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Prayer to the Archangel Gabriel on Tuesday

Prayer to the Archangel Gabriel on Tuesday

In Christianity there are many saints and prophets, to whom prayers for good luck and well-being are addressed. One of these is the prayer to the Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel

This angel is found not only in Christianity, but also in Judaism and Islam. The story of the Archangel Gabriel takes its origin even in the Old Testament, which was written long before the birth of Christ. In the scripture it was said that it was Gabriel who first mentioned the Messiah in his speeches.

He said that the world would soon see his savior.

Few people remember, but in the New Testament, in the Gospel of Luke it was said that it was the Archangel Gabriel who told the Mother of God that she would give birth to a son-God, Jesus Christ. This is the story of one of the most important holidays for all Christians of any denomination — the Annunciation. In addition, the archangel Gabriel told Mary about her impending death and meeting with God already on the other side — this happened a few days before her leaving for another world.

Archangel Gabriel is always depicted in Orthodox churches, since his role in Christianity is very great. This is one of the most important prophets in the history of the world and modern times.

Tuesday tuesday

The prayer presented below will be effective not only on Tuesday, but on any other day of the week, but many church leaders believe that it is on this day that the Archangel Gabriel can best help strengthen faith in God and find the strength for any righteous deeds.

This is what the prayer to the Archangel Gabriel is aimed at. It strengthens in the faith, in a good undertaking and is able to raise morale in any situation. In addition, it drives away the temptations and dark thoughts, helping to distinguish a worthy goal from a false one.

Prayer to the Archangel Gabriel on Tuesday:

Oh, the holy great Archangel Gabriel, the Throne of God to stand and illumined from the Divine light, illuminated by the knowledge of the incomprehensible mysteries about His everlasting wisdom! I heartily pray to you, instruct me to repent from evil deeds and to affirm in my faith, strengthen and protect my soul from tempting seductive ones, and pray our Creator about my absolution. Oh, holy great Gabriel archangel!

Do not despise me sinner, praying to you for help and your intercession in this world and in the future, but I will see my assistant, and incessantly praise the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit to your state and your intercession forever and ever. Amen.

It is better to read this prayer in the morning, so that the whole day will pass under the blessing of the great archangel, the left hand of God, as it is sometimes called in Christianity. The attitude during the reading of the prayer is needed right and righteous. Then a good mood will be improved and supported by the attention of God.

Live righteously and let your faith be strong forever. Read the prayers and thank God for all that you have at the moment. Good luck, love, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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