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Prayer to Seraphim Sarovsky for help, prayer rule

Prayer to Seraphim Sarovsky for help, prayer rule

Saint Seraphim of Sarov is very revered by Orthodox believers. Especially strong are prayers for healing.

When my mother-in-law’s legs became very sick, her neighbor advised me to make a pilgrimage to the Diveevsky monastery.

Despite the severe pain in the knees, the elderly woman visited the holy monastery and gained healing. Prayer to Seraphim Sarovsky for help with faith in the heart works wonders.

Mother-in-law quickly went on the amendment and regained mobility in the knees.

Prayer to Seraphim Sarovsky for help, prayer rule

Holy hermit

Who was the Rev. Seraphim of Sarov, who is also honored by the Catholic Church? He was a hermit, lived in a hermitage for many years and prayed for people. At the age of 10 years, a small Seraphim (in the world of Prokhor) was ill with a serious illness.

In the dream, the Most Holy Mother of God appeared to the boy and said that he would be healed. The next day, the city wore an icon of the Virgin, and the mother brought the boy to her.

Little Prokhor was completely healed, although no one dreamed of this.

At 17, young Prokhor decided to take monastic vows. The mother did not hinder the decision of the son and blessed him with a motherly blessing.

While living in a monastery and diligently fulfilling obedience, the young man steadily retired to hermitage. He sought the blessings of the abbot in his free time from obedience to retire in the forest.

There he built himself a hut and indulged in benevolent reflections and prayers.

However, the disease again overtook the novice Prokhor and did not let go of 3 years. But again in the dream the Virgin came and healed a faithful ascetic. The miraculous healing was not unnoticed, and the monks offered up prayers of thanks to the Mother of God.

Later on this place was built a hospital and a temple. Prokhor personally built the throne, as he possessed the skills of a carpenter.

After that, the abbot tonsured the novice monks and called him the name Seraphim.

Prayer to Seraphim Sarovsky for help, prayer rule

The Monk Seraphim chose the path of desertification for himself and received for this the blessing of the abbot. Since then prep.

Seraphim lived in a deep forest on the banks of the river Sarovka. On holidays and Sundays, a hermit came to the monastery to take part in worship services, to confess and take communion.

In the ascetic feat of prep. Seraphim of Sarovsky was helped by the Mother of God herself, whose icon he constantly prayed. This icon, he gave the name «Affection».

It was kept for many years in the Diveevsky monastery, founded by prep. Seraphim.

After the revolution, the miraculous icon of 40 years was kept in the house of one artist, and later he returned it to the monastery.

In old age prep. Seraphim returned to the monastery and lived as a hermit.

Reverend died on his knees in front of his beloved icon «Tenderness.»

Prayer prep. Seraphim of Sarov

Prep. Seraphim of Sarov is revered as a miracle worker, and his prayers are considered miraculous. You can ask the saint about any worldly affairs and problems, since he did not refuse anyone help or good instruction during his lifetime.

It was a great prayer book, intercessor for the afflicted and sick.

In the temples of Russia often offer prayers of St. To Seraphim of Sarov, about healing and for the afflicted.

Believers pray to the saint for help in everyday matters and in endurance against temptations. The righteous Seraphim himself courageously fought with devilish obsessions, accomplished a thousand-day prayer-like monastic feat, kneeling on a large boulder in the forest.

Believers are asked to strengthen their spirit in opposing the devil and his obsessions.

Prayer of Seraphim of Sarov for every day:

Prayer to Seraphim Sarovsky for help, prayer rule

Prayer to Seraphim Sarovsky for help, prayer rule

Seraphim of Sarov — a prayer for health:

Prayer to Seraphim Sarovsky for help, prayer rule

Father’s rule of Seraphim

Prep. Seraphim of Sarov, instructed the need for daily prayers to God.

He said that the Orthodox needed prayers, like breathing air.

1. In the morning after awakening, you must sign yourself with the sign of the cross and read the prayers “Our Father”, “Theotokos” and “I Believe”. Heavenly Father and Our Lady prayers are read three times, the Creed — once.

2. During worldly affairs, you must read to yourself:

Prayer to Seraphim Sarovsky for help, prayer rule

And if there are people around, then silently say, «Lord, have mercy.» This should be done until dinner.

And at lunch, repeat the morning prayers.

3. After lunch, until the evening, you must repeat to yourself:

Prayer to Seraphim Sarovsky for help, prayer rule

Prayer to Seraphim Sarovsky for help, prayer rule

4. Before going to bed, the Orthodox should repeat the three morning prayers again and go to bed, throwing himself with a cross.

If the believer diligently executes this small rule daily, he will be able to reach great heights in the spiritual life. The rule will save him from temptations and passions, teach meekness and good temper.

By the rule of prayer, you must add a daily reading of the gospel, as free time. During the reading of the holy texts on the believer abides God’s grace, which protects from sinful thoughts and temptations.

For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

A Christian should learn humility and not be discouraged when hard times come. Tests are sent to strengthen the spirit, and the prayer rule will help to overcome all the hardships in the way of faith.

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