, “do not let a cunning demon possess me” speak about this. In fact, our guardians are God himself, his incarnations, so any requests sent to guardian angels go directly to God.

Here is another short prayer that even children can read:

Angel of Christ, my guardian saint and patron of my soul and body, forgive me for what I have sinned today; And deliver me from all the deceit of my enemy, that I may not anger my God with any sin; but pray for me, a sinful and unworthy slave, that I should be worthy of the goodness and mercy of the Trinity, the Mother of my Lord Jesus Christ, and all the saints. Amen.

It is translated into our modern language, devoid of Old Slavic phrases and words, so it is easy to understand. It is better for children to read it before bedtime, when all earthly deeds are done, and the mind is free. The image of an angel that protects a child every day and gives him good luck is very attractive for children.

They are much simpler and clearer this picture, rather than the essence of the Holy Trinity and the philosophy of religion.

Everyone who prays receives. Pray for you too that God will hear you and direct your power to improve your life, to find its true meaning. The guardian angel will always save you from harm and evil people.

He will be with you even in the most difficult moment of life, bearing responsibility for you before God.

Before reading the prayers presented, it is advisable to read also Our Father — the main Christian prayer that helps reflects the greatness of the Almighty, his mercy and fear of the final judgment. The power of this prayer is truly great and aimed at drawing closer to the Creator. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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