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Prayer to St. Luke the Crimean for healing and recovery

We pray to Luka Krymsky for healing and recovery.

I dedicated my whole life to serving God, every day I begin by reading prayers. It is very important to contact the Almighty and the saints in case of any health problems.

Therefore, today I will tell you how to pray for recovery to Luka Krymsky, what prayers will really help to cope with the disease.

Fear of death and prayers for health

Humanity has always feared death. After all, no one could reliably say what exactly is waiting for a person after death.

And only the Orthodox Church was able to correctly explain to the flock what will happen at the moment when the soul leaves the mortal body. As is known, Orthodox Christians sincerely believe in the existence of Hell and Paradise.

Prayer to St. Luke the Crimean for healing and recovery

According to legends, Paradise is the kingdom of God, so only those laity who lived according to the commandments of the Lord, did not sin and served the Creator faithfully could get there. Into Hell, however, only sinners enter, who have dedicated their lives to serving demons.

They repeatedly violated the commandments described in the Bible, and did not even repent of their sins before dying.

However, even when most people believed that there was a better world, which, after the end of mortal life, opens its gates to the souls of the righteous, this did not help. Because people continued to fear death.

And everyone had their own reasons for that.

That is why in moments when the disease attacks the body and mind of a person, he begins to actively look for a way to cope with it and not let the angel of death pick it up. If the usual means were useless and did not help, then people turned to St. Luke of Crimea for help.

It is this patron who prefer to offer prayers to people who dream of recovery. It is worth noting that the prayer of Luke of Crimea helped many people who did not even hope to be heard.

Ascension of prayers to Luka Krymsky: why are such prayers considered the most effective?

In more ancient times, the name of this person was well known and revered. He was considered the messenger of the Lord, who has the power to heal the sick.

At the same time, few people remember that Luke was always not just a bishop, but also a doctor. This Russian doctor did not conceal his opinion that medicine and faith should go hand in hand, helping each other.

After all, he believed that all talented doctors have a gift.

It is noteworthy that Luka Krymsky was not an ordinary doctor, but a surgeon. In those early years, medicine was still underdeveloped.

It was believed that surgeons are very gifted doctors who could save the lives of almost any patient.

However, their work was very difficult. It is now in the operating room there are a lot of instruments and tools that greatly simplify the course of the operation. Of course, this does not mean that the operation is easy and simple.

Quite the contrary, the surgeon needs to have a certain level of skill, endurance and be quick-witted. But if now it is rather difficult to carry out operations, then one can only imagine how difficult it was during the years when medicine was not very developed.

St. Luke’s activities

As is known, it is the new technologies and equipment used during the most complex operations that have significantly reduced the risk that the patient will die on the operating table. And at the same time it is necessary to mention that St. Luke, who was glorified by the church and even later canonized, made a contribution to this work.

Together with his other colleagues, he worked hard to improve the technologies that were used during the operations.

And since surgery is now considered one of the most effective, and sometimes the only possible treatment methods, Christians believe that it is Luka of Crimea that they need to pray. After all, as was written above, this saint contributed to the development of medicine and surgery.

For this reason, many laypeople, who are faced with a difficult operation, will surely offer him prayers and ask for patronage. Although this does not negate the fact that the church also recommends that other saints pray for recovery:

  • Panteleimon the Healer;
  • Matrona of Moscow;
  • Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Although none of them have a direct relationship with medicine, this does not at all mean that we can refuse to offer prayers to these saints. Moreover, no one forbids that a person offer prayers to several patrons at once.

History of the saint

To understand why Christians venerate a given saint so strongly, it is necessary to get to know his history more closely. Immediately it should be noted that Luka Krymsky lived in difficult times.

He devoted most of his life to learning, because from an early age he had dreamed of being a doctor. He wanted to learn how to sleep in people’s lives, and he did his best to become a true professional.

Prayer to St. Luke the Crimean for healing and recovery

Since Luka was distinguished by great diligence and diligence in his studies, he easily managed to master such a complex science as medicine. Since childhood, his parents raised him as a righteous Christian.

And this was the reason that later on, unlike other doctors, he did not want to declare himself an atheist.

Working in the clinic, in the department of surgery, he really risked his life. Since in those years it was possible to lose not only freedom, but also the head for attending church.

And Luka Krymsky did not just attend church, but even wore a robe and read prayers before proceeding with the operation.

Many scientists of the time actively opposed science to science. However, the saint openly spoke negatively about this.

He believed that faith and medicine should always go hand in hand. And without faith, medicine is just nonsense or even superstition.

It should be noted that for such bold statements one could incur serious punishment, but the prelate did not care at all.

But the services of the saint and the state did not go unnoticed. For his efforts and valuable works, he was awarded the Stalin Prize. Few people know that it was Luka Krymsky who advocated that:

  • create more advanced medical products with a minimal amount of side effects;
  • revise the correctness of the mechanism of anesthesia;
  • introduce new ways to conduct the simplest operations.

Achievements Luke and his good deeds

When the surgeon, who is currently praying for healing and recovery, was promoted and became the head of the department, he began to more closely study the statistics on the death of patients. As it turned out, the greatest number of deaths was due to improper anesthesia.

Realizing this, the doctor suggested seriously revising the methods of administering anesthesia. Moreover, he personally conducted a huge amount of research to understand which anesthesia injection mechanism is the most secure.

It took several years. But still the talented physician managed to fulfill his plan.

After that, the death rate of patients on the operating table was reduced several times. In part, it was precisely this achievement that glorified the surgeon, who was subsequently given a state prize.

Prayer to St. Luke the Crimean for healing and recovery

However, the funds received from the state, the surgeon did not use at all to somehow improve his life. Quite the contrary, he tried to help others destitute. Most of the money received was given to orphanages.

In the post-war years, they were actually overcrowded. The state could hardly provide at least minimal funding, since the treasury was empty after the war.

And so Luke decided that this money is much more necessary for unhappy children.

Help each person

The story about a woman who asked Luka Krymsky for help became famous. She sent him a touching letter asking for help. As it turned out, the woman was so poor that she could not even afford to buy good, strong threads to sew clothes.

She asked Luka Krymsky to help her and send threads.

Oddly enough, this request was fulfilled. Upon learning that the surgeon helped some stranger, many were surprised. But he himself did not see anything strange in this act.

Because he believed that his duty was to help all those people in need. And if the saint in his life helped the suffering people, then after his death, he will surely hear the prayer that will be sent to him.

After all, now his main tool was not a scalpel, but the power of God, which he received as a righteous man who saved the lives of many people.

Prayers to St. Luke the Crimean

Not only the people who were afflicted with the disease can pray to this saint. Healthy Christians, who have no diseases, can also contact the patron to ask for their loved ones. The canons of the church do not forbid this.

To offer a prayer is permissible in many cases. For example, if a person is to have an operation or he hopes to recover from cancer.

The text of the prayer is permissible to use even in the case of a child’s recovery.

Please note that when reading a prayer, you need to be as collected as possible and not be distracted by anything. Since the text of the prayer is really big enough, not everyone will be able to remember it.

In this case, it is permissible to read a prayer with a leaflet. However, it is necessary to read it several times carefully so that during the ascension of the prayer you do not make a mistake.

In addition, the healing of the child can also ask the saint through this prayer.


  1. Luka Krymsky was a renowned man during his lifetime. Because he chose the profession of a surgeon.
  2. It was this saint who made a huge contribution to the development of such a field of medicine as surgery.
  3. Despite the persecutions, he was not in the least afraid to demonstrate his religion, and even came to the operation in a cassock, reading prayers.
  4. During his lifetime, the saint was honored not only by veneration on the part of the church, but also by the state. He was able to get a state award.
  5. The prelate will spend money received from the state to help orphans.

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